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message 1: by N.M. (new)

N.M. McGregor (nmmcgregor) | 2 comments In the spirit of getting things going...I was wondering Matthew what is the plot line for your next book. Are you going to continue your story, or write something completely different?

message 2: by Matthew (new)

Matthew Fleming (matthewrflemingauthor) | 1 comments Mod
Nadine, that is a great question. The ending of my first book leaves some room for a continuation of the plot. I am currently working on a novella as well as a second book. You will have to wait and see what happens! I plan on releasing quotes as it starts to take more form. You will figure it out then I’m sure!

message 3: by N.M. (new)

N.M. McGregor (nmmcgregor) | 2 comments sounds fantastic Matthew! Looking forward to more of your awesome writing! :-)

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