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message 1: by Tim (new)

Tim (tim_hi) | 258 comments Came up way short in 2017 as life got in the way of my reading habit. Coming back strong in 2018.

1. Two Kinds of Truth by Michael Connelly. Thoroughly enjoyed this latest entry in the Harry Bosch series. Connelly is perhaps my favorite in the group of mystery/detective novels that I keep current on. His stories usually tend to feel the closest to "realistic" for me - a lot of the others have drifted into the "this is just unbelievable" territory for me. Looking forward to Connelly's next one.

message 2: by Tim (new)

Tim (tim_hi) | 258 comments 2. Kasher in the Rye: The True Tale of a White Boy from Oakland Who Became a Drug Addict, Criminal, Mental Patient, and Then Turned 16 by Moshe Kasher.

I heard Moshe Kasher interviewed on a podcast a couple months ago and decided to read his book. I was really engrossed, read the book very quickly. Pretty tragic story, but inspiring at the same time the way he turned things around eventually.

message 3: by Tiffany, Administrator (new)

Tiffany | 1789 comments Mod
Tim wrote: "Came up way short in 2017 as life got in the way of my reading habit. Coming back strong in 2018. ..."

Life will do that to you. Doesn't it know we have too many books to be sidetracked by other things?!?

Good luck on returning to your reading this year!

message 4: by Tim (new)

Tim (tim_hi) | 258 comments 3. On the Road by Jack Kerouac. I have been meaning to read this book forever. I have to say I was a bit disappointed - for all the hype I've always heard about it being the great American novel, I just didn't enjoy it. It felt like a grind to slog through the entire thing. Reminded me a lot of "Rabbit, Run" but with crazier dialogue and stranger characters, I suppose.

On to the next one.

message 5: by Tim (new)

Tim (tim_hi) | 258 comments 4. Robicheaux by James Lee Burke. I love this book. I've always enjoyed Burke's writing style, just fun mystery stories. Yeah, the "rich guys are evil" shtick gets a little tired, but Dave & Clete are two great characters. I hope more books are on the horizon.

message 6: by Tim (new)

Tim (tim_hi) | 258 comments 5. Night Moves by [author:Jonathan Kellerman|43626. Hard to believe this is Alex Delaware #33. It was a good one, sometimes the series that run this long get a bit stale but I thought this one was well done and had a couple twists that surprised me a bit. Curious how much longer Kellerman keeps this series going.

message 7: by Tim (new)

Tim (tim_hi) | 258 comments 6. The Painted Bird by Jerzy Kosiński. A really tough but good read. Such horrific events throughout this WWII story from the viewpoint of a young boy. Frightening but engaging at the same time. Worth the read.

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