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The Stranger's Child
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Forbidden love. Early 20th century based novel. Award winner. Grand British country house with driveway on front cover. Romantic life tale Read 3-4 years ago. [s]

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Melanie | 3 comments I do remember there being a male homosexual storyline (sneaking off into the woods) whilst trying to evade a younger Sister or relative. The storyline was based around the family of one of the aforementioned characters. The book was very well written.

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El | 502 comments Do you know which award(s) it won? That might help us narrow it down. Do you remember if the author was male?

Melanie | 3 comments I really don’t, sorry. I was under pressure to pick a book whilst my flight was being called and it was on the stand near the till. It was not a cover that would draw my eye, quite the opposite but I remember thinking “oh well, it can’t be that bad” and purchasing it. I think it may have been a female author.

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The Stranger's Child comes to mind, there's definitely at least one gay storyline and a younger sister.

Melanie | 3 comments Yes, yes, yes! Thank you so much. This has driven me to distraction for years now. I thoroughly recommend the read. :)

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