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Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay)
The ice rank inside a building with the majority of the walls being glass. Due to the temperature control the ice rank is open every day, even in summer, from 9 a.m. to to midnight. Its surrounded by a fence with two openings, and around that are benches for sitting.

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Weird And Odd Abelian entered an ice skating rink hoping to get away from the crowds. She had seen through the window that it was almost completely empty and figured the physical exercise would benefit her. Luckily she was dressed for the cold weather outside and was able to rent a pair of skates easily. She knew she would fall on her face a lot, but due to entire small groups of people falling she hoped it wouldn't draw any attention to her.

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) Inara, who was already at the ice tank, glided gracefully on the ice. This wasn’t the first she went ice skating, but it wasn’t the reason she was good at it. It was the fact that, being a faerie, working with nature came easy to her, even if this activity was man-made. She was bounded up to stay warm, but her white hair flowed freely behind her as she moved around. Lucky for her, with society now, it was a norm to have such colored hair. So people wouldn’t find her weird, even though they didn’t know it was her natural hair color. The only thing that would be weird was probably how pale she was, and her gray purplish eyes. Luckily she was able to hide her pointy ears with magic.

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Weird And Odd ((Because of my stupid autocorrect it always changes Acelin to Abelian or something like that, I promise whenever that happens I mean Acelin.))

Acelin finished lacing her skates up tightly and made her way onto the ice. She stayed near the wall and did get best to get a feel for the shoes and the new ground before kicking off, which she was sure wouldn't be for a while. She timidly hid behind her long black hair, as usual, hoping nobody would give her weird looks this time.

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) Inara decided to take a break. She moved past other skating figures, careful not to bump anyone. Though really, it didn’t matter because they were doing a wonderful job at falling all by themselves. With a twist of her skates, Inara came to a stop at the railing. Just a few inches away, a girl all by herself was making her way towards her, and she hadn’t noticed that when she came to a stop. She noticed that she was using the railing for support, and realized it was dumb of her to block her way. But she didn’t move, and instead, since she loved to interact with humans, decided to talk to her. “Hey, would you like some help?” She asked her kindly. The last thing she wanted to do was scare her off.

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Weird And Odd ((Thanks))

Acelin looked up from her shoes to look at who was speaking, stopping to listen. ”Oh...I'm okay, just trying to not make too much of a fool of myself,” she said lightly. She didn't find the girl's appearance odd and just chalked it up to albinism. ”is it obvious I'm new?” she asked timidly.

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) ((No problem))

Inara moves a little closer to the girl who spoke in a light tone but was careful not to get too close as to not accidentally make her fall. “You could say that,” she said with a small chuckle. Of course, being a faerie, she was unable to lie, something that all faeries had to deal unless they were a hybrid. But with many centuries of practice, they were also able to twist the truth to their liking. Still, Inara had no reason to lie now. “I could teach you if you’d like.” It would actually give her something to do, too.

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Weird And Odd Acelin nodded and thought for a moment, weighing the pros and cons. On the upside, she would learn something new and be able to further enhance her balance on another terrain. On the downside, she didn't really know this person, but they seemed rather nice. She could tell the girl was careful so as to not scare her off or cause her to fall, and she was grateful for that. She had also seen the girl skating on her own and knew she wasn't a beginner herself, so she wouldn't have to worry about holding her back while learning. Once she made up her mind she nodded again. ”That would be a really big help, actually,” she said, smiling slightly with relief. She couldn't stay by the wall forever.

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) Inara could see as she thought this through. She didn’t blame her, after all, she was a stranger. Not to mention a faerie, but she didn’t know that. When she agreed, Inara beamed happily. “Great!” Now that she was cleared safe by the girl, she moved a little closer. “What your doing so far is good. Just turn your left skate a little more to the right from the heel. It’ll give you more balance. That way you won’t always feel you're going to fall.” Inara jumped right in with explain. Then she remembered she didn’t introduce herself. “Oh, and I’m Inara by the way.” She looked away from her skates and up at her.

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Weird And Odd Acelin was glad she could make the girl happy, and carefully followed her instructions. She immediately felt a lot more stable. She nodded, ”Aja...Inara is an interesting name, where is it from?” She asked curiously. She wouldn't have known how to balance like this without falling multiple times, and even then she would probably practice it wrong. She shakily started to let go of the wall, but quickly caught it again as her foot slipped slightly. She didn't fall, but she did plant her foot back in the position Inara had told her to do.

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Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) Inara watched her as she followed her instructions. She could see that she was already balancing out, which was a good thing. “It means ray of sunlight, Inara was the goddess of the wild animals of the steppe and daughter of the Storm-god Teshub... I think.” She softly laughed at herself. With a shrug, she added, “my parents like to connect names with nature.” She explained. She was a faerie after all, and she was really named that because apparently when she was born, she was bright white as a ray of sunlight. At least that what her parents told her. Watching her try to balance alone, Inara quickly moved to help catch her. But she managed by herself so she pulled back. “Aja? I’ve never heard that before. Anything behind it?”

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Weird And Odd Acelin shrugged. ”Not really actually, nothing could like yours.” she simply. It was just the initials of her full name, and she thought it better than shortening her first name and hinting at it indirectly. ”What language is it from? I don't know any mythos with a nature goddess named Inara, but it does sound beautiful,” she said honestly, genuinely curious as to what the girl's background was. Due to what she chalked up to as ’albinism’, she couldn't rely on things like hair or eye color to hint at her background.

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) “I’m sure you name has some meaning behind it.” She tells her, not knowing that she hadn’t actually given her her real name. “And the language is near eastern mythology. My family kinda has this tradition of naming after Greek gods.” She gave a shrug, and all while she spoke, she moved to stand by the girls side. “Okay, so, have you ever roll bladed?” She asked. “Because it’s just like that. You’ll move one leg forward, slightly picking it up, and then move the other one the same way.” She pointed to her feet. “Watch me first.” She tells her and moved forward for her to see.

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Weird And Odd ((It's okay, hope everything is going well!))

Acelin shrugged and listened, shaking her head. ”No, I haven't...” she watched as she demonstrated and looked closely. It looked easy enough but she knew it was probably harder than Inara made it look. ”Just in case by some miracle I don't fall on my face the second I try, how do you stop?” she asked curiously, mostly watching Inara’s feet.

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) Inara softly laughed at what she said, but then stopped, thinking that was probably rude. She didn’t want her to think she was laughing at the idea of her falling on her face, but that she herself thought she would. “You would have to twist your foot so that it could be sideways slightly,” She tells her. Just as she explained, she turned her left foot, smoothly allowing the metal part of the skate to curve over the ice and stop her. She faced her, a bit farther now. “But you also have to control your body as to not make it move. It needs balance. Really, I shouldn’t be saying this, but it’s easier said than done. You would have to practice to know what I’m saying.”

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Weird And Odd Acelin smiled slightly when she made Inara laugh. She loved self-deprecating jokes that people found funny. She tried to mimic the movement Inara had made but underestimated how much weight she was putting on that foot and ended up slipping. Her hand fell off the wall and she took a rather early but inevitable fall face forward, taking a hard hit from the ice. She groaned and immediately tried to sit up.

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) Inara watched as Acelin started to move just like she instructed her to. She started the right way, moving one foot forward like she showed her, and attempting to follow it with the other. However, she lost her balance and before she knew it, was making her way towards the ground. With a small gasp, she quickly made her way to her side. “Oh god, are you okay?” She asked her as she kneeled down. “I should have been at your side. Sorry about that.” She held out her hand for her to take.

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Weird And Odd Acelin took her hand and only managed to shakily sit up with the support from Inara. She held her nose as she looked at where blood from her nose had fallen. ”Its okay, you couldn't possibly overestimate my clumsiness,” she said sincerely. She glanced at the other skaters, and sure enough some of them were staring at her. Specifically her bloody nose. None of them made a move to help her though, and she eventually used her now bloody hand to push herself to stand up, still holding onto Inara. ”I think I need to take care of this before we continue...” she said sheepishly. She didn't want to seem weak but it was bleeding a lot, and she didn't like the looks some people were giving her.

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) Inara started to notice the trickle of blood from her nose, and immediately she started to feel guilty that she gotten hurt because of her. “No, it is my fault. I’m so sorry.” She said and helped her sit up. She glanced around too, seeing how she was looking at the other people. She too noticed how they were looking, which only made her feel worse. Her attention was brought back to acelin as she stood up. Her nose only looked worse now. I should help her. This is my fault... but I don’t want to draw attention to me. Ugh! What do I do. Her kind heart took over reasoning and she started to follow her. “Here, let me help you. I know a trick to stop the bleeding.” She moves with her, taking her hand to guide her. Of course she was unable to lie, but she was twisting the truth. Her trick was magic, but she didn’t need to tell her that.

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Weird And Odd Acelin shook her head. ”No, really. How are you supposed to know if I'm going to fall or not?” she asked sheepishly, relying heavily on Inara's help to get off the floor and into a seat. She immediately grabbed some napkins used for the rink food sold there to wipe herself off and stop the bleeding.

((If they're in town wouldn't magic be commonplace, and therefore she wouldn't have to worry about drawing attention to them?))

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) ((It’s a common place for supernatural to come and live together, but because of the humans, they still live in secret. It say that in the plot))

“Here, just sit down.” She guides her after she grabbed some napkins. She wss still debating if she should heal her. As a faerie, she had that ability. It was her special power, after all. But she was still scared of being exposed. Still, the injured girl didn’t deserve it at all. She moved to stand before her once she was seated. Finally, he decided to just help. “Let me get a look at it.” She tells her.

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Weird And Odd ((Okay cool, just wondering))

Acelin gladly took her help and did her best to stop it. She started to focus her attention to her also throbbing head and slightly sore knees, still grateful she didn't break a boke or twist her ankle. ”Thanks...” Acelin said sincerely. She could see Inara felt guilty, but she didn't know what to do to assure her that she wasn't to blame.

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) ((It’s alright))

Once the napkins were removed, Inara exaimed her nose. She could see that it was still bleeding. “No problem,” she tells her. “Ugh... I’m just going to have you...” She thought of something to make her do to cover up the actual process. “Tilt your head back a little and close your eyes.” She instructs her. The last thing she needed was for Acelin seeing her chant. With her free hand, she moved to her back pocket and removed a small glass jar, just the size of her pinky. She carried it around for herself really, if she ever got hurt. “Okay, stay like that. I’m going to pinch your nose. My mom taught me this.” She tells her, which was true. She quickly poured out enough of the liquid onto her hands. It was probably best to not know the ingredients of the potion. She then moved to do as she said, pinching the bridge of her nose and slightly rubbing the liquid into her skin, which would quickly stop the blood from spilling and heal up her nose. In her language, she whispered a spell to get the liquid to work.

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Weird And Odd Acelin did as she said, tilting her head and closing her eyes. She waited until Inara was finished before slowly letting her head drop down and opening her eyes. ”Thank you...how did you do that?” she asked softly, gently feeling her nose to make sure it wasn't broken. It wasn't, but it did stop bleeding and felt tremendously better.

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) After just a few seconds, Inara pulled her hand away and stepped back, letting her bring her head down and open her eyes. She had already hid the glass jar back into her back pocket. She didn’t want her to see it and ask her what it was. But still, the question she asked still caused her trouble since she couldn’t lie. “I pinched your nose and rubbed it a little.” She told her, but not telling her the whole thing. She wasn’t lucky fearies we’re good at twisting the truth. To distract her from asking anything else, she said, “you probably shouldn’t try to skate, just in case you fall again. The last thing you need is to hurt it again.”

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Weird And Odd Acelin nodded. ”You're right, but how exactly? It didn't feel like the rubbing did anything but it obviously did.” she said curiously. ”Sorry if I'm being nosy, it's just that whatever you did worked really well,” she said sincerely. She wanted to know so she could possibly avoid long and drawn out bloody noses int he future.

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) Great. Inara thought to herself. How was she going to get out of this. She didn’t want to be rude, but she was making this hard for her. She had to think of something, and quick. “Ugh...” she started off. “It’s a long process to try to explain. Trust me, it took forever to learn it for me.” She explained carefully. “You’ll just think I’m crazy if I try to even biggen.” She laughed a little to play it off. Now all she had to do was find an excuse to leave, because sadly she couldn’t make one up. That would be lying. “Maybe you should just go home, put ice one it, and rest. That would help to make sure it doesn’t bruise.”

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Weird And Odd Acelin nodded slowly, seeing she didn't want or couldn't say. ”Its okay, I'm sure I'll be fine,” she said, dropping the subject. ”So you obviously have talents, are you interested in medicine?” she asked, trying to show that she wouldn't be asking that particular question anymore. Seeing Inara uncomfortable after she had gone out of her way to help her was horrible, and she didn't want to be a pain.

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) Inara was glad Acelin didn’t bother pushing the subject. She didn’t know what else to say if she had. She relaxed a little now that she wasn’t at risk of being exposed or anything. “You could say that,” she smiled a little. It was more like medicine was interested in her, since that ended up being her special power. Though the risk of being exposed was gone, she still felt like she should leave. Just in case. It wasn’t that she didn’t like to talk to Acelin, but she was afraid that things will take a turn again. “I’m glad to see your feeling all better now.” She glanced over to the clock, glad to see she actually had something to do. “But I should get going. Hopefully I’ll see you here again. It was nice meeting you Aja,” she smiled sweetly to her before giving a wave and leaving. She didn’t want to be rude, but she also didn’t want to be put in a difficult situation.

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Weird And Odd Acelin nodded understanding. ”Okay...thanks again for the help, I really appreciate it. And sorry again for being a pain in the butt,” she said honestly. She didn't know if she should leave because she was already tired of skating and risk looking like a creep, or stay and sit around awkwardly.

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