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Diner for all is a place where you can go to grab a sandwich or hang out with friends. Their milkshakes are the best, and are known to be the attraction for most teens. But telling by the name, it’s for all and everyone to come, even if your a supernatural. The place has a perfect way of feeding you without attracting eyes. Seaweed salad? Not a problem. Blood red tomato soup? Just the place. Red meat? Say no more.

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Weird And Odd Acelin Alain walked into the Dinner drenched from head to toe. It was pouring outside and she had ducked into the nearest building to find shelter, but obviously not soon enough. She wiped her feet on the matt and wrung out her hair and clothes as best as she could before sitting down in a back corner and ordering a small hot chocolate and a deli sandwich. Once she had ordered, she pulled out a book and began reading while she waited.

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Weird And Odd Acelin read for about 15 minutes before her food arrived, and she thanked the waiter with a sheepish smile as he gave her the food. She was absolutely starving and immediately began eating once he left. She continued to read, trying to keep her dripping hair out of her food and her book.

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Weird And Odd Acelin wasn't halfway through with her food when the waiter told her that someone had offered her a seat at their table. While she did ask questions, the waiter had no answers and she figured the most polite and least awkward thing to do would be to accept. She put her book in her bag as the waiter showed her to the girl's table. ”Hi...” she said timidly, setting her food across from the stranger and sitting down.

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Weird And Odd Acelin nodded slightly, taking a sip of hot chocolate. She was worried, most likely irrationally, that the girl wanted some crazy favor or wanted to kill her. She figured that was highly unlikely, and all she could hope for was that the meeting was benign and maybe even good for her. She had been told by multiple people she needed to talk to people anyways.

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Weird And Odd Acelin nodded sheepishly. ”My names Aja, Lucille is a pretty name.” She said sincerely. She could tell the girl had good intentions and figured it couldn't hurt to stay. ”Well that's very thoughtful of you, I really appreciate it.” she said softly, taking a small bite of her sandwich.

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Weird And Odd ”I like to read,” she said honestly. ”What about you?” she asked politely. She was curious as to who this girl was that wanted to be her friend. Usually, people thought she was weird and avoided her, so this was a welcome if not odd change.

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Weird And Odd ((Sorry I haven't been active lately, I've been really busy (writing a LOT) and I haven't had much downtime))

Ace in nodded. ”Really? That sounds nice, do you play any instruments?” she asked politely, taking another sip of her hot chocolate. She hoped she wasn't being too awkward or nosy, as she didn't count herself as good at socializing.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli | 76 comments Ty walked into the Diner and looked around trying to tune out the voices of the patrons around him. Not wanting to hear their conversations. He walked up to the counter and sat down before picking up a menue

Jane Isles-Rizzoli | 76 comments Ty glanced over at the mention of a Guitar. He had one, along with his motorcycle and it was in fact locked on the back of it. He saw a waitress walk up to him.

"I can take your order sir." She said with a charming smile.

"How about a burger with the works and fries." Ty said to the waitress with a smile of his own. "Oh, and can I have a water to drink?"

"Coming right up." The waitress said before disappearing behind the counter.

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Weird And Odd Acelin nodded, unsure of how to continue to the conversation. She had slowly finished off her hot chocolate and was already done with her sandwich. She noticed a guy walk in, but didn't pay too close attention to him. She didn't want to seem weird.

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Jane Isles-Rizzoli | 76 comments Ty noticed Acelin and turned to glance at her, having noticed her looking at him every once in a while. When his burger arrived he added ketchup for his fries and started eating his burger. Still glancing at the girl then looking at his meal.

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Weird And Odd Acelin stayed alert, but played it off as if she hadn't seen him. ”So, do you live around here?” she asked politely, folding her napkin over in different ways to stay busy. She figured she might as well learn about the town she was staying in for a bit so she didn't seem too much like an outsider.

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Jane Isles-Rizzoli | 76 comments Ty finished eating his burger then started on his water and fries, Hearing a noise coming from what he figured were far away caused him to shake his head uncomfortably though he continued eating, Hearing a higher pitch he scrambled backwards in his seat before shifting into his German Shepherd form he tried to find a place to hide from the sound and moved to hide under the table that Acelin and her friend were sitting at and curled up. I must look pathetic He said to himself forgetting that others could hear his telepathy and thinking that he was talking to himself. His body shook in fear. Nothing good came from that sound, that he had learned first hand.

((The sound is like a dog whistle))

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Weird And Odd Acelin jumped when the dog rushed under the table, and she immediately went to sit down with him. In the ruckus, she figured that she had called herself pathetic, which wouldn't have been uncommon. As she slowly started to pet and calm the dog down she reprimanded herself, nows not the time to worry about how other people perceive you idiot. ”Shhh, it's okay,” she whispered soothingly, to the dog. She had always figured that she had a good relationship with animals. She started to look around for what could be causing the dog to be scared, but couldn't find anything. She had noted that the boy that was previously in a seat was gone, but other than that nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli | 76 comments Nobody's coming after me is there? just you, me and the other person, Not guy in the front, I know he's here, Surprise. He said into the girl's mind. And, it's not okay, nothing good follows that horrible whistling sound. Ty said and glanced at her with his bright blue eyes, His shaggy dark brown fur matched his shaggy dark brown hair from when he was a human.

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Weird And Odd Acelin suddenly looked at the dog in a mixture of shock and confusion. ”What the hell...” she mumbled. Im going absolutely insane she thought as she scratched the dogs head. She tried to ignore it as she kept an eye out for the proverbial ’he’ she believed she had thought of.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli | 76 comments A man walked into the Diner, he was physically the same size as Ty, maybe a little taller but it was his presence that screamed threat. "Where are ya boy?" He asked clearly angry, He looked at the tables expecting to find a boy rolling around on the floor in pain.

Seeing the imposing figure that was his Step-Father, in the same room as two innocent people one a friendly girl spurred him into action, he feared the man but he feared more for the safety of the two at the table. He crawled out from under it and growled bravely.

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Weird And Odd Acelin’s instinctive reaction was to hold the dog under the table, but he quickly broke free. She tried to stand up but yelped when she hit her head, slowly crawling out as she rubbed the top of her head. She watched tentatively as the dog growled at the man, who she honestly could see as a threat. A million questions ran through her mind, mostly concerning the man, his motives, and what he had done to strike fear in the seemingly gentle dog.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli | 76 comments "Git over here at once Ty, and change back into your real form boy," Wade said to Ty taking a step towards his Step-son.

Ty shrank back before remembering that there was a girl here that might need his help, he took another step forward.

"Change back now." Wade said pulling out the dog whistle

Ty looked back at Acelin then at Wade and shifted back to his human form, his clothes still intact.

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Weird And Odd Acelin started shaking slightly when the man started talking, wanting to call the dog over. When the dog turned into the boy that had previously been sitting across the diner, she started shaking a little more. Even though she had a question after question run through her head, she had to focus on somehow getting the man away from the boy she now knew as Ty. She wished Lucy hadn't left so she could have someone to hopefully rely on, but she knew she quickly needed to find a distraction and an exit, then execute at an appropriate opportunity.

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Weird And Odd ((Why did you leave? You could have continued with us :( ))

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Weird And Odd ((I personally am really sorry about that, I don't know if I told this thread but I've been really busy writing))

Jane Isles-Rizzoli | 76 comments ((Asking? This is for everyone not just two people.))

Jane Isles-Rizzoli | 76 comments ((You can join back in? What is Acelin? I tried to find her character form but I can't))

Jane Isles-Rizzoli | 76 comments "Leave the girl alone Wade." Ty said, his voice wavering slightly.

"Only if she's smart and holds her tongue boy. And we are gonna have a talk about your Insubordanance." Wade said.

"Leave her alone." Ty growled and shifted back to his dog form and bared his teeth, backing up so he was in front of Acelin protectively.

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Weird And Odd Acelin tried to back up a little more but ran into her chair. She then immediately got an idea, and all she had to do was find a way to get a clear shot. She pretended to go behind the chair and crouch in fear, actually lining up how she could throw it without hitting Ty.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli | 76 comments "Show me the proper respect boy." Wade said stepping closer.

I don't respect you, Respect is earned and you've done nothing to earn mine. He said snapping his jaws when he said Nothing. He paced in front of Acelin putting his body in the way to prevent Wade from going passed.

"And I suppose a little doggy is gonna help? Think it's gonna scare me?" Wade said like Ty was a child.

No, but maybe this will and shifted into a large black wolf that was far more imposing then the smaller German Shepherd form, This time when he growled it sounded more dangerous then it had when he was a dog.

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Weird And Odd Acelin was frantically looking for an opportunity. Come on, just move a little more... she thought to herself discretely gripping the tops of the seat back, waiting for the perfect time to stand up and chuck it. She knew her aim was good enough to hit him in the head, but she didn't want to falter and miss if Ty was in the way.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli | 76 comments Ty turned his ear by a fraction, not enough to be seen by Wade but enough to be seen by Acelin who was much closer. Count of three. He said before he counted down, When he was ready he crouched for Acelin to throw the chair.

Wade narrowed his eyes at Ty.

((Never played an abusive parent before))

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Weird And Odd When Ty crouched Acelin stood up and chucked the chair straight at Wade’s head. Please please please please please! She whispered in her head, getting ready to bolt for the back fire exit after the collision. She was hoping he wouldn't dodge or knock it out of the way.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli | 76 comments Wade was hit with the chair and was knocked over, He was surprised that someone had deigned to attack him.

Ty grabbed the shoulder of Acelin's shirt and pulled her towards the door, knowing that, that had been the goal in the chair throwing. Let's go, that won't keep him down for long lady He said being as gentle as he could as he pulled her in the direction of the door.

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Weird And Odd Acelin didn't protest and went with Ty, covering her ears when the door opened and set off the fire alarms. She didn't dare listen or turn back to see if the guy had already gotten up and started chasing them.

((Should we change threads?))

Jane Isles-Rizzoli | 76 comments ((Sure, where should we go?))

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Weird And Odd ((Streets?))

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Everwing (riadragona) | 5 comments Card Trick sat down in the booth. She had finished a long gaming stream and was HELLA tired. She ordered red meat, but fell asleep before it arrived.

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