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A place where a verity of alcoholic drinks and blood are served. The large dimmed room is complete with stained glass windows, a carved wooded gallery and votive candles. The bartender table is in the middle of the room, where stools are placed around it. Booths are against the walls for groups.

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soub (gothstew) A soft sigh escaped Miriam's pink glossed lips as she stared at the slowly melting ice cubes in her third glass of Rosé. She rested her chin in her hands, elbows propped up against the bar. Miriam tucked a strand of her golden hair behind her ear. She had her hair pulled into a messy bun, because it kept falling into her eyes. Miriam wore a sleeveless white blouse, tucked into her favorite pair of peach high waisted floral shorts. Her white high heels dangled from her feet as she kicked them softly. Miriam moved her hand to pick up her glass, she brought it to her lips and hesitated before taking a sip of the now watered down wine. The amount of people at the bar was making Miriam uncomfortable. She was beginning to panic. She felt her pulse rapidly increase and her breathing was heavy. Miriam had to get out of there, but her body wouldn't move. She felt dizzy, although that could have been from the alcohol. Miriam wanted to move, she tried to, but she was frozen in fear.

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bubblewaffles Seph had been looking for a quiet place to study and have a drink, a non-alcoholic one, of course, or his parents would kill him. He sat down in a corner, with his lavender lemonade. He looked around at the people in the bar, checking for suspicious people and others that could potentially make his night miserable. He pulled his beanie on tighter and adjusted his parka a little. Even though it wasn't that cold, he still liked to wear his beanie and his parka, as it gave him a sense of comfort and relaxation. As he started to study, he felt more presences enter the room and he inhaled rockily, stopping studying to keep looking around. His eyes settled on a girl, with her hair tied up into this rather messy bun, and he looked rather frozen. He continued to stare at her even as the people filed in and she seemed to freeze over. He bit his lip. Should he help, or should he just sit down and finish studying? He had no idea how to do this well, social interaction. He picked up his drink and his folder and "excuse me" 'd his way through the whole crowd. He eventually found the girl, and then he didn't know what to say. Stupid him, why did he even try to do this?
"Hello." He sort of muttered.

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soub (gothstew) Miriam quickly whipped around. She could feel the panic attack coming on. "Hello-" she replied quickly. "I-I'm sorry- I-" she stuttered, before quickly hopping down from the chair and heading towards the door. This was a bad idea. This was a bad idea. This was a VERY BAD IDEA she thought. It was too soon, Miriam shouldn't have gone to the bar. Even though she died five years ago, the trauma still seemed very recent. She still felt like something ominous would happen, even though they weren't there. To someone who hadn't experienced something as terrible as she had, they would think she was acting silly. Miriam pushed through hoards of people before reaching the doors. She realized that she left her phone on the bar, but quickly began debating wether to just leave it, or to go back and get it.Miriam decided to leave it. Hopefully she could come back tomorrow morning and hope some nice person turned it in.

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bubblewaffles Seph was speechless as the woman left the table and him. He was pretty sure that she was probably having some sort of panic, maybe even a panic attack, and that he understood as she ran out of there. He put down his drink before realizing that she had left her phone inside the bar. "Wait, lady!" He shouted, but she was too far to hear, and there were too many people for him to even feel comfortable anymore. He chugged his drink and reached his hand down to pick up her phone before feeling another person's hand on it. He looked up and realized that it was the lady who had left her phone and shrunk a little. "I-I'm sorry." He stammered a little, looking down at the floor. His face was a little flushed from embarrassment from touching her hand.

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soub (gothstew) ((Oh, I changed up my post a bit
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bubblewaffles ((Could you please (: If not, I could just change it (: ))

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soub (gothstew) ((I can’t get to a laptop or a computer right now so I’ll just post like I didn’t change it))

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soub (gothstew) Miriam noticed that the boy from earlier had his hand on her phone. Her immediate thought was that he was going to steal it, but she decided it was the panic speaking. “Uh- T-Thank you.” She was able to muster a few quiet words. Miriam slid her phone into her purse and then realized she had yet to pay for her several drinks. Miriam dug around in her purse for her wallet. She saw sunglasses, lipglosses and lipsticks, pepper spray, and finally, her wallet which was buried all the way at the bottom. She hastily opened it and pulled out a crumpled 20. She handed it to the bartender, who thanked her. Miriam nodded in reply. In midst of all this, she realized that she began to calm down a little bit. It was still terrifying in there though. The scene was almost the same as her death, with tons of drinking people, possibly doing drugs as well, loud music, and that one group of sketchy looking people in the back. Miriam snapped out of her thoughts and realized the boy was standing there. “I-I’m sorry- I’m being incredibly rude- I just-“ she began.

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bubblewaffles Seph knew that she was probably either drunk, terrified or frozen in fear, or she might've been having a panic attack or something similar. He continued to sip out of his lavender lemonade as he waited for the woman to probably pay the bartender. He thought about how he really should be studying for the stupid test he had tomorrow that probably counted for more than twenty percent of his grade. He looked around at all of the people that were probably at least half drunk and gulped silently, and the woman's voice brought his thoughts back. "It's nothing." He cut off her apology. He just didn't really see the reason to apologize for nothing. He smiled slightly at how she was being so nice by trying to apologize, but didn't really see any point.

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soub (gothstew) Miriam sighed. She rubbed her temples from the headache that began to pound in her head. "Half drunken panic attacks are greaaaat" she complained. Miriam didn't know why she was even here, she didn't know why they let her in. Miriam was physically still a teenager/young adult. She should have just stayed at home, devoid of all social contact. Once Miriam had completely calmed down, her intoxicated personality began to come out, the one that liked to overshare all information. "Yeah, I died in a place like this, same atmosphere and everything. Pretty traumatizing" she said, then quickly realized what she had just said. The boy could have been human? What was she thinking??

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bubblewaffles Seph's eyes were wide as she shared the information. He had no idea that she was an angel, not at all. He knew that the girl was drunk now, clearly. He bit his lip. "That would be pretty traumatizing." He admitted, trying not to make their interactions even more awkward. He didn't want her to get herself into trouble or cause trouble, not at all. He cleared his throat. "You should go home, get some rest. You probably have important things to do tomorrow." He didn't want to disturb her that much. "Besides," He muttered at a softer tone, almost a whisper, but close enough to her that he would hear it. "I'm a warlock." He had a goofy smile on his face. He felt pretty excited about spreading this news, mostly because there were only few people who knew about it and he loved seeing the reactions on people's faces when he said virtually anything. He didn't get too close to her though, not being too comfortable with that and not wanting to give off the wrong impression to the girl.

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bubblewaffles ((hellooooo))

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#Savagestorm (queen_miracle) | 6 comments ((Hi!))

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Everwing (riadragona) | 5 comments Card Trick took a sip of blood given to her, and immediately threw the container to a wall, (if it's glass) shattering immediatly.

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