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Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) Human characters only

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 15 comments

LEE SEOKYU SEOKIE / twenty-three / bisexual / korean / human
self-proclaimed paranormal investigator
177.8 cm / blonde / brown eyes / fc: shin hoseok

You might be wondering how a college student with all the potential in the world could have ended up as a paranormal investigator. See, Seokyu wonders about that same thing, because this is anything but what he'd pictured he'd be doing when he was, like, five. ( He'd wanted to be a fireman ). In fact, it's hardly something he really considered doing until six months ago. Everything about his line of work is tedious but also somewhat satisfying. Except the screaming; he could do without his throat being sore from the shrieking.

Honestly, considering how bad he is with anything remotely scary, it's a wonder he put himself in this line of work so willingly. His daily questioning of his life choices usually gives way to a subtle reminder that he's doing this because he wants to. There's a sense of satisfaction that comes with knowing he was right about a hunch or the thrill of being wrong. That, and this was sort of entrusted to him. How is he supposed to turn down the purported dying wish of a professor he'd come to see as a second mother? At least, he can't be sure she's dead; he's come to learn that not everything is as it seems, and she was much the same.

prefers : vanilla milkshakes, working out, video games, paranormal research
avoids : horror movies, ghost stories, bonfires in deserted parking lots, being tickled ( he's really ticklish, okay! )
strengths : research, lifting, leadership
weaknesses : scares easily, persistent, first to run

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Weird And Odd ||•| Name |•|| Acelin Jade Alain
||•| Nick Name |•|| Many aliases she often gives out
||•| Gender |•|| Female
||•| Age |•|| 19
||•| Date of Birth |•|| February 20th
||•| Race |•|| Human

||•| Appearance |•||

|• Hair •| Pitch black
|• Eyes •| Dark gray
|• Skin Color •| Pale
|• Height •| 5'5"
|• Markings •| None

||•| Personality |•||

Acelin is kind, gentle, caring, and easily concerns herself with other peoples well being. She will go out of her way to help others, whether it be solving a puzzle, or getting them something. She has sympathy galore and can understand people's difficult situation. She works hard, and is patient with those who need help, doing her best to help people grow and develop as humans, and overcome weaknesses. If she knows she can do something to help, she will do her best to do it, and she won't stop until she is finished.
Acelin is also ruthless. If you attack any innocent, she will make sure you pay. She has made sure she has perfected a deadly aim with her knives, and she will not tolerate needless violence. She will protect her allies with her life, even if that means bringing herself to the brink of death. If you so much as even say something suspicious she will monitor everything you say and do, making it very hard to hide any true evil intentions. She will hunt down anyone that threatens her friends' livelihoods, or those that they care about. She isn't afraid to get bloody, and she also isn't afraid to follow them down to Hell if need be.
Acelin also loves reading, solving puzzles, and overall intellectual work. If you put a puzzle in front of her she won't stop or take a break until it's done. If it's an impossible puzzle, then she will either solve it or figure out it's impossible and make it to where it is possible. She likes 'reading' people, figuring out aspects of their life through their physical and verbal cues. If she is faced with a problem or fact, she will solve the problem and fact check. Often she doesn't believe something for a long period of time until she can make 100% sure it is right.
Acelin is a complex person, but very few people know her as well as she knows herself. She is shy and rarely talks to anyone unless it's crucial for her to help them, or harm them. She usually does solitary activities and avoids social gatherings like a swarm of angry hornets. Because of her social disadvantage, she often has a hard time conversing with people without being misunderstood or having her point completely missed altogether. She usually just gets ignored and doesn't talk at all.

|• Likes •|
★ The dark
★ Warmth
★ Solitude

|• Dislikes •|
☆ Bright lights
☆ Cold
☆ Loud noises

|• Strengths•|
✓ Clever
✓ Fast
✓ Empathic

|•Weaknesses •|
✗ Not strong
✗ Clumsy as all hell
✗ Trust issues

||•| History |•||

Acelin lived in a secluded, custom built house on an acre of land int he middle of what she considered nowhere. She didn't go to school, only stayed home and taught herself everything she figured useful. Her stepdad was an all-time step-jerk, and when her mother died from an "animal attack", her stepdad only got worst. The only thing tying her there was her dog, and when she ran away, Acelin didn't hesitate to follow. She's been living on her own for years now, town hoping and somehow surviving.

|• Family•|
♡ Step-dad
♡ Mom
♡ Dog

|• Sexuality •| Panromantic Asexual
|• Status •| Single
|• Ex-Lovers•| None
|• Friends •| None
|• Enemies•| Her family

||•| "Okay...but why?" |•||

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C L A R AE L I Z A B E T HM E Y E R S;[twenty-six+ bisexual+human+ dating]

A P P E A R A N C E Clara has a headful of brown hair that laps over her shoulders, sometimes appearing more amber in certain lights, along with a pair of amber eyes that can seem to sparkle golden at times, especially when she’s either scheming or happy. She has a rather pale complexion, spending more time indoors (not necessarily studying), rather than outdoors. She stands at around 5’7, and weighs around 119 pounds, give or take a couple since she hasn’t weighed herself in like two months. She normally wears two layers, even if it’s really hot, it’s just her style, and normally darker colors, since her closet is 80% dark colors.

P E R S O N A L I T Y Clara is caring towards almost every human and some supernaturals (she has a hard time with warlocks), it's just in her nature. She is intelligent, with three doctorates and a Ph.D. in biology and is a great doctor because of that and her brain. She is rather soft-spoken, a reason why her colleagues rarely listen to her opinions. She hides her own feelings easily, especially from her parents and everyone around her. She fell in love with the wrong person, a patient at her hospital/facility, Danny Castellano, who was a skin-walker. She is rather brave and will do almost anything to protect everyone who cares about her and everyone around her. She loves to read and listen to music in her free time, it helps her to relax. She is very dedicated to everything she does, and almost never procrastinates, doing her best to complete every task ahead of her. She has her own fashion style, and rarely strays from it, even during fancy events.

HISTORY Clara Elizabeth Meyers was born to two humans on April 13th, and she was their pride and joy for years and years. They were both lawyers and hoped that she would follow in their footsteps and become a fighter for justice. Since an early age on, she was infatuated with nature, especially animals, and she loved them more than anything. When she turned five, her parents left and never came back, and she later found out that they were killed by a warlock who had a personal vendetta against them, and their death wish was that she would go to the facility, knowing the warlock was against them. During all the busy work as a doctor at an association who tortured the supernatural, she still managed to find time to go to school and college, gaining three doctorates and a Ph. D. She always felt like she would be better off working at a normal hospital, helping people, but she honored her parent's death wish and stayed in the facility, not wanting to dishonor them. When she turned twenty-three, she was assigned to finding out more about the physiology of a skin-walker named Danny, and the two quickly fell in love, hiding their love from everyone else. She found out that her parents were really Supernatural slaughters and the warlock was the last one in his family to not be killed by them. She kept this to herself, not knowing who to trust. She spends every Friday night "torturing" (watching movies) with him and he is the only thing keeping her from leaving now.

■ Science
■ Helping people
■ Reading
■ Almost everyone

■ Warlocks
■ Bossy people
■ Sore losers
■ People who look down on her

■ Science
■ Surviving extremely cold temperatures
■ Caring
■ Math

■ Her parents
■ Danny
■ Gullible
■ Slow

Mother- Ricca Meyers
Father- Alonso Meyers



E X - L O V E R S


Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) All are approved

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soub (gothstew)

||•| Name |•||
Astrid Hale
||•| Nick Name |•||
Conspiracy Theory Girl, Crazy, Insane, Asinine Astrid.
||•| Gender |•||
||•| Age |•||
||•| Date of Birth |•||
June 13th
||•| Race |•||

||•| Appearance |•||

|• Hair •|
Astrid has long, hickory brown hair that holds a slight curl. She keeps her hair down most of the time, but when she's writing, her hair is pulled into a high messy bun atop her head. When her hair is up, she always keeps a large strand down so it covers up her jaw and neck.
|• Eyes •|
Astrid has a rare eye condition called Heterochromia Iridum, where her left eye is green and her right eye is brown. She has short, black eyelashes that frame her doe eyes.
|• Skin Color •|
Astrid has soft, honey toned skin.
|• Height •|
Astrid stands at about 5'6.
|• Markings •|
Astrid has many scars around her body, but the most prominent is on the left side of her face. The area from under her ear, to halfway down her neck is covered with gruesome scars that look like cracks on glass. She got the scars when she tripped down the stairs and fell into a glass end table.

||•| Personality |•||
Astrid is generally a kind person. She loves conspiracy theories and fantasy stories. Astrid has a theory that the supernatural exists, and has spent the last few years researching. She is used to people thinking she's crazy, so Astrid tells no one about her hobby. Astrid's parents thought she was crazy, and so did her friends. She is still very kind and cheery though. Astrid is very brave and loyal, she would be a very good friend...if she had any.

|• Likes •|
★Conspiracy Theories

|• Dislikes •|
☆ Most People

|• Strengths•|
✓Her writing ability
✓Witty Comebacks
✓Astrid knows Judo, for protection.

|•Weaknesses •|
✗People thinking she's crazy
✗Her parents

||•| History |•||
Astrid was born in Puerto Rico, and she lived there for two years, before moving to New York with her family. Astrid grew up speaking Spanish and English, so she is fluent in both. Astrid had a semi normal childhood. She was always interested in stories about fantasy or sci-fi, so it isn't odd that her obsessions are the same now. When Astrid was 15, she began looking into the supernatural. She was obsessed with finding out if it was really true. Astrid got a job so she could save money to purchase the proper equipment to pursue her hobby. After a few years of traveling to 'haunted' places and investigating everything she could, she grew bored. Astrid wanted to leave New York, and so she did. Astrid left, two days after she graduated from high school. She packed a bag with all her equipment, some clothes, and 20,000 dollars; which she had started saving for at age 10. Astrid traveled around the country for a while, using the car she got for her 17th birthday; until she stumbled upon what happened to be a hub of supernatural activity.

|• Family•|
♡Emilia Hale-Mother
♡Julio Hale-Father

|• Sexuality •|
|• Status •|
|• Ex-Lovers•|
A few
|• Friends •|
|• Enemies•|

||•| " I'm not crazy. I-I'm not! And, I'll prove it! They are real. " |•||

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Kensi Blye | 76 comments

Name: Rachel Wood
Age: 3 Years
Face Claim: Unknown
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Human
Personality: She's curious and fun loving around her mother but shy around new people. She is very intelligent reading books for children far older then herself. She doesn't respect her father but does her mother. She hates being alone and if given the choice she'd always be near her mother.
History: She was the result of an unplanned pregnancy.
Abilities: None
Pet: Nyx
Family: Robin Wood (Father, Human, African American), Faith Lehane (Mother, Albanian/Bostonian, Slayer)
Friends: None

Name: Nyx
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
What are You?: Dog
Breed: Husky/Wolf Mix
Family: None
Owners: None, though Faith has been looking after her.

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