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message 1: by natsuki (new)

natsuki (夏希) (natsuiro) | 102 comments heyo~ i have the oldest and her name is grace
do y'all mind if i snag main or lead vocalist or..?

message 2: by juno. (new)

juno. (junosummers) | 29 comments Mod
ooooooo sounds great !!!! idm if u do that my chara is a rapper ~

message 3: by natsuki (new)

natsuki (夏希) (natsuiro) | 102 comments ok!! i finished her and she's here, i ended up making her lead vocal

message 4: by natsuki (new)

natsuki (夏希) (natsuiro) | 102 comments with their concept i was thinking that for booting eval a song by bestie or miss a or even 4minute might work..?

message 5: by jenny (new)

jenny (sungkew) | 12 comments i have the maknae, i think, so :)
i just have to figure out a face claim lol

maybe miss a or 4minute, yeah. or maybe even something like female president by girls day? but maybe something like whatcha doing today by 4minute would work better? or bad girl good girl because that's a classic audition song lol

message 6: by natsuki (new)

natsuki (夏希) (natsuiro) | 102 comments i thought of female president, too, but i'm not sure their concept is really a sexy one..?

those are both good options and these are the ones i had considered~
- 4minute's what's your name?
- sistar's shake it
- miss a's i don't need a man (i felt like this followed the same vein as their debut song?)
- miss a's only you
- dalshabet's someone like u
- sonamoo's friday night
- clc's i like it

message 7: by jenny (new)

jenny (sungkew) | 12 comments i really like what's your name and i don't need a man for them :) i think those two suit them the best.

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