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message 1: by Marshall (new)

Marshall S. | 26 comments Looking for some beta readers for my 101k word manuscript! It’s about terraforming beings who are exploited for a valuable power they possess. Message me if interested.

message 2: by Marshall (new)

Marshall S. | 26 comments Willing to swap a manuscript as well.

message 3: by Kevin (new)

Kevin Carlin | 28 comments Hi Chris! Sounds interesting. If you haven't found any other takers, I could do a swap/CP. What's your timeframe for getting it read? I have a 95k satirical sci-fi called The Pacifists. Full disclosure, it's my very first MS, so it might be a slog to get through.

message 4: by Marshall (new)

Marshall S. | 26 comments Hey Kevin,

Thanks for the interest! I have you in my e-mail now and swapping with another beta reader. I’ll read the whole thing! I’m willing to read probably just one more writer’s work if anyone is interested to trade.


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