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This is where we can talking about the books we're reading for the challenge

message 2: by Dena (new)

Dena | 4 comments Thanks so much for doing this Susan! It's perfect. You rock, as usual!

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I'm just a puter geek, is all

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Sounds good. Now you can move on to the book about Trump 😀

message 5: by Dena (new)

Dena | 4 comments The Choice, Nicholas Sparks, several choices to make throughout the book. The most important choice is not the most obvious one. Not my favorite book, but a very easy read if you need something light to read between more serious books.

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Dena | 4 comments Finally finished 1984, even if Bib did think I read it n Mrs. Gaskins class in 1975. How depressing it was. Well, I will not follow Winston's path and submit to POS45. I WILL RESIST.

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Dena | 4 comments Now, on to Little Women, again. one of my all time favorites. I love those March girls.❤❤❤

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