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Revelation: Trinity Part 1
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message 1: by Gemma (last edited Jan 10, 2018 01:18PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Gemma Humphrey Hey!

Just dropping in to say I have a new book available on KU, perfect for anyone who loves The Mortal Instruments, A court of Thorns and Roses, Fallen or Twilight. :)

REVELATION: Trinity Part 1.

Find it here:

Eighteen-year-old Rose Davies is a Fresher at the prestigious Cambridge University. She dreams of punting on the river, reading Shakespeare in the famous library, and getting to know a town steeped in history.

But Trinity College's newest professor, Christian Howard, is a dream of a very different kind - and, impossibly, the image of the man who saved her life when she was only six years old.

Soon, Rose is swept into a world she never expected to find; filled with angels and demons, a war raging eons, and a discovery that will change her life forever...

She is the key to ending the Eternal War, but Heaven & Hell will do whatever it takes to ensure the other can't have her...

Do check it out if its you're sort of thing - and don't forget to leave a review, here and on!

Book 2 (Testament) will be released in the summer.

Happy Reading!


message 2: by Kimberlymc (new)

Kimberlymc | 2 comments Am I missing something? What’s the title of the book?

Gemma Humphrey Hi @kimberlymc - you're completely right! I've edited the post so the link to is now available. Thanks for pointing it out - what a rookie mistake!! :)

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