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Am I the only one who doesn't want Gilly to end up with William?
CJ CJ Jan 02, 2018 03:44AM
I've read all the books and I also have witnessed the teaser for a future story of Gilly and William. But I was not really convinced that theirs was going to be good story. I was thinking that William would fall head over heels for someone who is powerful, someone who could bring out the worst and best in him. And I don't think that Gilly could be that girl. I just don't like how William is when he's with Gilly, too careful. It's just my opinion though, I would still ready this series because I really love all of them.

Agreed. This entire series is built upon powerful people finding SOs who could handle them and deal with each other's hangups. Gilly and William were just not that for me. They had a sibling like relationship for me from the start, and the last few books were being kinda creepy in perpetuating the patriarchal "older male/young baby female" and "daddy" type culture and that was just not to my taste. I was gonna skip the book if it had William and Gilly as a couple but now will definitely read!

The simple fact that he was still sleeping with women and saying so was a clue.

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I did want them to be together, only because it was obvious that William cared about her and was stubbornly refusing to believe it himself and I thought it would be a good story for him to get over his shit and be with her. However, it started to get a little creepy in the last few books between the two of them.

I ultimately let the idea of them go when he refused to save her life. I understand he has his own fears and problems, but I'm an "all or nothing" type of gal, and once it became obvious that he wasn't going to bind himself to her to save her life I gave up on them. He pissed me off and Gilly deserves better.

She is thrust into a story with the indifferent satyr Puck and I can't wait to read what happens! I don't know if I'll be able to find him sexy with those goat legs, but I'm willing to root them on!

I like that Gena teased me with Gilliam only to mix it up and introduce new and more interesting characters. William is sexy, don't get me wrong, but I'd like to see him go in another direction.....away from his creepy behavior with Gilly.

Long story short, you're not the only one.

ME! ME! ME! I felt like I was the only one who thought that! In all the books, I seriously did NOT like William and Gillian as a possible couple. Something about them was just so off to me. William was so reserved with her it irked me. I always saw them as a older brother-younger sister duo. I actually like Puck and Gilly, I can't wait to see where this goes, plus the war between Hades and Lucy is soo close omg.
I can't wait for William's book, I am literally craving to find out who his soul mate is!!!!

Didn't feel like William and Gilly would end up together in the long run. Maybe just brother/sister-ish love btw the two. So i'm not surprised by this book. Too bad people are rating this book without giving it a try first.

Gena should have shut down all speculation for Gilly and William ears ago but she pulled a chicken shit move and let the Gilly haters egg her onto pairing Gilly with a goat. This series has been on the decline for years and this switch up, after 14 books, proves what an untrustworthy author she is. She may think this is a bold, smart-ass move but she will lose many readers as a result. I'll never again buy anything she writes and will never recommend her books. Oh but I would love her to stab William lovers in the heart by pairing him with a man or some nasty slut who makes him miserable. That would be poetic justice.

Ummm, I really liked that couple, but although I´m a little upset I think Gena knows what she´s doing. I really hope that this book show us why Gilly and William don´t end up together.

I’m with u, I never thought that Gilly was right for William or vice versa. I actually thought they brought out the worst in each other (relationship-wise). She was too clingy, needy, and dependent and he was overprotective. They would’ve smothered each other. All the hate thrown at Gilly’s book and Gena Showalter is saddening and sickening. I’m glad for the change up.

I wanted to jump in because I disagree with all the hate. I think Gena knows exactly what she is doing. I don't think William and Gilly would have worked out and I believe that Gena has tried to make that clear in the last 2-3 books. It would have been cheesy predictable if those 2 would have wound up together.

I match this with Christine Feehan's Dark Carpathian series, it was one couple who for maybe 5-6 books you just knew they would be together but when we finally got to her book she did not end up with him but with someone made just for her and I put off reading it because everyone was so upset that the two didn't wind up together, but when I read, I loved it. It is easily one of my favorite books in that series.

So I will say I am eagerly waiting for this book so I can see how Gena does this between Gilly and Puck and where William fits into all of it.

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Sakina Carter I am actually. I honestly enjoyed the book, I didn't think I would because everyone was mad that Gabrielle and (I can't even think of his name) did no ...more
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For me William and Gilly seem to have more of a besties or sibling type realtinoship. I never liked the idea of them as a couple and if William actually thought Gilly was his fated woman why does he not only continue to sleep around but he does to where she sees him with others.

Please don't kill me for saying this but...I honestly don't care at this point who stays with whom, the series has been going on for so long that it was bound to go through many changes; however, I do feel a little betrayed. I don't really like it when authors build up something so much that they shove it down your throat only to turn around and make a drastic change. Years and years, she promoted this two together and then BAM, within the last couple of books she changed it. Disclaimer: this isn't an attack on the author, I am at least hoping for some closer with the whole Gillly and William dynamic. Someone mentioned how Gena stated that William and Gilly had a fatherly relationship and I am sorry but I don't think so. There were a lot of hints that he had more than fatherly feelings for her; I would have respected this move a lot more had she made that obvious from the beginning. Although, she did mention in a chat she had here on goodreads that William and Gilly were never meant to stay together so I was kind of expecting this.

You are so right. I never wanted Gilly and William to end up together, their relationship was so predictable and therefore would have been boring. I like the way Gena switched things up, I love when a book is unpredictable and filled with drama, which THE DARKEST WARRIOR IS GOING TO BE. I love when an author gives me what I want.

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