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message 1: by Nitesh (new)

Nitesh | 3 comments What can we do to increase the brain stamina? Other than practice

message 2: by Ken (new)

Ken Seidel | 7 comments Stamina as in functionality and longevity? From all I’ve read, surmised and my own personal experience we can prune our brains of as many useless thoughts and practices as possible and build circuits with the best return-on-investments., ie thoughts and activities that surge our neurotransmitters that bring great joy and engage splendid relationships. To me a healthy brain/nervous system is a robust one that excites me to want to engage forever and contribute as much value to others as possible. Yup, that’s where my stamina resides. Too “over the top” for most simply because most do not see themselves as capable or deserving and that’s where I say you can’t go for it while self-absorbed In self made habits “but I can’t” but “I shouldn’t”. Yes, self reflection and self doubt are realistic but once their utility is gained they must be banished from the brain, etc, etc

message 3: by Nitesh (new)

Nitesh | 3 comments Brain stamina like in context of taking exams. If you had taken any exams in the past you should have known that in first 30-60 mins brain functions at peak performance, after that the performance drops. This stamina I was talking about.

message 4: by Ken (new)

Ken Seidel | 7 comments Thanks for clarification. Learn how to release neurotransmitters that rejuvenate ie in few seconds u can go housing your minds imagination) on a nature vacation like a walk in the woods, a float down a body of water, a walk on a sea shore, etc., in your minds imagination u can revisit a joy ie birthday party, graduation day, first kiss, a rainbow, burst of light & then simply return to whatever chore u are experiencing. It’s your brain, your mind and u whole the keys, the controls, we too often unknowingly give things, others the controls, etc, .r u getting the picture? An exam, presureful situation can be manageable with cunning planning. These things r not happening to “helpless” u. In the big picture of a life they r just a happening u can manage. Now of course there r many things that can bring down our resilience, ie illness, divorce, death of a loved one, etc and spending time with grief is sane. Yet remaining checked out or stuck is insane with severe reduction in functionality. So glad u had the courage to ask the question. It’s a brilliant question. Hope my responses have some merit for u.

message 5: by Nitesh (new)

Nitesh | 3 comments thank you so much. I really liked what you said. thanks

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