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Britnie | 352 comments Mod
How much has changed since the beginning of the book?

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Britnie | 352 comments Mod
So much has changed since the beginning of the book. I don't think there was a single character that stayed the same.

George- I think he grew the least amount, but he still did grow. I think he was more family oriented towards the end and was hopefully starting to open up just a bit. The fact that he atleast spent an hour socializing at the party and didn't go straight for the tv was a big deal. He definitely still has some growing to do, and needs to hear some things he won't want to hear. I just hope he can eventually get to the place that Eleanor is getting to.

Eleanor- She has been through so much emotionally. I couldn't stand her through most of the book, but once she really started trying and softening her heart. I actually started to sort of like her character. She realized what she was doing and how she was hurting all the people around her. It took a very hard conversation with Annie for you to finally realize this, and also a lot of help from Fred, but she finally did it. I love that she made amends with the Pastor and apologized for her behavior. Also, the fact that even though she was struggling so much inside, she did her best to make the Easter Party as good as possible for Annies sake. She wanted her daughter to have a great day even though she was feeling horrible. NORA would have made sure everyone knew how upset she was and unhappy. NORA would have done everything she could to make everyone else unhappy as well. Misery loves company right? But, ELEANOR pushed all her feelings aside so her daughter would have a good day. She also made amends with Susan carters mom which I think was really cool. Also, can I just say how HAPPY it made me when she asked Fred not to call her Nora anymore, but to call her Eleanor? That was so awesome.

Sam- Sam finally understood Annie. As much as he didn't agree and wanted to be with her, he knew where she was coming from. he understood she didn't want a boyfriend or anything. She was just so happy being in love with the Lord.

Corban- He changed a lot as well. He was so cold and what seemed like emotionless in the beginning. What emotions he did have he just bottled them up inside. He couldn't stand Leota at first, but by the end cared so much for her. He still has some growing to do and I really hope he eventually accepts the Lord into his heart. I was honestly surprised that him and Annie didn't end up together in the end.

Annie- Annie was this girl that wanted to please everyone. She would bottle all her feelings up and break her back trying to make everyone else happy even if it made her unhappy. Leota taught her to be strong and to really stand up for herself. She finally stood up to her mom and I think it was the best thing for their relationship. She found so much peace in the Lord. No matter what temptation came her way with Sam, she was able to just trust in the Lord and resist.

Last but certainly not least Leota- She was so lonely in the beginning. Annie came into her life and it was the best thing ever for her. Annie showed her the love that she never got from her daughter and gave her something she felt was missing for so long. She opened up to the people around her. She had so many people that loved her towards the end. I just wish she was able to have that moment she always wanted with her daughter.

Jenn Hall | 44 comments So much has changed from the start to the end.
From the start averybroken battered group of people all the way around. Pledge with anger and hurt they did all to surround themselves with revenge. A pattern repeated over and over. Thank God He saved Annie. Thru His love and guidance even when she was at her wits end He showed her His plan and she followed it. Through this listen she grew up in some boldness and courage and left. For many maybe they way she left wasn't Excatly good, but I understand why. It's get out right than or die. And she not only brought life to her life but to her grandmother and eventually the rest of her family and those around her.

Leota grew in so many ways, mostly in hope

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Britnie | 352 comments Mod
I enjoyed what Jen wrote.

Jenn Hall | 44 comments Can't believe it's over, I find myself going hmmm what's Nora going to say next, lol. Oh gosh.

Jenn Hall | 44 comments Thank you Britney

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