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2018 Bookish Expectations

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message 1: by Raghav (new)

Raghav (raghavmodi) | 5 comments Mod
Tell us about your expectations from 2018. You want to read more, or read a specific genre? Something, anything else...

message 2: by Seema (new)

Seema Misra (seemamisra) | 1 comments 2018 - Read with a Deep Focus

I want to focus more on the way I read, rather than aiming to read lots of books. This includes:

1) Reading all the books I currently own, before buying any new ones.
2) Actively researching new concepts and terms encountered in books, researching for an in-depth understanding of the context. (The way I read books during college!!)
3) Write about my impressions of the books I read.

message 3: by Vineet (new)

Vineet (sarcasticanesthesiologistreads) | 4 comments @seema ji ..... ha ha's never gonna happen if you're a true book lover.... 😄

message 4: by Vineet (new)

Vineet (sarcasticanesthesiologistreads) | 4 comments @seema ji I meant point 1.....

message 5: by Dr Sonal (new)

Dr Sonal Kalia  | 4 comments I want to write my impressions about all books I read in 2018

message 6: by Vineet (new)

Vineet (sarcasticanesthesiologistreads) | 4 comments I would actually like to write the book I've been thinking of four almost 3 years now....

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