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Cindy III | 42 comments Round 2
0/50 (part2)

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Cindy III | 42 comments Manga in progress
(next volume to be read)

Arisa 6-12c
Attack on Titan 2
Beasts of Abigaile 2
Black Butler 23
Blue Exorcist 19, 20
Chaika 4, 5c.
Claymore 4
Dawn of the Arcana 10-13c.
Everyone's Getting Married 7, 8
Fairy Tail 5
Gimmick 2
Girl from the Other Side 3
Handa-kun 5
Happy Marriage 1, 3
Haruka 4
Horimiya 8
Hunter x Hunter 4
Idol Dreams 5
Karneval 2
Kiss of the Rose Princess 5
La Corda d'Oro 17
Liselotte and Witch's Forest 3
Lovesick Ellie 2
My Boyfriend in Orange 3
My Monster Secret 3
My Neighbor Seki 8
Noragami 19
O. Parts Hunter 3
Rasetsu 4
Seraph of the End 11
Servamp 4
So Cute It Hurts 2
To Your Eternity 2
Tokyo Ghoul: re 6
Twinkle Stars 2
Waiting for Spring 6
Water Dragon's Bride 8
Witchcraft Works 3
Yona of the Dawn 3
Yukarism 3

Manga to be started

Arpeggio of Blue Steel
Assassination Classroom
the Bride and the Exorcist Knight
Buso Renkin
the Chauffeur and the Heiress
Devil's Line
Dreamin' Sun
Fire Force
Frau Faust
Golden Kamuy
Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight
Love and Lies
Love's Reach
Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun
Our precious conversations 2
QQ Sweeper
Queen's Quality
Real Girl
SP Baby
Sacrificial Princess and the King of Beasts
Strobe Edge
Takane and Hana
Tegami Bachi
To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts
Tokyo ESP
Twin Star Exorcist
Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches
Your Lie in April
Your Name

Manga to restart

Black Cat
D. Gray-Man
Devil and Her Love Song
Eyeshield 21
Happy Cafe
Kimi ni Todoke
Maid sama
Nosatsu Junkie
Oresama Teacher
Prince of Tennis
Skip Beat
Vampire Knight

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