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Nina (lananina) | 488 comments Hi.

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CallmeTony | 536 comments Yo.

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Nina (lananina) | 488 comments Can you please put the idea in this thread?

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CallmeTony | 536 comments So Person A is about to graduate high school. He's 18 and in the midst of finals. Graduation is three weeks away. His parents have arranged a marriage for the upcoming summer so they can combine their businesses and become better off as a family. Person A doesn't know if he's gay but has to go along with this marriage anyway. He's a shy, awkward, emotional teen who can't seem to catch a break.
Person B is already 22 and working as a coding specialist for their family's company. (Both families run something similar to Amazon). Person B is a calm and collected man who knows what he's doing. He knows he's gay and though he is proper in front of his parents he shows an ending lust for the relationship he's being forced into. He wants this teen t be his husband and he wants it bad.

-I'd like to play Person A as that's who I am by nature.
-Please be active. I hate when role-plays are started and then left in the dust.
-Four sentences minimum please. I want this to be kind of in depth.
-If you lose interest please tell me instead of ghosting.

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Nina (lananina) | 488 comments Great! Thanks. So character bios now?

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CallmeTony | 536 comments Yah. Do you want house anime claims or real life ones?

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Nina (lananina) | 488 comments Real life ones please.

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CallmeTony | 536 comments Mkay.

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CallmeTony | 536 comments Name: Tobio Kurosawa

Age: 18

Gender: Male


(His glasses)
//Hair Color// White
//Eye Color// Green
//Height// 5’4
//Weight// 126 lbs
//Skin Tone// Pale

Distinctive Markings? Tattoo of an alien on the back of his right shoulder
Scars? Yes, one across his abdomen, but it lays the crease of his abdominal muscles so it’s not too noticeable
Birth Marks? None.
Freckles? Lots across his cheeks and nose

//Father// Scott Vontre
//Mother// D.D. Vontre

Adrien is an only child so his parents tended dote on him, much to his dismay. They were constantly concerned over how much sleep he got and where he was at all hours of the day. He found ways around this though. Clever as he was he never had a knack for saving himself. He didn’t much care what happened to his body so he often came home with random cuts and bruises here and there from running into things while reading and walking. He was once so deep into a book he walked into the middle of the street and got hit by a car sending him to the hospital for three broken ribs and a dislocated shoulder.
School is a blur for Adrien, wake up, get dressed, go to school, then the day hazes away. He does all of his homework, aces all his tests. Has an above average GPA and will finish high school with an associates degree due to duel enrollment classes.
Adrien’s sexuality was never even a thought, to him or anyone and when he found out he was marrying a man he didn’t know what to think so he shut himself in his room and read books on marriage for a week. He knew tips and tricks inside and out but he could never be prepared for it actually happening.

*Go-with-the-flow-ish (can be called indecisiveness)
*Strong morals
*Pretends nothing bothers him

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Nina (lananina) | 488 comments Name: Alejandro Michael Velazquez
Nickname: Alex

Age: 22

Date of Birth: January 1st
Time of Birth: 12:36 AM
Location of Birth: Madrid, Spain

Language(s): English, Spanish

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Homosexual
Position? CEO
Virgin? No


//Hair Color// Dark brown
//Eye Color// Grey
//Height// 6'1
//Weight// 157 lbs
//Skin Tone// Tan

Distinctive Markings? Tattoo of a dragon with it's tail trailing down to his private parts.
(view spoiler)
Scars? None
Birth Marks? None
Freckles? None

//Father// Alejandro Velazquez
//Mother// Maria Velazquez
//Brother// Ricardo Velazquez
//Brother// Pedro Velazquez
//Sister// Eva Velazquez
//Sister// Rey Velazquez

Alejandro comes from a big family and from a large company that is known around the world. He is the oldest of five children, next is Ricardo, or Richard as he likes to be called, then comes Pedro, or Peter as he is sometimes called, and then the twin girls, Eva and Rey.

Alejandro went to school in America where he learned how to become a business man. He had realized he was gay from a young age but was sure of it when he went to school and experienced sex with various men. He always got tested right after he was intimate with a man. And when he came into the family business he met the Vontre's and then saw their only son, Adrien, and he knew that he wanted him.

*Strong morals
*Almost like he feels he's above everyone else.

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CallmeTony | 536 comments Cool. He's foreign. I love it.

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Nina (lananina) | 488 comments Thanks!

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CallmeTony | 536 comments I'm really into accents and everything. They're so cool.

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Nina (lananina) | 488 comments Me too. Especially Spanish accents or English accents as well.

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CallmeTony | 536 comments I like all of them. African accents are one of my favorites though.

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Nina (lananina) | 488 comments Oooh! Yeah. Those too. So how do we start?

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CallmeTony | 536 comments Mmm. How about the two family's are meeting, this would be the first time the finance's met, over dinner to discuss the wedding.

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Nina (lananina) | 488 comments That works for me. Can you please start?

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CallmeTony | 536 comments Okay.

Mr. and Mrs.Vontre walked into the restaurant. The smells of Italian herbs filled the air and Mrs.Vontre turned and straightened her sons tie.
"Watch your posture Adrien. Make a good impression." She said. Adrien nodded silently, staring intently at the ground. Mr.Vontre looked around for the Velazquez family they were to be meeting. He spotted them, raised his hand and walked over, his family close behind. Adrien did not once look up.

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Nina (lananina) | 488 comments ((What is the business that they are in exactly?))

Alejandro Senior, Maria, and Alejandro were sitting at the table in the restaurant waiting for the Vontre's. Alejandro was on his phone working and he frowned as he got an email informing him of a problem that had arised. He groaned and set his head on the table. "Meirda." Maria gasped and slapped her son upside the head. "Language! And speak in English, Alejandro. Your betrothed will most likely know only English and nothing of Spanish. It is important to be on your best behavior. Ah, look, here the Vontre's are now." They all stood up and Alejandro focused on Adrien. "Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Vontre." He said holding out his hand for a handshake. He shook their hands firmly and then turned to Adrien. "Hello." He said, he frowned and bent down to look for his eyes. He was dying to reach out and just lift the younger man's head in order to see his lovely eyes. But he refrained for the moment. This was their first meeting and he wanted to make a good impression.

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CallmeTony | 536 comments ((Something similar to amazon. Alejandro would be the Coding Specialist for his parents company.))

"Hello." Adrien said to Mr. and Mrs. Velazquez, nodding. Adrien's mother nudged him towards his fiancé but Adrien did not lookup and instead focused on the woodwork in the flooring. They all sat, Adrien next to his fiancé of course due to his mother's nudging. He felt eyes trained on him and when he glanced up both his parents were looking at him. His mother smiled and turned to speak with Mrs.Velazquez about wanting to set up a cake tasting appointment for the boys. His father just nodded at him and went on to ask Mr.Velazquez about some sports game Adrien had no interest in. Therefore plunging Adrien and his fiancé into silence.

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Nina (lananina) | 488 comments ((Oh... Hmm... okay. I will have to reach some about what a Coding Specialist does then.))

Alejandro sat down and then he sighed. He turned to Adrien and set a hand on his shoulder. "Alright, Adrien. I want to know a bit about the man I am to marry. Would you please look up at me? At least for a short while so I might know what the face is that I may have to look upon for the rest of my life?" He asked quietly and then he did reach out and lift the younger man's head. He smiled and nodded. "That wasn't so hard, now was it?" He asked with a smirk. "You are gorgeous, you have very fair skin that bodes well with your white hair and green eyes. Your green eyes are enchanting, tu eres muy quapo, novio." He said. He knew that he was going against his mother by speaking Spanish to him. But Adrien was marrying into a Spanish family, he would have to get used to hearing Spanish, maybe in the future Alejandro could teach Spanish to him.

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CallmeTony | 536 comments ((Mkay))

"Gracias. Pero recuerda que no soy solo tu novio. Yo soy tu prometido también." Adrien replied. He'd studied Spanish since preschool and was fluent. He also knew French and German but knew Spanish would be most useful life. He was uncomfortable at his face being touched by a stranger but it was oddly comforting coming from him. Adrien looked away again and noticed the lack of his mother's voice from across the table. He looked up and she was staring right at him, dumbstruck.
"Mother I've been learning Spanish for ages, it's practically second nature now." He said quietly. She nodded and returned to her conversation but keeping a close watch on her son the whole while.

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Nina (lananina) | 488 comments Alejandro was so shocked that Adrien knew Spanish. It was also freaking hot that he knew Spanish. He grinned and looked over to his parents with raised eyebrows. His mama grinned and nodded. She wondered if the two boys would be a good match or not. "Si, lo recuerdo." He said to Adrien. His mother looked over to the boys and she leaned forward. "Alright, so Adrien, tell us a little bit about yourself. When did you know that you liked men?" She asked him and Alejandro shook his head. "Mama! Por favor, deja al chico solo. He might not want to talk about that." He said and his mother rolled her eyes. "Oh, Alejandro. You're so uptight sometimes. So what? We're practically family now, you two are engaged and we're gonna find out about him sooner or later. So why not sooner?"

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CallmeTony | 536 comments "No estoy del todo seguro de que si me gustan los niños es la cuestión. Siempre he sido uno para ir con la corriente. Intento no cuestionar demasiado las decisiones de las personas. Especialmente la decisión de mis padres." Adrien said quietly. He spoke quickly so that his parents wouldn't be able to pick things out. He knew they didn't understand Spanish well but they had the basics down. He looked down at his folded hands hoping no further questions would come his way as he felt tears welling up inside him. He tried his best to push them down but knew the stress would get to him eventually.

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Nina (lananina) | 488 comments Alejandro raised an eyebrow and nodded. He could understand that, not that his parents told him what to do anymore, at least not really. Sure, they told her that he needed to marry someone to help further their business, which he agreed to, but he wanted to be able to choose who he was to be married to. He looked over at Adrien's parents and he bit his lip. "Would you like to come with me to the bar? I could use a stiff drink right about now and perhaps you could as well?" He knew that Adrien was not of age to drink legally, at least not in the United States anyways. But in Spain the drinking age is 18 so he didn't really care. He stood up and held out his hand to Adrien with a raised an eyebrow. He had a feeling that Adrien didn't exactly know if he was gay or not.

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CallmeTony | 536 comments Adrien stayed seated. "I can't drink. Nor do I have any desire to start drinking." He mumbled. Sure Alejandro was from Spain and it was legal there but this wasn't Spain and as much as his father would have consented Adrien did not want drink. Maybe a glass of wine when he was older but nothing like what Alejandro wanted. Adrien willed his parents to look over at him and see him in distress but they did not. He stood abruptly. "Excuse me." He said to the table and rushed off to the restroom. This was all to much for him and when he reached the safety the bathroom he dissolved into choked sobs. Leaning back against a wall with his eyes closed he tried to stay as quiet as possible, covering his mouth, his shoulders shaking.

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Nina (lananina) | 488 comments Alejandro groaned softly and looked at his parents. His mother nodded for him to follow Adrien. Alejandro sighed and nodded and followed Adrien into the bathroom. He walked in and saw Adrien sobbing quietly, with his mouth covered and his shoulders shaking. He sighed and slid down the wall to sit next to him. "So... I'm guessing that marrying me isn't exactly what you had in mind?" he asked. "I mean I do realize that you're 18 after all, going to be graduating from high school soon right? And then you have to marry me? An older, Spanish guy who you don't even know, right?" He shrugged. "It's definitely a lot for anyone to handle. I do like you, Adrien. And I am eager to be your husband but if you want maybe we can start out as friends? Get to know one another better? I promise I won't make any advances towards you unless you want me to."

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CallmeTony | 536 comments Adrien eyes snapped open and he saw Alejandro walk in and sit next to him. His presence was warm. Adrien took off his glasses and died his eyes while Alejandro talked and dropped his head between his knees to take deep breaths. 'Crying at a family dinner. Smooth.' He thought.
"I don't have the choice of having a friend as a husband." Adrien said in a shaky voice. "My parents want love. The kind that sickly sweet, like too much honey on the tongue. And that drips onto everything you touch infect it with a kind of gooey feeling until it hardens, solid as ice to stay that way for eternity." Adrien said. He knew his poet had come out. He wasn't supposed to do that.
"I mean. Well in short. My parents want me in love immediately." He said to the floor. "With you." He finished.

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Nina (lananina) | 488 comments Alejandro shook his head. "Well, I don't expect that from you, Adrien. I know full well that love does not come immediately even to the ones who knew each other before they got married. Take my parents for instance, they did not love each other when they got married. In fact, my mother told me that my father was in love with another woman when they married. Gradually they begin to know one another and fall in love. The kind of love you described. But it took time. Just like this will take time." He took a deep breath and decided to broach the topic that had been on his mind. "Are you actually gay, Adrien? Or do you not know yet? Have you been with a man? Or even been with a woman before?" He asked.

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CallmeTony | 536 comments "I don't know. Ad no. I've never been with anyone. I don't have time for relationships. My relationships are with my books and that's it." Adrien said knowing full well that he sounded like a lunatic. Was he acting childish? He was only eighteen and he knew that but compared to this grown man he seemed undone and as if he had the sense of a two year old. Run off and cry when he had problems. He wished he was somewhere he could lock himself in his room and not come out but now... He wouldn't be able to do that when he was married.

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Nina (lananina) | 488 comments Alejandro shook his head and swore under his breath both in Spanish and English. "Mother... Hijo de puta." He said and shook his head. "Alright, so you've never been with anyone. Why the hell didn't you tell your parents that you weren't ready for marriage, let alone marriage to guy? Uno hombre? By the way, I'm really impressed by your Spanish." He said with a smile. He then sighed and stood up. "Can you please come with me to the bar? I really do need a drink. You don't have to get a drink if you don't want one. I'm not gonna force you into anything." Even if your parents are forcing you into marrying me. He thought. He couldn't believe that Adrien's parents betroth him to a man if they didn't even know he was gay or not. What if Alejandro was rough with him? Or forced anything on him? His hands fisted at his sides. He was getting angrier and angrier with Adrien's parents. He really needed that drink, now. He looked down to Adrien and pleaded with his eyes.

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CallmeTony | 536 comments "Aprendí leyendo." Adrien said quietly. He didn't look up at first but Alejandro sounded angry, this was unsettling. Alejandro seemed to be thinking and his face grew harder the more he thought. He became quite scary looking but then looked at Adrien and pleaded. Adrien wouldn't drink but he'd go with Alejandro to the bar. He just didn't want to face his parents when he came out of the bathroom. He sighed, stood, then jumped. His phone had buzzed. He checked the name. Why had his mother texted. He read and a wave of terror broke over him.
"Maldita sea!" He yelled. "Youget that drink. My mother said this was a setup." He paused. "And I'm supposed to go with you to your place and spend the night."

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Nina (lananina) | 488 comments Alejandro raised his eyebrows. Adrien was coming home with him? This was news to him as well. Now he really did need that drink. He nodded and left the bathroom. He headed to the bar and nodded to the bartender. "A shot of Tequila, por favor. If you have it Ultra-Premium Ley .925 Pasion Azteca." He said. He had expensive taste in liqueur and he was lucky that he could indulge in his expensive tastes. "Sorry, pal. We don't have whatever the hell you just said. The fanciest Tequila we have is Gran Patron Platinum." Alejandro nodded. "That will do just fine, line up three shots please." The bartender did just that and Alejandro quickly drank all three of them. He shook his head and then grabbed one of the limes sitting on the counter and bit into it. He then threw the used lime into one of the cups and headed back to the table. "So... what is this that I hear? I'm having a guess in my home? One that I was unaware of?" He asked looking directly at Adrien's parents with a glare. His own mother set a hand on his arm and he shrugged it off. " Planeaste esto con ellos?" He asked her harshly. She bit her lip and nodded. "Mama..." he scolded and that earned him a glare from his father but he didn't care. He was bigger and stronger than his father, heck than Adrien's father. He was not one to be trifled with, especially when he was mad as he was right that second. He turned to Adrien. "You don't have to come back to my place if you have no desire to. I can place you in a hotel if you would wish." He said.

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CallmeTony | 536 comments Alejandro must have had an expensive taste for the name of alcohol he was buying to be that long. The bartender said other wise though. He'd given Adrien dirty look, which Adrien had ignored and followed Alejandro back to the table. Alejandro was angry and gave his parents what could only be described as "The Look". 'Is he allowed to do that?' He thought.
"Tu decides. Estaba solo ... ¿sorprendido? ¿Preocupado? Um. Estoy bien con cualquier cosa realmente. Mis padres ya se han ido y el daño está hecho. Sin duda, no me gustaría entrometerme." Adrien certainly didn't want his parents understanding any part of this conversation. How to get around Alejandro's parents was another question entirely. Did they speak French? German? Did Alejandro? He could switch languages if he wanted to.
"¿Hablas alemán? ¿O tal vez francés? Nadie podría seguir esta conversación si lo hicieras. No quiero que nadie escuche lo que tengo que decir." He asked Alejandro quietly.

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Nina (lananina) | 488 comments Alejandro sighed as he looked over at Adrien. He listened and he shrugged. He had to decide if he wanted Adrien to stay at his place or not? He bit his lip and nodded. "Oui, je peux parler Français. Mes parents ne parlent pas le français non plus, alors vous pouvez parler librement." He said in perfect French, he had learned how to speak French due to the business. He had been in conversation with the French to see if they could do some business in Europe. "Qu'est-ce que vous vouliez dire que vous ne vouliez pas que quelqu'un comprenne?" he asked softly. He looked over to his parents and they looked at him with raised eyebrows. He shrugged and smiled at them.

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CallmeTony | 536 comments "Eh bien, je ne pouvais pas dire certaines choses devant mes parents." Adrien said quietly. He looked away from Alejandro.
"Ils font beaucoup ce genre de choses. Me laisser tomber des lieux et me dire qu'ils viennent et puis ils partent. Je vais recevoir un message de mon autre disant que je dois être dans le monde et qu'ils reviendront dans deux heures. J'ai toujours réussi à trouver un endroit tranquille à lire." Adrien explained. Books are what had helped him learn French and German when he was dropped off in strange places.
"Ce n'est pas différent. Je m'attendais à ce qu'ils soient partis quand nous avons quitté la salle de bain." He finished quietly.

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Nina (lananina) | 488 comments ((So I researched Coding Specialist and it seems that the job description has to do with medical things.))

As Alejandro listened he shook his head and couldn't help but shoot daggers at his parents. "Dieu, ils ont l'air d'une bande de connards." He said to Adrien and then he ran a hand through his hair. This family didn't exactly seem to be well knited. Sure, Alejandro's family wasn't tight knited either, but at least they talked to each other and they didn't make decisions without everyone pitching in to discuss it. "D'accord, pourquoi ne reviens-tu pas chez moi ce soir? De cette façon, nous pouvons apprendre à nous connaître sans que nos parents respirent dans notre cou. Je promets que je ne ferai rien que vous ne voulez pas que je fasse. Ce son va bien?" He wanted to make sure that Adrien was a part of the decision. He was not just going to walk all over him like his parents apparently did.

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CallmeTony | 536 comments ((Wow. From what I was told it had to do with coding computers. Lol. I was way off.))

"D'accord." Adrien took off his glasses and rubbed his green eyes. He put them back on and said.
"Mais pouvez-vous arrêter de regarder mes parents comme s'ils étaient des criminels? Ils essayaient d'aider, peu importe à quel point ça s'est avéré être. Ils avaient de bonnes intentions. Juste pas le meilleur plan." Adrien rachis hand through his hair and swayed gently as he spoke. French had always been one of his favorite languages.

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Nina (lananina) | 488 comments ((Yeah... so do you want to change how they are in business together? Perhaps like a corporate business or something?))

Alejandro nodded curtly and looked to Adrien. "Bien. Mais je fais ça pour toi, pas eux." He said with shrug. He couldn't help but have a strong distaste for the two people. He noticed that his parents and Adrien's seemed to get along just fine, and if they were bothered or had even noticed Alejandro's glaring they didn't show it. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair and then scratched the back of his neck. "Pensez-vous que nous devrions revenir à l'anglais maintenant? Ou y a-t-il autre chose que vous aimeriez discuter en privé?" he asked. He had noticed that every time he spoke in French his mothers eye twitched. She wanted to know what they were saying and since they were now speaking in a language she didn't understand she was no doubt getting frustrated.

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CallmeTony | 536 comments ((That sounds better. More of a reason to have an arranged marriage.))

"Non, c'était tout. Nous pouvons retourner en anglais ou en espagnol, ou les deux. Peu importe." Adrien responded tapering off at the end of his sentence. He tended to get quiet when he wasn't confident in what he was saying, which was quite often actually. Thunder roared across the sky and Adrien jumped and looked out the window. It was pouring rain. Nothing like an early summer storm to happen during a tense dinner. Adrien slowly sank back into his chair and tuned in to his mothers conversation. Not cakes this time but suits. Black or grey or maroon. She couldn't decide.

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Nina (lananina) | 488 comments Alejandro nodded and turned back to the conversation that his parents were participating in. He frowned and then leaned forward. "Shouldn't we, as the grooms, be able to decide on our own suits?" He asked with a raised eyebrow. "This will be our wedding, I understand that you will want to contribute to the wedding, but it will be our wedding. Shouldn't we have the last say on everything?" He asked as he looked to his parents. His father smirked and nodded at Alejandro. Obviously, his father felt the same way he did about his soon to be in-laws. They were obnoxious. His mother sighed softly and closed her eyes. She was more open to his future in-laws. She wanted to be kind and nice and hear what they had to say. "Alejandro... perhaps they have different traditions than us." She said. Alejandro nodded. "They might. But why should their traditions out weigh ours?"

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CallmeTony | 536 comments Adrien's mother simply looked at Alejandro. "I was speaking form son whom I know quite well. I have no jurisdiction over you, you can make you're own decisions. Adrien on the other hand doesn't like to make the decisions. It's stressful to him. He knows though, that he has as much of an opinion as he wants here." D.D. said calmly. She looked lovingly to her son. Adrien knew his mother was right but he also wished this conversation wasn't happening. Why did Alejandro have to be so forward with what he thought. Nobody wanted to hear that. At least that's what high school had taught him. Alejandro would have been out of high school for four years now. Surely the same lesson applied to adult life. It couldn't change in only four years. People didn't like change. Another lesson from high school.

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Nina (lananina) | 488 comments Alejandro rose and eyebrow as he looked over to Adrien. "Tu n'aimes vraiment pas prendre des décisions? Ou est-ce sa façon de se sentir mieux à propos de tout décider pour vous?" He knew that making decisions was a hard at times, but to just let your mother decided everything for you? He doubted that. Alejandro had grown up in Spain and went to school there, where if you had an opinion, on anything, you said it. You didn't hold it back. And that quality, his boldness to say anything he thought, was what made him a great CEO. His phone buzzed and he looked at who it was, Welch. "Pardon me." He said getting up from the table to answer the phone. "Welch, this better be an emergency. I'm in the middle of an important dinner." Welch was his second hand man. He did really everything for him. "Yes, sir. I know. But I thought you might want to know about this problem..." Alejandro listened to what Welch said and he groaned. He rubbed his forehead. "Thank you, Welch. I'll head to my place now." He said and then hung up the phone. He walked back to the table and he sighed. "I'm sorry to cut this dinner short but I need to leave, there is an issue that I must deal with." He turned to Adrien. "Do you want to join me? Or I can send you my address and you can meet me there later."

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CallmeTony | 536 comments "Ma mère me connaît assez bien si j'avais un problème avec ce qu'elle disait que je lui dirais, elle le sait. Si j'avais une idée, je lui dirais, mais quand il s'agit de ça, c'est plus facile pour elle de décider que pour moi." He responded quietly.
"Mum you can know grey off the list. As much as I like the color I don't like it on a suit." Adrien said to his mother.
"Comme ça. Voir? Je ne voulais pas de costume gris, lui dis-je. Je ne fais que commenter quand il s'agit de quelque chose que je sais à coup sûr. Cela fait partie de la raison pour laquelle répondre aux questions est difficile pour moi. Ma mère a appris à contourner cela."
Adrien didn't like talking as much as he was but he knew he had to at least until after the wedding. Adrien looked to his mother when Alejandro left the table. When he came back Adrien sighed.
"Just send the address and room number. I'll swing by when you're not busy." Adrien said hoping not to be a burden.

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Nina (lananina) | 488 comments Alejandro nodded and then he reached into his coat pocket and produced a business car. "Here, this has my number on it. Text me that way I have your phone number and I will send you the address to my place." He said and then he walked over to his mother and kissed her cheek before patting his father on his shoulders. He looked to his future in-laws and he smiled and nodded. "I'm sure I will see you all soon. Enjoy your meal." And with that he left he restaurant and headed to beat his brothers ass.
Maria sighed as she watched her son leave. "I'm sorry for my sons bluntness. He was raised in Spain and there everyone speaks their mind." She explained with a small shrug. "However, that quality is exactly why you should be looking forward to joining forces with the business. He gets the job done, and its efficient and fast." Alejandro Senior piped in.

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CallmeTony | 536 comments "It's quite alright. Different cultures." Scott said.
"Adrien here is the brains behind most four business. He's already got an associates in business and he's not even graduated yet." His mother bragged. She loved telling people about her son and his achievements. Meanwhile Adrien was adding a contact to his phone.He was going to send a text to Alejandro but wasn't sure what to say. He held his thumbs over the screen before simply typing. "It's Adrien." and sending that. The waitress came over.
"What will you all have to drink?" She asked sweetly.

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Nina (lananina) | 488 comments Alejandro felt his phone go off in his pocket and he pulled it out. He saw the text and real quickly he sent the address to him. Great. Thanks. Here's the address 4562 Garden Rose Ave. top floor. He had a penthouse in the building and not only did he have the biggest apartment, but the entire top floor was his apartment. In order to get to his apartment you either had to be buzzed in or have the code.

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Adrien was riding through the backroads at dangerously high speeds on his motorcycle. He had to slow down when he got to the city surrounding the building Alejandro lived in. It started during down rain as he rode his leather jacket protecting him. He pulled over and put on his helmet, He rarely ever rode with it on. He pulled up to the building and parked in the multi story garage. He walked into the lobby, easily slipping past the greeter and up the stairs. He was up to the top floor in two minutes and pressed the buzzer. Seeing the camera he pulled off hiss helmet. He'd rather not look to ominous, granted all black clothes were quite ominous but that was normal for him.

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