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The Last Wish (The Witcher, #0.5)
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Jeana Budnick | 328 comments Mod
Post here about your first impressions of the Last Wish. Please refrain from any spoilers in this thread.

Nichole I just started this yesterday, and now I'm about halfway through. I wasn't expecting stories, but after I read a couple, I was hooked. Geralt is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters of all time.

Dakota Kemp | 33 comments I'm super excited for you all to get into The Witcher. Glad you're enjoying it, Nichole! Geralt's been one of my favorite fantasy characters since I first read The Last Wish about two years ago.

Nichole This series has been on my TBR list for a while. I just started watching Elliot Brooks on you tube, and she's doing a Witcher read a long. She likes the same type of books that I do. You should check her out Dakota.

Dakota Kemp | 33 comments Will do. Thanks for the suggestion.

Nichole Welcome!

Shane Reynolds | 2 comments I loved this book! After playing the game i needed more Witcher and this fulfilled that need. Im currently on Blood of Elves and im loving it!

Jeana Budnick | 328 comments Mod
I read this book years ago and remember liking it, but that's all i can remember lol. Once I finish the book I'm on i'll be starting The Last Wish

Dakota Kemp | 33 comments Same here, Shane. Wild Hunt introduced me to The Witcher, and I was blown away by the depth of the characters, the intricacies of the world and politics, and the super dark and gritty style. WAY more intricate and deep than most games to put it lightly, so I did some digging and found that the book series had been hugely popular in Europe for decades before the games even made an appearance. I wish more game developers would make games based on book series. With the exception of Bioware's Dragon Age and Mass Effect trilogies, I can't think of any that have ever felt so real and fleshed out as CDProjekt Red's Witcher adaptations.

Jeana Budnick | 328 comments Mod
i started rereading this book last night. I can't believe how much of it I'd forgotten. I might even be enjoying it more now than when i first read it.

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