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message 1: by Kylie (last edited Aug 08, 2018 03:06AM) (new)

Kylie (kyliemaree) | 878 comments Like so many of my friends here on Aussie Readers, I absolutely love serial stories. I’ve got starts on several, and my aim this year is to try to catch up on as many of them as I can, and also to start on some which I really can’t wait to get stuck into. 😊

Here are the series that I am currently working my way through…

Historical Fiction

Donna Douglas - The Nightingales

The Nightingale Girls
The Nightingale Sisters
The Nightingale Nurses

A Child is Born (3.5 - Novella)
Nightingales on Call
A Nightingale Christmas Wish

Nightingales at War Completed 06/08 - 5 stars.
Nightingales Under the Mistletoe
A Nightingale Christmas Carol

Eileen Ramsay - Flowers of Scotland

Rich Girl, Poor Girl
The Farm Girl's Dream: A heartbreaking family saga
A Pinch of Salt

Annie Murray - The Narrowboat Girl - Now COMPLETE (24/01/18)

The Narrowboat Girl
Water Gypsies Completed 24/01 - 5 stars.

Rhys Bowen - Molly Murphy

Murphy's Law
Death of Riley Completed 15/06 - 5 stars.
For the Love of Mike
In Like Flynn
Oh Danny Boy
In Dublin's Fair City
Tell Me, Pretty Maiden
In a Gilded Cage
The Last Illusion
Bless the Bride
Hush Now, Don't You Cry
The Face in the Mirror (11.5 - a novella)
The Family Way
Through the Window (12.5 - a novella)
City of Darkness and Light
The Edge of Dreams
Away in a Manger
Time of Fog and Fire
The Ghost of Christmas Past

Kerry Greenwood - Phryne Fisher

Cocaine Blues
Flying Too High - Completed 09/02 - 4 stars.
Murder On The Ballarat Train - Completed 06/07 - 4.5 stars.
Death At Victoria Dock
The Green Mill Murder
Blood and Circuses
Ruddy Gore
Urn Burial
Raisins And Almonds
Death Before Wicket
Away With the Fairies
Murder In Montparnasse
The Castlemaine Murders
Queen of the Flowers
Death by Water
Murder In The Dark
Murder On A Midsummer Night
Dead Man's Chest
Unnatural Habits
Murder and Mendelssohn

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Kylie (kyliemaree) | 878 comments Chick Lit/Romance

Jojo Moyes - Louisa Clark

Me Before You
After You Completed 08/11 - 5 stars.
Still Me

Fiona McCallum - Button Jar

Saving Grace
Time Will Tell Completed 20/09 - 4 stars.
Meant To Be

message 3: by Kylie (last edited Dec 16, 2018 12:28AM) (new)

Kylie (kyliemaree) | 878 comments Crime/Mystery/Suspense

Jane Casey - Maeve Kerrigan

The Burning
The Reckoning
The Last Girl

The Stranger You Know Completed 24/08 - 5 stars.
The Kill
After the Fire
Let the Dead Speak

Richard Castle - Nikki Heat

Heat Wave
Naked Heat
Heat Rises
Frozen Heat
Deadly Heat
Raging Heat
Driving Heat
High Heat
Heat Storm

Patricia Cornwell - Kay Scarpetta

Body of Evidence
All That Remains
Cruel & Unusual

The Body Farm Completed 24/06 -5 stars.
From Potter's Field
Cause of Death
Unnatural Exposure
Point of Origin
Scarpetta's Winter Table (9.5 - a novella)
Black Notice
The Last Precinct
Blow Fly
Book of the Dead
The Scarpetta Factor
Port Mortuary
Red Mist
The Bone Bed
Flesh and Blood
Depraved Heart

Matthew Costello, Neil Richards - Cherringham

Cherringham: A Cosy Crime Series Compilation (1-3)
Cherringham: A Cosy Crime Series Compilation (4-6) Completed 31/08 - 4.5 stars.
Cherringham: A Cosy Crime Series Compilation (7-9)
Cherringham: A Cosy Crime Series Compilation (10-12)
Cherringham - Episode 13 - 15: A Cosy Crime Series Compilation
Cherringham: A Cosy Crime Series Compilation - Episodes 16-18
Cherringham - Episode 19 - 21: A Cosy Crime Series Compilation
Cherringham - Episode 22 - 24: A Cosy Crime Series Compilation

Karen M Davis - Lexie Rogers

Sinister Intent
Deadly Obsession Completed 22/07 - 5 stars.
Fatal Mistake

Tess Gerritsen - Rizzoli & Isles

The Surgeon
The Apprentice
The Sinner
Body Double
The Mephisto Club
The Keepsake
Ice Cold
The Silent Girl
Last to Die
Die Again
I Know a Secret

Tara Moss - Makedde Vanderwall



Kathy Reichs - Temperance Brennan

Déjà Dead
Death du Jour Completed 31/10 - 5 stars.
Deadly Decisions
Fatal Voyage
Grave Secrets
Bare Bones
Monday Mourning
Cross Bones
Break No Bones
Bones to Ashes
Devil Bones
206 Bones
Spider Bones
Flash and Bones
Bones Are Forever
Bones in Her Pocket (15.5 - a Novella)
Bones of the Lost
Swamp Bones: A Novella (16.5)
Bones Never Lie
Bones on Ice (17.5 - a Novella)
Speaking in Bones

Michael Robotham - Joseph O'Loughlin

The Suspect
Lost Completed 10/05 - 4 stars.
Bleed for Me
The Wreckage
Say You're Sorry
Watching You
Close Your Eyes
The Other Wife

message 4: by Kylie (last edited Jun 20, 2018 03:51AM) (new)

Kylie (kyliemaree) | 878 comments Series I hope to start in 2018

Historical Fiction

Deborah Burrows - Ambulance Girls

1: Ambulance Girls
2: Ambulance Girls Under Fire
3: Ambulance Girls At War

Frances Brody - Kate Shackleton Mysteries

1: Dying In the Wool
2: A Medal for Murder
3: Murder In The Afternoon
4: A Woman Unknown
5: Murder on a Summer's Day
6: Death of an Avid Reader
7: A Death in the Dales
8: Death at the Seaside
9: Death in the Stars

Donna Douglas - Steeple Street

1: The Nurses of Steeple Street
2: District Nurse on Call

Rosie Goodwin - Dilly's Story

1: Dilly's Sacrifice
2: Dilly's Lass
3: Dilly's Hope

Annie Murray - Chocolate Girls

1: Chocolate Girls
2: The Bells of Bournville Green

Annie Murray - Trilogy #1

1: A Hopscotch Summer
2: Soldier Girl
3: All the Days of Our Lives

Annie Murray - Trilogy #2

1: War Babies
2: Now The War Is Over
3: The Doorstep Child


Sharon Bolton - Lacey Flint

1: Now You See Me
1.5 (novella): If Snow Hadn't Fallen
2: Dead Scared
3: Like This, For Ever
4: A Dark and Twisted Tide
4.5 (novella): Here Be Dragons

Robert Bryndza - Detective Erika Foster

1: The Girl In The Ice
2: The Night Stalker
3: Dark Water
4: Last Breath
5: Cold Blood

Patricia Gibney - Detective Lottie Parker

1: The Missing Ones
2: The Stolen Girls
3: The Lost Child
4: No Safe Place: A gripping thriller with a shocking twist

Kathryn Fox - Dr Anya Crichton

1: Malicious Intent Completed 20/06 - 5 stars.
2: Without Consent
3: Skin and Bone
4: Blood Born
5: Death Mask
6: Cold Grave
7: Fatal Impact

Katherine Howell - Detective Ella Marconi

1: Frantic
2: The Darkest Hour
3: Cold Justice
4: Violent Exposure
5: Silent Fear
6: Web of Deceit
7: Deserving Death
8: Tell the Truth

message 5: by Brenda, Aussie Authors Queen (new)

Brenda | 70469 comments Mod
Good luck Kylie :)

message 6: by Kylie (new)

Kylie (kyliemaree) | 878 comments Thanks Brenda. :)

message 7: by Li'l Owl (new)

 Li'l Owl | 2504 comments Very nice lists you have there, Kylie! I wish you happy reading!

message 8: by Kylie (new)

Kylie (kyliemaree) | 878 comments Thanks Owl! And the same to you, my dear friend. :) xo

I know with almost certainty that I will be carrying on with this next year - as once I get a bit more organised with the series' I want to start this year, there'll be even more! I'm hoping to hold off on some of those until later in the year, and focus on the ones I've already started...

That's the plan anyway!

message 9: by Kylie (new)

Kylie (kyliemaree) | 878 comments A little slow to update this particular challenge... but one series is now complete!

Annie Murray - The Narrowboat Girl

after finishing:

Water Gypsies Completed 24/01 - 5 stars.

message 10: by Kylie (new)

Kylie (kyliemaree) | 878 comments Have also completed the second of Kerry Greenwood's Phryne Fisher series: Flying Too High on Friday. (09/02) :)

message 11: by Kylie (new)

Kylie (kyliemaree) | 878 comments It's been quite some time since I updated this thread! :)

I probably need to focus more on trying to get through a few more from some of these series fics for the rest of this year.

I've managed to read two from series I've started, and just completed one of a series that's been on my TBR for awhile.

Rhys Bowen's second from her Molly Murphy series - Death of Riley on the 15/06.

Earlier today, I also completed the first of Kathryn Fox's Dr Anya Crichton series - Malicious Intent.

And also back last month I finished the second in Michael Robotham's Joseph O'Loughlin series - Lost.

The first two listed were especially brilliant, each receiving 5 stars. The third one was not too far behind with a most respectable 4 stars. :)

message 12: by Brenda, Aussie Authors Queen (new)

Brenda | 70469 comments Mod
Good for you Kylie!

message 13: by Kylie (new)

Kylie (kyliemaree) | 878 comments Thanks Brenda! Will be certainly rolling this one over into 2019!

Completed the third in the Phryne Fisher series the other day - Murder on the Ballarat Train by Kerry Greenwood .

message 14: by Brenda, Aussie Authors Queen (new)

Brenda | 70469 comments Mod
That was a good one!

message 15: by Kylie (new)

Kylie (kyliemaree) | 878 comments Have hardly made a dent in this serial challenge - well at least with the ones I listed. I've actually read the beginnings of yet more series fiction that I've stumbled across over the year!

One I have read in the last few months is Kathy Reichs's Death du Jour. :)

I may get one more finished before the end of 2018, but most likely these will all be coming across to 2019! :)

message 16: by Brenda, Aussie Authors Queen (new)

Brenda | 70469 comments Mod
Haha! It's difficult isn't it Kylie :)

message 17: by Kylie (new)

Kylie (kyliemaree) | 878 comments Yep, it most certainly is!

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