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Billie | 19 comments Here we are!

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Xander Wayne (orginalxander) | 217 comments Hey. Can you post the idea here please?

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Billie | 19 comments Not What I Wanted

Muse A & B have been friends most of their life, both of them having less than perfect home lives. When ever they ran into trouble, they would always come to each other. Soon, they were friends with benefits, but they never intended to date. After over a year of being together, Muse A finds out she is pregnant.

I would like to play Muse A

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Xander Wayne (orginalxander) | 217 comments Alright. So character charts?

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Billie | 19 comments How old do you want them to be?

message 6: by Xander (new)

Xander Wayne (orginalxander) | 217 comments Early or mid twenties?

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Billie | 19 comments Cool! I'll get started on my character then!

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Xander Wayne (orginalxander) | 217 comments Great!

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Billie | 19 comments Faye Josephine Moore

Age: 21
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Occupation: ER Nurse

Faye is pretty guarded with everyone but her friend. She doesn't like to get too emotionally involved with anyone as she doesn't want to be hurt any more.

Faye doesn't talk much about her past, as thinking of it brings up too many hard feelings. Her mother and two older siblings died in a fire when she was 8 and away at a sleep over. Faye went to stay with her estranged father, but he had a pretty sever drinking problem by then and was sometimes violent with her. Faye spent a lot of time at her friend's house and he was the one person she truly trusted. She now looks after her father who still drinks a lot and sometimes becomes violent with her.

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Xander Wayne (orginalxander) | 217 comments Zayne Henry Trent


Age: 22
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Staight
Occupation: EMT

Zayne is open and friendly with everyone. He is always kind to everyone and has a personality that everyone seems to gravitate to. He is very protective of the ones he loves, his mother, sister, and his best friend, Faye.

Zayne's father had left his mother with two children, him and his daughter he had with another woman who had died during childbirth. His mother took in the child, and then his father left, leaving his mother bitter with all men including him. He met his best friend when he was young and he always felt she was the only light in his life.

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Billie | 19 comments Awesome! How do you want to start?

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Xander Wayne (orginalxander) | 217 comments I'm not sure. How would you suggest we start?

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Billie | 19 comments Are you comfortable with mature scenes?

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Xander Wayne (orginalxander) | 217 comments Yeah. I am.

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Billie | 19 comments Just checking, and you are over 18, right?

Also, it depends on where we want to start? Do you want to start before she is pregnant or after she is pregnant, but before she knows?

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Xander Wayne (orginalxander) | 217 comments Yeah, I'm 21.

And perhaps we can start before she gets pregnant. Maybe before they even hook up. They are just friends right now. That fine?

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Billie | 19 comments Sure! Maybe Faye and her father got into a fight and she had planned on hanging out with Zayne to watch a movie or something?

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Xander Wayne (orginalxander) | 217 comments Yeah sure. So right before they hook up or way before they hook up?

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Billie | 19 comments Maybe right before they hook up?

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Xander Wayne (orginalxander) | 217 comments Sure.

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Billie | 19 comments Faye gingerly put makeup on her bruised skin, making sure to cover up the blue and purple marks under her eye. It had been some time since her father had gotten this physical with her. Across her ribs were similar blue marks from the fight. Faye had been working third shift and generally avoiding her father, but she hadn't been working last night and her father had been mad at her about something. Even now she couldn't quite remember what it was, not that it really mattered.

Quickly, she tossed a black skater dress over her and slipped on some black converse, lacing them tightly against her. Her silver owl necklace that used to be her mother's laid gently against her chest as she brushed her long wavy blue hair. She wore light pink lipstick and natural looking make up. Heading to the door, Faye frowned as she looked over her drunken father slumped to the side of the worn out sofa. She headed to Zayne's place and knocked lightly, a wide smile on her face.

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Xander Wayne (orginalxander) | 217 comments Zayne heard a knock and grinned. He knew who it was right away and reached for the door. "Zayne! You asshole get the door! It's your friend!" his mother yelled to him. He rolled his eyes and answered the door without bothering to answer his mother. He found that it was better to ignore her than to answer he and get her all worked up. As he opened up the door he grinned and pulled her into his embrace and then he noticed her eye and he frowned. "What happened this time?" he asked as he let her into the house and shut the door behind her. "Go on up to my room, mother is in a mood right now." He said rolling his eyes once again.

Once at his room he shut his door and turned to her. "Where else did he hit you?" He asked with his arms crossed across his chest. He knew what her father was capable of. He sighed and shut his eyes before he opened up his arms and pulled her into his embrace once again. "At times like these I always feel we should just move out of our family homes and move into a separate apartment with just us two." He said and kissed her head lovingly.

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Billie | 19 comments Faye hugged him back warmly, happy to be with him and not alone at the moment. Though Faye wasn't a huge fan of being around a ton of people, she didn't really like being completely alone either. When he noticed her eye, she cursed herself as she thought she had put enough make up on to cover up the bruises. It had been nearly two months of no physical altercations between the two of them and she should have expected it to turn around on her sooner or later. Nodding when he said to head upstairs, Faye dashed up the stairs, more bouncing than walking. It was one of those silly childhood things she had always done since she was young.

When Zayne asked about where else she had been hit, Faye's cheeks flushed with a bright red color. He seemed to always know about things before she told him, and she was always slightly embarrassed when he hit her. She was a grown woman, but she still cared for her father and if she wasn't around no one would be there to look after him. She couldn't live with herself if anything happened to him; not after loosing everyone else in her family. When he hugged her, she leaned into the embrace, hiding her face in his shoulder, "Just on the side." He had grabbed her arm and tossed her to the ground. When she had fallen he had kicked her in the side, but thankfully he was loaded enough that it stopped there.

(( headed to bed soon ))

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Xander Wayne (orginalxander) | 217 comments Zayne cursed and shook his head as she told him where else. "On your side?" He sighed softly. "I swear, I should just swoop you up in my arms and leave with you, and never look back." He said. But he knew how she felt about her father, no matter what he did to her she loved him. For some unknown reason, that he would never understand. He sighed softly and kissed her head once again. "Do you want some pain medicine?" He asked her quietly. He pulled back from her and looked down at her. She was a beauty, even with her blue eye, she was gorgeous as ever. "You do know that you're gorgeous right?" He asked her as he brought his head near to hers. He knew what he felt for his best friend was more than friendship but what did she feel for him? He had never made a move on her because he feared of changing their relationship for the worse.

Zayne's sister, Amy knocked on the door and Zayne let go of Faye to answer the door. He opened his bedroom door and smiled at half sister. "What can I do for you, Amy?" he asked her with a grin. Amy peered around and grinned as she saw Faye. "I wanted to see Faye. You pulled her up here so fast I didn't even see her, you jerk." She hit him and Zayne groaned softly. Zayne let Amy in and Amy hugged Faye tightly. Zayne shook his head. "Amy! Be careful." He said with a shake of his head. His sister was so lively, always had been.

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Billie | 19 comments Faye sighed when Zayne mentioned taking her away and shook her head when he asked if she wanted some pain medicine. Faye had always had a huge pain tolerance, and the pain she suffered growing up only added to her tolerance. Faye always felt a strong connection to her best friend but felt like she could never mention it, worried it would upset the delicate balance she and her best friend had established.

When Amy busted in it startled Faye slightly as she stood suddenly, "Hey Amy!" Faye had always liked Amy and felt like she was her own sister in many ways. Faye had been very close with her older sister when she died, so Faye cared for Amy even more because of the loss she had suffered. When Amy hugged her, Faye flinched slightly, gritting her teeth in an effort to not show she had felt any pain. Smiling, Faye kissed Amy's cheek, "Don't worry about it, everything is alright!"

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Xander Wayne (orginalxander) | 217 comments Amy gasped and pulled back but not before Faye kissed her cheek. "Oh, I'm sorry, Faye." She said and reached up to kiss Faye's cheek as well. "So... how are you? How's school? How's life? How's everything?" She asked bouncing up and down on the balls of her heels. Amy grinned and then looked over to her brother and smiled cheekily as he scowled at her. "Amy, leave her alone. I want to spend time with my best friend, emphasis on my best friend." He said crossing his arms over his chest. He sighed as he saw the determined look on his sisters face. He groaned and flopped onto his bed and put his arm over his eyes. "Alright, just don't stay long. I want to hang out with Faye alone." He said.

Amy grinned at Faye. "I totally own him." She said and then sat down in his desk chair. "So tell me what I want to know."

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Billie | 19 comments Faye smiled at Zayne with a knowing look when Amy decided she was staying. Growing up most of her life without siblings of her own, Faye didn't know what it was like to have a rambunctious sibling, but imagined it had it's weaknesses. When Amy sat in the desk chair, Faye took a seat on the bed so that she was cross legged at Zayne's head. Picking up the young man's head and placing it in her lap, Faye ran her fingers gently through his hair.

Clearing her throat, Faye spoke in a pleasant voice, "Life is good, everything is pretty much good. I've been working nights, so that's why I haven't seen you as much as I usually do. How have you been little bunny?" Faye had a million pet names for Amy, but she often returned to bunny as a name.

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Xander Wayne (orginalxander) | 217 comments As Faye lifted his head and placed it on her lap, Zayne let out a comfortable sigh. He loved it when she played with his hair. Honestly, he loved everything she did when it involved touching him. He chuckled softly as his mind went to a dirty place. What could he do? He was a guy after all. He half listened to what Faye and Amy were talking about, he really didn't mind that they were chatting, he knew that Amy thrived for attention. And she normally got it, whether it be from their mother or him or Faye. Zayne's arm got tired from covering his eyes so he moved both his arms so that they encircled Faye's body. He traced patterns with his fingertips on her lower back. He liked touching her, any part of her. He had always felt that she was the only light in his life. The rest of his life was shit.

Amy grinned at hearing Faye's pet name for her. She loved all the names Faye called her but Bunny was the one she most preferred. "I'm good! I just started high school! I'm a freshman now. And the boys in high school are so hot! I'm totally crushing on this one guy, he's a Junior and he's so cute!" Zayne groaned and opened his eyes to peer at his sister. "I do not want to hear about your crushes." He said with a glare. "Can't you guys talk about that later? Preferably when I'm not around." Amy stuck out her tongue at him. "You just don't like the topic because you're worried about what guys Faye likes." She said stubbornly. He sat up and glared at his sister. "Shut it, Amy." He said and left the room. He hated that his sister knew about how he felt for Faye. He had a journal, and Amy had read it. He sighed as he made his way into the bathroom.

Amy watched him go and sighed. "I don't know why he doesn't just tell you how he feels. I mean you love him too, don't you? It's evident by how you two act. I mean, so what if you guys are best friends now. Take the leap, you are heading to college soon right? College is a big leap, and there will be many people wanting to hook up with both you." She was exasperated and wanted Faye and Zayne to confess already. "I feel like I have been watching a Telenovela with you two."

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Billie | 19 comments Faye listened to Amy go on about boys in her school and starting high school. Amy could talk for hours and Faye generally just nodded and added comments here and there. For as long as Zayne and Faye had been friends, Amy had told Faye about everything going on in her life.

When Amy started talking about Zayne's crush on her, Faye felt her cheeks grow warm and red. Faye had feelings for Zayne for ages, but she was nervous that ever mentioning would ruin their friendship. Standing, Faye put a hand on Amy's shoulder, speaking quietly to her, " Darling, do you think you could give Zayne and I a minute to talk? I'll see you later." She kissed the top of Amy's head and gave her a little hug.

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Xander Wayne (orginalxander) | 217 comments Amy grinned and stood up with a nod. "Confess your feelings for one another!" She said and then headed out of the room. She passed Zayne on the way and smiled at him. Zayne could never stay mad at her for long. She was his baby sister and she was just so damn lovable. He took a deep breath and then entered his room. He knew that at some point or rather they would have to talk about his feelings towards her. But he was sort of hoping it would be later rather than soon. But as soon as he entered the room he knew that, that was not the case. They were gonna have to talk about this.

"Hey." He said as he shut the door behind him. "So... Amy huh? Kids say the darndest of things." He said trying to play it off, but he knew that she knew he was just trying to avoid the topic. She knew him better than anyone else did, perhaps even better than Amy, but it was a toss up. He sighed and sat down on his bed. "Damn Amy for bringing this up."

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Billie | 19 comments Faye went to go sit next to Zayne, giving him a small reassuring smile. Running a hand through her bright blue hair, Faye thought of what she should say to the man next to her. Of course she had wondered if he felt a similar way for her, but she never really wanted to know the answer. Once you had the answer to that sort of thing it was necessary to make decisions, decisions that could mess up everything.

Sighing, Faye rested her head against Zayne's shoulder and took his hand gently, " I don't want to mess up what we have. I have feelings for you I just..." She just what? It wasn't like there was a script to tell her what to say or how to feel, but she somehow wished there were. "I just don't think I could handle it if things went badly; I can't loose anyone else." It was a silly thought, but it was all she had. Naive? Sure, but it was all her head would allow.

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