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Billie | 12 comments Not What I Wanted

Muse A & B have been friends most of their life, both of them having less than perfect home lives. When ever they ran into trouble, they would always come to each other. Soon, they were friends with benefits, but they never intended to date. After over a year of being together, Muse A finds out she is pregnant.

I would like to play Muse A

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Billie | 12 comments They could be. I wrote it as in the girl was knocked up by the other character, but we could do it so it was just some guy she slept with.

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Billie | 12 comments Alright, what ages do you want?

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Billie | 12 comments Maybe they could be in their late teens?

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Billie | 12 comments Aspen Faye Meyers


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