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message 1: by Jeremy (new)

Jeremy Maddux you are too good for this lot. They forget about you when you're not reviewing them.

message 2: by Matt (new)

Matt Neputin (mattneputin) | 1 comments Who is Teresa?

message 3: by Jeremy (new)

Jeremy Maddux The girl who runs this group.

message 4: by Kirk (new)

Kirk (bizarrojones) | 10 comments Haha! 😂

message 5: by Jeremy (new)

Jeremy Maddux Kirk, I've never had a problem with you. I'm sorry things had to get so ugly, but these are chaotic times.

message 6: by Kirk (new)

Kirk (bizarrojones) | 10 comments No worries, man. I was just laughing because someone asked, "who is Teresa?" essentially proving your point. I don't have a problem with you either. Just remember, there are a lot of folks center of far left who aren't as insane as folks would have you believe. I have cut people from both extremes out of my life, the last of which was someone who basically wanted to lynch a guy for playing a piano in a public park as a last ditch effort to garner the attention of his ex. Mad world. Everyone feels they've lost some agency or power and they're lashing out at everyone and anyone to get a sense of that back.

message 7: by Pedro (new)

Pedro Faria (punksterbass) | 9 comments :)))

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