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message 1: by Sam (new)

Sam | 4 comments I know that this will be an unpopular opinion....however, I like to read the books after seeing the movie. The movie is usually a watered down version of the book which leaves viewers disappointed that the favourite parts were cut out or characters completely left out (like Winky and Peaves in HP). If you watch the movie without reading the book then it allows you to enjoy it without scrutinizing the differences and being disappointed. Later when you read the book afterwards, it allows you to enjoy all the extra parts that were missed. Like extra character development and, in the case of Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince, major fight scenes. I think a perfect book/movie for the would be Gone Girl. The movie blew me away. However, later reading the book was filled with extras. If you havent read or seen it (which I doubt is many people) try it this way and let me know how it goes. Or if you agree or completely disagree with me let me now why.

message 2: by Lynne (new)

Lynne Stringer | 126 comments I don't mind reading books after movies. I agree that sometimes it can lead to a greater appreciation of both. :-)

message 3: by Barbara (new)

Barbara Čulo (culobarbara) | 15 comments Preach!!!
Finally someone said it I thought I was the only one

message 4: by Tina (new)

Tina | 42 comments I like this angle. very smart. cause reading then watching always leads to disappointment.

the-art-of-reading This was such an interesting perspective! I've always been a books before movies person, but I might try this a few times to see the difference.

For me, I love watching a movie then finding out it's actually an adaptation or based on a book because then I get to dive into the more detailed version of the movie I just watched.

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