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Name: Crowley
Age: (c. 1661 - 1723) He's hella old
Species: Demon, King of Hell



Personality: Crowley is suave, but he loves to use insults, sass and banter. He uses smooth, gratuitous sexual innuendo in an effort to make people uncomfortable and therefore give himself an advantage. Crowley is an efficient business man and while he prides himself on integrity, he will use any loopholes given to him to turn the situation to his benefit, proving the saying 'be careful what you wish for' to be more than true
Abilities: He can unleash hellhounds, is a crossroads demon making deals. He also has the traditional ablities of a demon like possession, teleportation, and all sorts of cool stuff!

History: Fergus Roderick MacLeod (c. 1661 - 1723) was a human, who after death (near the age of 63) became Crowley; a powerful demon who was the King of the Crossroads and the King of Hell, following Lucifer's second reimprisonment in his Cage. Although he initially served with Lilith as her right-hand man, he went rogue in Season 5 after her death and Lucifer's release, aiding the Winchester brothers in resealing the latter back into his cage. With the power vacuum in Hell unoccupied, he appointed himself the new King of Hell.
Relationship status: SIngle

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Name: Castiel
Age: Unknown
Species: Angel, Seraph

Appearance: '

Personality:Castiel is a strong, determined, impulsive, competitive and naive celestial being. Like most angels, Castiel expresses little to no emotion, which creates flaws and complexities in his persona. Despite this, he does not display the blank apathy or mocking superiority that seem to characterize angels such as Uriel or Lucifer. His lack of emotion and understanding of human behavior such as sarcasm has led to several humorous situations throughout the show, and has occasionally gotten him into trouble with humans, ultimately leaving Dean or Sam to amend the situation. He does, however, become close friends with the brothers, who encourage him to be kinder, more caring and more selfless.
Abilities: Spell casting, teleporting, Telekinesis, astral projection, time travel, angelic possession, dream walking, healing and regeneration, holy white light

History: (view spoiler)
Relationship status: Single

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GatbsyLover20 (dclover) Kate wrote: "Name: Crowley
Age: (c. 1661 - 1723) He's hella old
Species: Demon, King of Hell



Kate, this group is based on the timeline that Lucifer is free and Crowley is just a crossroads demon

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So after what season? Sorry I'm on season 7 but I can fix it no problem!

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GatbsyLover20 (dclover) -○-○-○-○-○-○-○-○-○-○-○-○-○-○-○-○-○-○-○-○-○-○-○-○-○-○-○-○-○-○-○-○-○-○-○-

Nαмє;; Lucifer Morningstar

Nιcкηαмє;; The Prince of Darkness, The Lightbringer, The Fallen Angel, The God of Evil, The Devil, Satan, The Serpent, The Deceiver, The Bringer of the End.

Agє;; Vessel: 35; True Age: Eons

Dαтє Oƒ Bιятн;; Vessel: 4/23/1975

Pℓαcє Oƒ Bιятн;; Heaven

Tιмє Oƒ Bιятн;; Unknown


Gєη∂єя;; Vessel: Male

Sєχυαℓιту;; Asexual

Cяυѕн;; None; Too good for everyone

Rєℓαтισηѕнιρ Sтαтυѕ;; See above


~ Archangel Physiology

~ Illusion Manipulation
(view spoiler)

~ Dream walking
(view spoiler)

~ White Light Manipulation
(view spoiler)

~ Telepathy/Telekinesis
(view spoiler)

~ Teleporting
(view spoiler)

~ Corruption Aura
(view spoiler)

~ Mental Manipulation
(view spoiler)

~ Fear Manipulation/Inducement
(view spoiler)

~ Shapeshifting
(view spoiler)

~ Deal Making/Reality Warping
(view spoiler)



Due to his anger and bitterness for his Father sending him to hell, he wants for his most beloved creations to suffer the worst fate possible. By twisting their fears and emotion, he gets a sadistic pleasure out of watching them turn on each other faster than he could have hoped for. 

Lucifer is largely manipulative occasion, suggesting that this was more of a ploy to gain trust, rather than an actual commitment, and he would bend this rule when it's to his advantage. Furthermore, Lucifer tries to gain sympathy from his opponents and even getting them to join them. 

Lucifer feels no remorse of sympathy for anyone. He feels all that burned away when he fell to Earth. Now he seeks the ultimate revenge and it doesn’t matter what he has to do to get it. In the end, those who trust him and think he is symapthic or fighting for you will suffer the worst fate of all.


Hιѕтσяу;; Eons ago, Lucifer was the second archangel that God created and was raised by his older brother Michael. Lucifer was at one time the favorite of God's angels. It was stated that he once had a strong relationship with God and was fiercely loyal and devoted to him. Before life and even the Earth existed, Lucifer fought a war with God and the other archangels against God's older sister, the Darkness.

When God created mankind and commanded that his angels honor humans by bowing to them and loving them even more than God himself, Lucifer refused to do so. Being full of pride and jealous of God's love, Lucifer refused to bow to a creature that he considered lesser than himself and God, whom Lucifer loved too much to being able to devote himself for the, as he says, imperfect mud monkeys.

Deciding to wage a war against God, Lucifer approached his older brother, the archangel Michael, hoping his elder sibling would stand by his side during the rebellion. Michael rejected him and, at his father's orders, a war begun in Heaven. After Lucifer lost the war, God cast him out of Heaven, and he fell to Earth.

As his rage against humans grew, Lucifer eventually approached the Garden of Eden and convinced Gadreel, God's most trusted angel, to let him into the Garden. Once in the Garden, Lucifer twisted the minds of the humans, causing them to partake of the Forbidden Fruit . Sometime before or after this, Lucifer corrupted Lilith into a demon.

Ever since the day he was thrown into the pit by Michael, he vowed vengeance against God and his children. He would bring on the Apocalypse and drag God’s green earth into a hellish eternity forever and onward.



Father: God

Mother: None

Brothers: The Angels/Archangels



~ When humans suffer

~ Playing mind games

~ Arrogance

~ Mental Torture

~ Feeding off others sinful nature


~ Humans

~ Angels

~ Those who defy him

~ The Virtuous

~ Losing

~ Those who stand in his way



~ His control over his powers

~ Manipulation

~ Making others prideful


~ Items blessed by God himself

~ Strong blasts of light

~ He has a soft spot for his archangel brothers.



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Name: Henriette Leauxste

Age: 20

Species: Human hunter


Personality: Henriette is a soft spoken easy going hunter. She loves to eat and knows a lot about monsters and different things but can be in careless when it comes to research. She likes to work with others but often says things that are out of line of often talks too much and that can be annoying.

Abilities: Moderate Hunting Skills - As a hunter, Henriette had a moderate level of skill, good enough to hunt ghosts and monsters, but not without often getting injured in the process.

History: Henriette grew up as a hunter since both of her parents were hunters. She learned how to hunt ever since she could hold a knife but a part of her never really wanted the hunting life. She tried to live a normal life by going to a high school for a little but was attacked by a group of demons. She was saved by a more experienced hunter and was also taught more skills and went on several different cases learning a lot when eventually the other hunter went missing.

Relationship status: Currently single

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Daviddarkness | 1 comments Name: David Jones
Age: looks like a 16 year old
Species: half demon half human so cambion

Appearance: Photo/link is compulsory https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&s...
Personality:He is very manipulative and has a case of pushing people away with lies just so they won't find out he is fragile. He loves to act like an actor and also fights like is is a dance.
Abilities:He can teleport and is good with an sniper and bow and arrow. He also can use the same ability as jack and sam when he became a demon though he is weaker them then they were. He has the mark of cain

History: He been hunting since he was little and he didn't know he was actually part demon. He was train to lie and to use people, but he never has used them he always makes a deal that helps both that person and himself. He also goes to school still which takes time away for him, but he still is good at his job.
Relationship status single

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Squirrelleap (marissareadsbooks) Name: Jane Marie Harris
Age: 22 years old
Species: Human Hunter



Personality: Jane is a very sarcastic, sweet woman who doesn’t trust many people. She loves animals and nature but strongly dislikes monsters. Once you get to know her, she will open up about her past but only if she truly trusts the person.
Abilities: Normal hunting skills, but is really good with knives.

History:(view spoiler)
Relationship status: Single and ready to mingle (sorta)

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