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message 1: by Brylee (new)

Brylee (writtenforest) | 5 comments I really fell in love with all the characters in Tower of Dawn and one of those being Satraq and the rest of his family, and I really hope he has some really good scenes in the upcoming book!! Any theories as to what his role might be in tog#7? I’m interested to see everyone’s thoughts on his character as well as his family!

message 2: by Sonya (new)

Sonya Lynch (sonya_lynch) | 4 comments I honestly loved Satraq from the very first line he was introduced in. He made me cry when he somewhat sacrificed himself to save Nesryn's (I can't remember if that how you actually spell it) life and told her he loved her. I was somewhat disappointing he didn't have a bigger role in the story but I understood why as this book is about Chaol's journey. I hope he is included in tog#7 as I would love to see how he would be with Aelin's court.

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