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Karen (xkamx) | 282 comments Okay... All set for 2018 -- Level four (Sleuth Extraordinaire), 40 cozy mysteries -- version "A" (read what I read and see where they fall for "B")

I really did miss this challenge last year. (Shoulda, coulda, woulda...)

Anyway, I may try to read according to "B", but won't force it. We'll see where they fall and will list sub-genre's. My difficulties will be Historical and Outside of US because most of my series are contemporary -- unless the pre-mobile phone times count as historical :o) -- and set in the US.

B categories (two each; plus 22 of anything):
* Culinary (restaurants, baked goods, etc.)
* Animal-related (cats, dogs, birds, etc.)
* Craft-related (knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking, etc.)
* Paranormal (witches, vampires, etc.)
* Series based outside the US
* Career-based cozy mystery (housekeeping, wedding planner, etc.)
* Holiday-based (set during any holiday)
* Travel mystery (character could be on a cruise, touring another area, etc.)
* Historical mystery (any mystery not set in the present)
- Freebies (22 total)

Donna (weegraydog) (weegraydog) | 569 comments I'm doing the same, Karen--I like to read what I read and see where it leads me. Have fun reading this year!

message 3: by Joanne (new)

Joanne Good luck 👏👏👍👍

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Karen (xkamx) | 282 comments Here's the start of my 2018 list. I can't in good conscience count it as a full book, although GoodReads does list it, because it's only 18 pages long.

0. The Clue in the Mini-Fridge by Jill Bonner (Abigail Padgett) [B=FREEBIE] (180105)
This is the first in the Mandy Dru series. I started this today thinking it would be an easy way to start the challenge. I just didn't realize how easy it would be. I set the short goal of reading at least once chapter when I pulled up the book, but before I knew it, I was done. This was an Amazon freebie and, I found, is not available any more (nor can I find the other two in the series). For as short as it was (about 18 pages; think Encyclopedia Brown) I was liking Mandy Dru. We got a glimpse of her life and her family. Mandy starts the story as a bookstore/gift shop owner. She doesn't particularly like her job, but she and her ex started the business. She kept it when he left. Because her name is close to that of super sleuth Nancy Drew, people are always making jokes about needing her detecting help. This day is no different, but this time it could be real... and the mystery starts.

I'm left wanting more than I got because it was kind of a fun -- albeit short -- read and would like to get hold of the two follow-ups (which I see are just as short... maybe the three together could be "one" read). Oh well, it was an easy start to the challenge. ;o)

Guess my official list starts with my next cozy read.

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Karen (xkamx) | 282 comments Just saw Jill Bonner is a pseudonym for Abigail Padgett. Under that name she has Mandy Dru Mysteries, a five-story anthology. It's available at a few outlets, so I may get more Mandy yet. Though they are five short stories, I wouldn't feel so bad counting at one entry!

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Sabine (bine) | 69 comments Karen wrote: "Here's the start of my 2018 list. I can't in good conscience count it as a full book, although GoodReads does list it, because it's only 18 pages long.

0. [book:The Clue in the Mini-Fridge|117286..."

It sounds interesting!

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Karen (xkamx) | 282 comments February Update...
One thing I decided to do when starting this challenge this year was to clear out the e-freebies (B&N, Kobo, iBooks, and Amazon) I've been collecting over the years while awaiting new additions to my regular series.

Good and bad news... Good news is that I have A LOT I have "collected" but never read. Bad news, because they're freebies, I don't have a lot of control over having all books in a series or in order. This will force me to control my read-series-in-order OCD (ACK!) and may mean my list of reads is a bit disjointed. Good news again... I was happy to find there are some series I have in order from the beginning. Though I may not have the entire series, my OCD may not have to be as challenged as I thought. I just may not be as up to date on all series as I like to be.

Books to date:
1. C.L. Bevill - Bubba and the Dead Woman (180114) [B=FREEBIE] (from the Freebie TBR files)
This is the start of the Bubba Snoddy series. Loved the characters (even though a bit stereotypical; I guess most cozies have stereotypical characters), the voice of the narration, and the mystery. Though, I guessed the murderer early on, I didn't get the reason until near the end. Looking forward to the rest of the series as Bubba deals with the characters surrounding him.

2. Robin Allen - If You Can't Stand the Heat (180202) [B=CULINARY] (from the Freebie TBR files)
This is the first in the Poppy Markham, Culinary Cop series. Poppy's family owns a restaurant. She's a restaurant health inspector. There are two more, to date, in this series.

I finished three of a new-to-me series, Pepper Brooks, by Eryn Scott. Pepper is a literature Masters student (heading toward her PhD) when the series opens. Her favorite professor falls under suspicion of murder and Pepper sets out to clear her name. Each book in the series (to date) has a connection to literature in some way (Shakespeare, Hemingway, and Austin, so far). By book 03, Pepper has graduated and awaits her PhD studies. She's now the proud owner of the local bookstore. These were fun, easy reads. I look forward to the new addition due this summer. (from the Freebie TBR files)
3. Literally Dead (180212) [B=CAREER]
4. Literally Murder (180215) [B=CAREER]
5. Literally Gone (180224) [B=CAREER]

I was loading books onto my Nook and noticed I was missing Bk02 in Josie Belle's Good Buy Girls series. I located it at the e-library and checked it out.
6. A Deal to Die for (180306) [B=CAREER]
I started this series when it came out in 2012. I don't know why I didn't keep up with it, but it fell by the wayside. As I read book 02, I found myself wanting to refresh my memory of the characters so I went back and re-read book 01.
7. 50% Off Murder (180306) [B=CAREER]
8. Buried in Bargains (180306) [B=CAREER]
Sadly, there are only three more in the series unless Josie Belle (Jenn McKinlay) -- better yet, her publisher! -- decides to pick it up again. On to book 3!

There I am so far. I'm a book or two behind the pace, but should be good to get my 40 (and then some!).

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Britney (tarheels) | 650 comments Mod
Some of these freebies sound interesting

message 9: by Karen (last edited Mar 06, 2018 10:29PM) (new)

Karen (xkamx) | 282 comments Britney wrote: "Some of these freebies sound interesting"

So far so good, Britney. I subscribe to several e-newsletters that provide links to freebies (or discounted books), Most are from Amazon (Kindle/MOBI format), but there are sometimes links for EPUB format (Nook, iBooks, Kobo, etc). Plus, sometimes if they only provide a link for the Kindle version I search B&N and Kobo to see if they have the same offer (I prefer my Nook). Sometimes they do, but beggars can't be choosers and I take what I can get.

The nice thing is that one gets introduced to books and authors you might not have been exposed to otherwise. The bad thing is that e-TBR files are overflowing -- because free is free afterall, no harm in "collecting" them! I do, however, try to limit myself to mysteries (mostly cozy) and romances (light and contemporary), though the newsletters have offerings from all genres.

Oh welll... Still would rather have too much to read than not enough.

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Betsy Good luck on clearing out the freebies. LOL

message 11: by Britney (new)

Britney (tarheels) | 650 comments Mod
I have gathered quite a few of freebies myself. Of course I don’t remember which ones were free. You can never go wrong with having to many books.

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Karen (xkamx) | 282 comments Mid-August update... Good news for me is that I'm further along that I thought. Ten more to hit the minimum. That's doable!

I can tell, however, that I will never fulfill the "B" version of this challenge. I've noticed I read a lot of CAREER-, PARANORMAL-, and FREEBIE-category cozies, I don't think I will hit one book per B-version category at this rate. Oh well, that's why I smartly chose the easier option A, so I could read what I want! Here's the update...

First, two books in Nancy Skopin's Nikki Hunter series from my Freebie TBRs. I have a few more available in the Freebie TBRs. [B=CAREER]
9. Murder on the Menu (180306)
10. Murder Over Cocktails (180313)

I finished off :o( the Josie Belle (Jenn McKinlay) Good Buy Girls series. Though I really enjoy the series, I can see why the series (supposedly??) ended where it did. The last book was a natural stopping point, However, I'd keep reading the series if it started up again (because the last book was also the start of something, too). I love this author's storytelling and liked the characters. [B=CAREER]
11. Marked Down for Murder (180314)
12. All Sales Final (180322)

13. Abigail Padgett (Jill Bonner) - Mandy Dru Mysteries (180402) [B=CAREER]
14. Juliet Blackwell - Fool's Gold (180403) [B=CAREER; PARANORMAL]

Started the Magical Cures series by Tonya Kappes from the Freebie TBRs.
There are six more (to date) in the series, I don't know how many of them are in my Freebie TBR, but I will seek out what I don't have. This is kind of fun, kind of kooky, and kind of repetitive, but I like the characters enough to stick with it. [B=CAREER; PARANORMAL.]
15. A Charming Crime (180403)
16. A Charming Cure (180408)
17. A Charming Potion (180413)
18. A Charming Wish (180414)
19. A Charming Spell (180418)
20. A Charming Magic (180419)
21. A Charming Secret (180422)
22 A Charming Christmas (180424) [B=HOLIDAY, in addition]

I knocked a few off my Nook, which I loaded and can't believe I hadn't gotten to. They all bring me up to date with their respective series.

23. Lorna Barrett - A Just Clause (180529) Awaiting the next-in-series. [B=CAREER]

I love Juliet Blackwell's Witchcraft series. I can't believe I was books behind in the series. I usually read them as soon as they come out. Last I read in this series, I was upset with what the ending of one of the books implied. I am happy that what I dreaded hasn't come to fruition. I'm also glad we finally get to meet Lily's grandmother and her cronies (literally and figuratively!) and Lily's mother. Oscar is still a hoot (or oink!). Awaiting the next-in-series. [B=CAREER; PARANORMAL]
24. A Haunting is Brewing (180614)
25. A Toxic Trousseau (180621)
26. A Magical Match (180701)

27. Cleo Coyle - Shot in the Dark (180725) Awaiting the next-in-series. [B=CAREER; CULINARY]

28. Mary Daheim - Alpha Alpine (180808) [B=CAREER; HOLIDAY (Labor Day)]
YAY! I love this series and was saddened when Daheim had worked the series from A to Z. I thought she'd end it and I really wanted more. I was happy when this book was announced. The gang is back and trying to solve a murder, of course. The body was found in Milo's (Sheriff Dodge) old house. Plus, Milo is still feuding with Jack Blackwell, who's trying to take over running the county, but still has to investigate when there's an attempt on Blackwell's life. To top it off, there's a bombing. The only thing I didn't care for was the non-closure (at least to me) ending. Awaiting the next-in-series.

29. Kaitlyn Dunnett - X Marks the Scot (180812) Awaiting the next-in-series. [B=CAREER]

And, I got reconnected to Victoria Laurie's Psychic Eye series. I forgot how much I enjoyed the humor, the paranormal, and the characters ongoing stories. I can't believe how quickly I consumed these. I started reading and all of a sudden, I was done! Can't wait for the next one (awaiting the next-in-series). [B=CAREER; PARANORMAL]
30. A Grave Prediction (180815)
31. A Panicked Premonition (180817)

(And now I need to get to reading more cozies)

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Lena H. | 85 comments I’m on book 16 I think of Mary Daheim’s B & B series. How does the Alpine series compare? Truthfully I’m not crazy about the B & B series but somehow I keep going back to it :)

message 14: by Karen (last edited Dec 29, 2018 10:49PM) (new)

Karen (xkamx) | 282 comments Lena wrote: "I’m on book 16 I think of Mary Daheim’s B & B series. How does the Alpine series compare? Truthfully I’m not crazy about the B & B series but somehow I keep going back to it :)"

So funny... I was given a book in the Emma Lord/Alpine series. I read and loved it. Then I found out it was part of a series -- and I had started in the middle!!! I headed out to bookstores, new and used (mostly used!), to get the rest of the series and ran across the B-n-B series. I purchased them, too. Yes, I was a bit manic. I had to read the series and I had to read them in order... Part of my reading OCD. This happened before my job loss and I could afford to "collect" what I wanted to read. When reality hit, I went on a read-what-I-have-(in boxes!)-library-or-free-reading-only book diet, which I'm still practicing today!

Anyway... I started the B-n-B series and hated the protagonist, Judith. I don't know why; and while I found the stories good, there was something depressing about them. Still, I loved the Alpine books and so I kept with it. To date, I have read all available books in both series. I still don't know exactly what it is, but I still don't particularly care for Judith (and I often find her mother annoying). However, Mary Daheim crafts good stories with interesting mysteries and while I don't care for characters now and then, I usually like the stories overall and will continue reading the series as long as Daheim is willing to write it.

I prefer the Alpine series to the B-n-B and will always choose to read one of those first when there's a choice to be made.

message 15: by Lena (new)

Lena H. | 85 comments I feel the same way! The mysteries are good but Judith drives me nuts! She makes so many dumb decisions and never learns from her mistakes. Our library has the whole Alpine series as ebooks but I didn't want to start them after I read the first few B&B books. I think I'll add them back to my list.

When I first started reading cozies I read The Cat Who... series, in no particular order. Didn't bother me a bit. No way I could do that now. I actually waited probably 2-3 years to start the B & B series because I couldn't find the second book. I had the first and 3-18 but I wasn't going to crack a page until I found book 2 :)

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Karen (xkamx) | 282 comments Lena wrote: " I actually waited probably 2-3 years to start the B & B series because I couldn't find the second book. I had the first and 3-18 but I wasn't going to crack a page until I found book 2 :)."

LOL! I feel your read-in-order pain. I have been lucky enough to find the books in the series I enjoy in order. I may have to visit several library systems in the area (each city has their own, but if you live in the county, you can get cards for each), but when you want to (okay, have to!) it's worth it.

So far the only books I've read out of order on purpose are freebies I get via B&N, Amazon, or Kobo through various freebie e-newsletters. Free is free, so I take what I can get. However, I have been pretty lucky getting at least the first book in the series so I can at least start at the beginning. Some series put their new additions free for a day or two before they go to regular price; others put the older books on the free list when a new one's coming to get you hooked. I may seek out what I'm missing in a "freebie" series if I really really like it, but haven't gotten there as of yet. I have so many books in my TBR boxes and on my to-read series list of authors/series that seeking out parts to series I only mildly care for isn't a priority.

There are currently 27 books in the EmmaLord/Alpine Series and one in the pipe. (Lots of death in that little town!) As with any series, I like some more than others, but like to keep up with the characters regardless of the rest. If you start the series, let us know what you think.

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Karen (xkamx) | 282 comments Time for an update...

Still working through some Freebie TBRs...
32. Jenna Bennett - A Cutthroat Business (180826) [B=CAREER]
This was a freebie start to the Savannah Martin series. Savannah is a southern belle who's putting her life back together after a divorce. Rather than running home, she becomes a realtor. While showing a house to a potential buyer, she finds the body of a co-worker -- one who was not well liked. Did the client, who happens to be a hunky bad-boy acquaintance from her high school days, commit the crime? Was it one of her co-workers? Savannah sets out to solve the crime while still trying to sell the house, trying to rein in her growing feelings for the bad boy, and trying to avoid the advances of an old friend who'd like to be more.

I really liked Savannah and Rafe (the bad boy) and the secondary characters (Savannah's family and her co-workers). The mystery was intriguing, too. I have the rest of the series to date in my e-files and will continue with it.
32b. Jenna Bennett - Contingent on Approval (180827) [B=CAREER; HOLIDAY]
This is a holiday novella in the Savannah Martin series. Since there wasn't a crime, I can't really count it as a read for the challenge. I list it because it's part of the series -- though I did read it out of order because I had to find out what happened with Savannah and the bad boy. I will go back to book 2, but I couldn't wait.
NOTE: Bennett also writes comtemporary romance and the relationship scenes reflect that . They're not explicit, but are a bit more than most cozies.

Back to what I had loaded on my Nook...
I had two books in the Devereaux's Dime Store series, one of my favorites. I knocked out both, but read two books on another device in between. (I have several e-readers and books in different areas of the house as well as my glove box. Each reader contains various books I'm reading so what I finish is sometimes determined on what is in my hand at the time I'm reading.)
33. Denise Swanson - Between a Book and a Hard Place (180905) [B=CAREER]

Two more books from the freebie e-files. The first book in the Voodoo in Mojo series was recently offered in one of my freebie newsletters. I checked to see if I already had it (I did) and decided to read it. I also had book 2, so I read that, too. Stephanie Bond has another mystery series, Body Movers, which I have eTBRed, but also writes romances. This series is set in a small Louisiana town and borders on the paranormal. And, though secondary characters (townspeople, the protagonists, etc.) cross both stories, this two-book series featured two different female protagonists taking the lead in solving the crimes. Murders are committed coincidentally (or not!) after the protagonist receives a voodoo doll in the image of the soon-to-be victim. I enjoyed both and wish there were more, but since the last one was published in 2006, I don't hold out a lot of hope that more will come.
NOTE: As mentioned, Bond also writes romances, so there are a few spicy scenes between the protagonists and their partners.
34. Stephanie Bond - In Deep Voodoo (180915) [B=CAREER]
35. Stephanie Bond - Voodoo or Die (apa Finding Your Mojo) (180917) [B=CAREER]

Back to the Nook...
36. Denise Swanson - Lions and Tigers and Murder, Oh My (181004) [B=CAREER]

The following are Stephanie Daniels short stories by Swanson. Both include murders, but are too short for me to consider them separate entries for this challenge. If more pop up and I read them, I may consider listing them as a collection (similar to Mandy Dru). Stephanie Daniels is a former reporter and soon-to-be school teacher who found out her husband pretty much left her penniless upon his death. Stephanie has moved in with her mother -- hopefully for the short term -- who lives in a senior community. I'd read more in the series if offered, but would prefer if they were expanded to novella or book size. The short stories are good, but pricey for the page count.
36b. Denise Swanson - A Finger in Every Lie (181004) [B=CAREER]
36c. Denise Swanson - All I Want for Christmas is You...Dead! (181004) [B=CAREER; HOLIDAY]

And back to freebies...
Two books in a new series by Addison Moore, an author who usually writes contemporary romance. I have several of her romance series eTBRed. There is a romance component to these stories, but the scenes have been PG so far. I like the main character, Lottie Lemon, who's returned to her hometown after a broken romance. Though she wants to open her own bakery, she currently works as a baker at the local diner owned by her best friend's grandmother. Lottie, who as an infant was left at the local firehouse and adopted, sees dead animals. When she does, bad things befall the person associated with that animal. That's as paranormal as it has gotten in the first two entries. I like the series so far and look forward to the next two (due within the next month or so). I'd like to see the series continue.
37. Addison Moore - Cutie Pies and Deadly Lies: A Cozy Mystery (181005) [B=CULINARY; PARANORMAL]
38. Addison Moore - Bobbing For Bodies (181011) [B=CULINARY; PARANORMAL; HOLIDAY (Halloween)]

That's it for now. Two more to hit the goal for this year. I've reloaded one Nook and am starting on two of Laura Levine's Jaine Austin mysteries. I also have several of Tonya Kappes' Magical Cures books loaded.

Who knows, maybe I'll surpass the goal... However, we're headed into holiday season and I know my reading time will be cut. I may be lucky to hit the goal,

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Karen (xkamx) | 282 comments Though I loaded the Nook with the last two of Laura Levine's Jaine Austen Mysteries, I have not started them, Instead, I started on Eryn Scott's Literally Offed and the end of Sue Ann Jaffarian's Ghost of Granny Apples series -- at least to date. I'm still working on Literally Offed, but have finished the following:

39. Sue Ann Jaffarian - Dummy of a Ghost (181028) [B=PARANORMAL]
40. Sue Ann Jaffarian - Ghost in the Guacamole (181209) [B=PARANORMAL]
41. Sue Ann Jaffarian - The Ghost of Mistletoe Mary (181209) [B=PARANORMAL]

YAY!! (and phew!!) This puts me at the minimum goal +1! for Sleuth Extraordinaire!! Everything I add now will be gravy. (I've already signed up for next year, too. Looking forward to a Cozy 2019!)

I've started in on Jaffarian's The Ghosts of Misty Hollow. I hope she does more in this series. I really enjoy it (I'd heard she wasn't going to do more???)

I still have the last two Laura Levines queued to read, but have added the latest five (yes, FIVE all issued in the last month and another coming in January!) of Addison Moore's Murder in the Mix (Lottie Lemon) Mysteries. I read the first two and enjoyed them so I'm looking forward to the rest. It's just a lot at once.

On my various devices I also have
** Kylie Logan's Mayhem at the Orient Express. I'm a few chapters in (they just found the dead body), but I'm finding it hard to get into it for some reason and keep setting is aside (or not picking it up) in favor of other reads. I've liked all of Logan's (and her various pseudonyms') other series, so I don't know why I'm having trouble with this one. Maybe 2019??

** Christy Murphy's Mango Cake and Murder. I'm also a few chapters into this. I like this story and the characters so far (and lucked out getting the series to date when they were offered free!). I keep putting it off because it's on my 8" Kindle, which I find unwieldy and uncomfortable to hold (should have not allowed myself to get sucked into it because the price was low -- oh well). Since the freebies I have in this series are all Kindle (to date), I will either have to suck it up or move this to my 7" Kindle. Again, 2019???

We'll see what I can get through in the next three weeks. I lose reading time with the busyness of the holidays. I plan to at least finish Literally Offed and The Ghosts of Misty Hollow. Then, I'll try for one or two of the Lottie Lemons.

If not, I've got my early 2019 list started!

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Karen (xkamx) | 282 comments Since my last posting, I've read mainly romances (mild to hot!), not really back-burnering my mysteries, but -- oops... maybe I am. Reading time around the holidays gets cut with the busyness of the season. I find I can rip through a few romances faster than mysteries because I don't have to pay as much attention. That is, I don't have to pay as close attention, looking for or remembering clues. Boy and girl meet. Boy and girl fall in love. Boy and girl may face some obstacle. Boy and girl have a happy ending. Not much to tax my brain. (Is that bad??)

Oh well, I still have mysteries set on some of my devices and still get a chapter or two in now and then. Though I still have a few days in the year, just in case this is it...

42. Sue Ann Jaffarian - The Ghosts of Misty Hollow (181213) [B=PARANORMAL]
This is the current end to the Ghost of Granny Apples series, though I hope there's more. This was a good one with Emma, Phil, and Granny not only helping an author friend with realistically depicting ghosts in his book, but assisting a generational family of ghosts solve a mystery involving children that went missing. Oh... and there's an actual murder, too.

I'd like to see this cast again, so I'm hoping Jaffarian does more. Maybe in the meantime I can get started on her Odelia Grey series, TBRed since around 2008, I think. We'll see.

As for the year... I never did finish the whole "B" part of this challenge -- nor did I think I would (thank God for the return of option A this year!) -- but I did get my 40+ cozies for the year. I'm already signed up for 2019 at the same level, same option (and see where the Bs may fall).

I may still finish Eryn Scott's Literally Offed, which I'm in the middle of, but that, I think, would be it for the year. We'll see...

Then, queued up for the new year...
* Eryn Scott's Literally Offed, if I don't get it done by Monday
* The last two of Laura Levine's Jaine Austen Mysteries
* Cleo Coyle's (aka Alice Kimberly) The Ghost and the Bogus Bestseller
* The latest six!! of Addison Moore's Murder in the Mix (Lottie Lemon) mysteries
* Christy Murphy's Mango Cake and Murder
* Kylie Logan's Mayhem at the Orient Express -- YES, I will force myself to finish this (okay, at some point...)

If I can stick with this, I'll have my first 10+ of 2019! But then there are all those updates to my regular series coming in the next few months, too. Love, love, love to read!

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Karen (xkamx) | 282 comments Okay... I did it. No, not Mayhem at the Orient Express. I finished Literally Offed. I'm pretty sure I won't get another in by midnight, so this does it for 2018.

43. Eryn Scott - Literally Offed [B=CAREER] (181231)

Guess I'll have to cross it off my to-do list for next year. :o)

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Karen (xkamx) | 282 comments Was reviewing my 2018 book spreadsheet versus what I listed in GoodReads (because I don't list everything I read, just the cozies and whatever until I hit the GR goal I set for the year) and found I was missing:

44. (actually #13, but I'm not going back and changing all subsequent numbering!) H.Y. Hanna - All-Butter ShortDead [B=CAREER; CULINARY; Series based outside the US; ANIMAL (cats)] (finished on 180325)
Another from the efreebie files. How I could forget a book that hit a lot of Bs I don't know. I guess if I was better about adding books more than every few months, I wouldn't have so much to sort through.

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