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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments Last year's goal was 36 since I read some epics and had read over 50 books for several years. I read 37 so this year my goal will be 49.

# 1 A Great Reckoning (finished 1/1) This book was a thriller set in a police academy in a small village near Montreal. The characters were very complex and intriguing and the plot had many twists and turns. The book was selected by the leader of the book discussion group at our library and I enjoy his diverse selections.

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #2 Marx for Beginners by Ruis (finished 1/4) This well crafted graphic biography/history was a light but effective overview of philosopher and socialist Karl Marx. The artwork greatly enhanced the historical information about the econimic theorists and philosophers the influenced and set the groundwork for this influential man's work.

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #3 The Boy is Back ( finished 1/9) This novel was a very interesting in its format. The story of the Stewart family is told through text messages, emails and newspaper articles. There is a rekindling of a romance against the backdrop of a small midwestern town. An embarassing incident a restauant bill the exposes the elderly parents issues with hoarding and poor financial management. It was a very enjoyable read.

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #4 The Story of My Father (finished 1/13) A sweet very poignant memoir of the author's father's life and his struggle with Alzheimer's. The author is her father's primary caregiver and at times the journey is very painful but there is much love and compassion. It is well resarched with information about the disease process and the strength of the human spirit.

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #Almost French (finished1/15) A delightful memoir of an young Australian woman who meets a Frenchman and decides to follow her heart and move and live instead of just visit Paris. Her difficult but adventurous adjustment to the customs and culture of Paris was an enjoyable.

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #6 My Marathon (finished 1/19) Frank Shorter's tell all autobiography that spans from his troubled childhood when he and his siblings suffered horrific abuse from his publicly esteemed but privately haineous father to thehis disciplined approach to training that lead to his gold medal in the Munich 1972 Olympics and silver medal in the 1976 Olympics, He also crusaded and campained against blood doping and juicing so the sport would be more "clean" and fair.
I am from Middletown and enjoyed the many geographical references, The community of Middletown is very honored to hail this accomplished athlete.

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #7 The Dubliners (finished 1/26) James Joyces's beautiful collection of short stories of Dublin at the turn of the 19th into 20th century. Beautiful !

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #8 The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump (finished 1/30) 27 psychiatrists and psychologists evaluate the POTUS's often impulsive and inappropriate behaviors and how they affect his ability to perform his duties. It is very thought prevocing and informative.

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #9 Going into Town:A Love Letter to New York.(finished 1/31) .. This graphic memoir is a delight.It was so enthralling I read it in one sitting. Humourously illustrated in great detail it is a guide and a homage to this wonderful beloved city of dreams and gritty reality.

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #10 Have Black Lives Ever Mattered (finished 2/5) Mumia Abu Jamal's eloquently written homage to black victim's who died because of police brutality.

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #11 The Last Wife of Henry VIII (finished 2/9) The last wife of Henry VII was Catherine Parr. Even though she was 20 years younger than Henry she brought a maturity and experience to the marraige since she had been widowed twice prior to her marrraige to Henry. Henry was in very ill health during those years and subject to fits of.temper. Catherine was a skilled healer and treated his leg with poultrices and herbs. Other being showered with jewel and clothes there was little/no romance between them. It was a practical marraige of convenience. She would try to advise Henry but had to do so with great trepidation since his moods were so erratic and he has such power.
After Henry's death she was able to marry Tom only to die of childirthbed fever after giving birth to a beautiful daughter.

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #12 Truly, Madly, Guilty ( finished 2/13) The challenges of juggling family, marraiges, and careers come into fruition when there is an accident at a barbeque.

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #13 Portrait of a Lady (finished 3/3)

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #14 The Dogs for Christmas (finished 3/9) A sweet romance between an animal rescue worker and a bachelor with a home based computer business. When a "neighbor "suddenly drops off a pregnant dog on a doorstep it becomes the catalyst of life changes that opens hearts to adventure and love.

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #15 Behind the Scenes 01 (finished 3/16) A beautifully illustrated manga about a group of young adults who call themselves the Art Squad who work for the art department on a film production. It applauds the power of teamwork as they tackle the challenges of costuming, set design, special effects. Very enjoyable read.

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #16 A Stranger in the Woods (Finished 3/28) The intriguing true story of a hermit that lives in the woods in rural Maine and survives the rigorous challenges of a brutal climate of below zero in the winter and heavy insect infestation in the summers. He burglarizes homes for food and fuel and does that for years before being detected and subsequently arrested. While the majority of the population suffers from forced isolation this man appeared to favor the peace of solitude.

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #17 11/22/63 (finished 4/4) This book about a present time traveler who travels back to the late 1950s/early 1960s in order to prevent President Kennedy's assassination. As he prepares to do this he decides he wants to change other aspects of his personal life and makes some short trips back and realizes the simplest changes can have vast implications (the butterfly effect).
This book was an epic (849 pages) but it was a page turner and I read this in less than a week. Stephen King has a gift for spinning an intricate tale and is thought provoking.

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #18 My Not So Perfect Life (finished 4/11) A charming piece of chick lit set in London and the quaint British country side. Cat/Katie struggles to be successful in competitive workplace in London, help her Dad and step-mom set up a agri-tourist farm, and have a romance. Very light hearted and quirky..

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #19 Everything You Thought About Money is Wrong (finished 4/15) An informative guide about personal finance.

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #20 Basquit (finished 4/20) A tabletop book with detailed analysis and interpretation about this exciting unique artist/poet's work. I am mesmerized.

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #21 Kupta ( finished 4/21) A beautiful book of Franz Kupta's a substantial sampling of some of his gouaches , pastels, and sketches.

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #22 Flight from Berlin ( finished 4/30) a historical fiction that covers the 1936 Olympics and the fateful flight of the Hindenburg. Very entertaining.

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #23 Einstein's Dreams (finished 5/6) Different images on concepts of time. Very thought provoking.

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #24 Women in Love ( finished 5/17) D.H. Lawrence"s beautfiul novel of the the complexity of romantic, familial, interpersonal, relationships bursting with passion and sensuality.

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #25 The Lost City of the Monkey God: A true story (finished 5/26) This is the account of an exploration of a lost city deep in the Honduran jungle. Challenged by extremely difficult terrain, snakes, aggressive insects, drug cartels, political challenges this team of scientists make several discoveries but the cost is high in that some of the team contract a difficult incurable parasitic illness.

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #26 The Imaginary Girlfriend (finished 5/30) The author John Irving's memoir that parallels the discipline of wrestling and his writing career.

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #27 The Plot Against America (finished 6/6) This intriguing novel is an alternative fiction set in the late 1930s/ealry 1940s. Charles Lindberg is president and FDR has lost and the Lindberg is a fierce isolationist and there is much mayhem. Thought provoking.

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #28 Saturday (finished 6/11) Beautifully written novel about a Saurday in the life of a neurosurgeon.

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #29 Got (finished 6/14) Exciting urban fiction.

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #30 Lillian Foxbish takes a Walk ( finished 6/21)

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #31 Transparents Things (finished 6/25)

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #32 The Book of Life (finished 7/3)

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #33 The Woman in Cabin 10 (finished 7/14) A suspenseful thriller that takes place on a very small cruise ship but extremely elegant as it travels through fjords.

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #34 The Idiot's Guide to Zen Doodling (finished 7/22) delightful

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #35 Stilltsville (finished 7/27) A novel that covers the spectrum of love, romance, marriage, parenting, illness set in the backdrop of Miami in the 1970s through 1990's.

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #36 The Ennegram made Easy (finished 8/20) A fascinating guide to understanding 9 personality types. It is illustrated with delightful cartoons and the guide will help us have understand the complex motivations and reasons for our behaviors and challenges in our relationships.

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #37 The Radium Girls (finished 9/30) The sad account the young women who experienced radium sickness from painting watch faces with radium paint. These women suffered apalling bone cancers and many died horrific deaths but when their families challenged the companies it paved the way for better safety conditions in factories

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #38 American Salvage (finished 10/7)

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #39 Knit, Purl, Die (finished 10/15))

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #40 Rx A Graphic Memoir (finished 10/19) A well written and well
illustrated graphic memoir of the unique challenges of bi-polar disorder.

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #41 The Residence (finished 10/26)

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #42 Funny Misshapen Body (finished 10/30) Delightful well illustrated memoir, Very honest.

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #43 They Lost Their Heads (finished 11/4)

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #44 Bernie Sanders A Guide to Revolution (finished 11/9)

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #45 Saints and Sinners (finished 11/17)

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #46 Glimmer of Hope (finished 11/22)

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #47 The Keeper of Lost Things (finished 11/30)

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #48 Graff: The Art and Technique of Graffiti (finished 12/6) A beautifully illustrated book that gives a wonderful overview of graffiti. The technical aspects of graffiti were more complex and less improvisational then I thought.

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #49 All I Know About Animal Behavior I Learned in Loehman"s Dressing Room (finished 12/15) Very Humorous.

With this book I have reached my goal for the year of 49 books.

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Sheila (sheilaglenn) | 594 comments #50 Cry, the Beloved Country ( finished 12/23) Beautiful, poetic novel of South Africa.

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