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Rea Sanders (realauren89) | 42 comments 2018 Reading Tracker

January 2018

Buddy Read
1/5 Gardens of the Moon
BR Discussion

1/25 Warbreaker
BR Discussion

Personal Reads
Golden Age
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
The Great Hunt

February 2018

Buddy Read
2/1 A Clash of Kings
BR Discussion

2/16 Deadhouse Gates
BR Discussion

Personal Reads
The Dragon Reborn
The Shadow Rising

March 2018

Buddy Read
3/24 Elantris
3/29 The Fires of Heaven
3/30 Blood Follows

Personal Reads

message 2: by Ahdam (new)

Ahdam (snowlocke) | 2429 comments I'll be joining you on 2 of those buddy reads 3 if I wasn't behind in WOT but will be looking forward to reading malazen and warbreaker with you

message 3: by Rea (new)

Rea Sanders (realauren89) | 42 comments ahh, Im currently reading (actually listining) to The Great Hunt in preparation for book 3. I'm so behind.

I look forward to reading with you as well. You WILL have to drag me through warbreaker, by my hair.

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