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message 1: by Barbara (new)

Barbara (goodreadscombarbara_beers) | 1534 comments Mod
This month we are reading Amish Girl's Christmas. It's the first of 4 books in the Amish Foster Girl's series.

Finding love at Christmas was the last thing on Elizabeth's mind, but that changed the moment she met Joseph, a newcomer to her Amish community. Her feelings for Joseph reinforced her decision to continue to live with her Amish foster parents after she turned eighteen.
Just when Elizabeth is daydreaming of getting married and having babies, a chance encounter with a stranger in a coffee shop turns her life upside down. From the stranger, she learns that everything she knew about her late parents was a lie.
When she finds out the secret her parents kept from her, will she feel the same about who she is?
As she tries to make sense of everything and put her life back together, will Joseph stay by her side?

Book 2 Amish Foster Girl
Book 3 The New Amish Girl
Book 4 The New Girl's Amish Romance

message 2: by Dede (new)

Dede Janzen | 29 comments I read this early..I was glad that I did!

This was a very interesting book. The main focus was on a girl that was a foster child in an Amish family. Her parents were killed in an accident years ago and she was placed into the foster system. The Amish family ended up being her most recent foster home. In this Amish home there is other foster children. The girl was at her job and was approached by a stranger that she looked just like his daughter. The story then has a plot twist that you must read to understand. This was a good book and it had some mystery to it. I give it 5 stars!

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