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Pink Balloon | 3 comments So. There is this book that I can’t seem to find. It is about a girl (I can’t remember her name) who has a heart problem/disease. Her twin brother, Sebastian, died a couple of years ago. One day she was on her way to a charity run (I think) with a boy named Jackson, and when she got there, she found out that her parents had just died in a car crash. She got a heart attack and went to the hospital. When she woke up her brother was there. She thought she was dead, but it turned out that her brother was her guardian angel (or something like that) and she was a demon fighter. Jackson later found out about Sebastian, and promised not to tell anyone. The girl was put in a foster home, and tried to hide her secret identity from her foster family. After a while, she showed them her wings that she had gotten after becoming a demon fighter, and they were plesantly surpriced. She once got a feeling, that something bad was gonna happen , and went to a swimming alley. Her step sister was there, and almost got killed by a man, but the girl/main character saved her. The main character is a 16 year old genius. In the book she got a doctors degree, at 16 years old, and she didn't want to go up and get her diploma, cuz she is shy, so she got her step sister to do it for her. Later that day her foster family holds a party for her. Her friend Jackson and his family shows up, and her uncle shows up too. She does not like her uncle. I can’t remeber exactely why, but it was something about that he hadn't been a very good uncle. On the other hand; she was very happy that Jackson showed up, because she really liked him. He also liked her, but she didn't want to be in a relationship with him, because she had so many heart problems. That is all that í can remember from this book. Please help me find it! (:

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Pink Balloon | 3 comments I think it was called "burning" something. It is not a popular book.

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Pink Balloon | 3 comments Nvm I found it. It is called "Burned by midnight" by A.M. Burnshaw

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