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Ashley Breanna (ashleybreanna13) | 91 comments "'Babe, I saw it the second I unwrapped it. The fucking second.'
Of course he did.
'And?' I prompted.
'And I couldn't fucking imagine what would make you stay away for a year,' he said, then went on, 'until I realized that it must have been the same thing that kept me on this fucking mountain, miserable as fuck for a year too.'"

The story started out decent. Jack seemed like a humble, sweet guy. But then the author decided to portray him as some crass gorilla, and used the f-word in almost every sentence that came out of his mouth. I really wonder how many times she used that word in this entire story. It became distracting and predictable but, most of all, unnecessary. It felt like the author was an 18-year old, whose parents never allowed to cuss, but felt it "mature" to release as many curse words as she could, now that she was of adulthood.

There are better short stories out there, with less trash verbiage.

message 2: by Nicole R (new)

Nicole R (drnicoler) | 7758 comments Ugh. I don't mind cursing in books but I am definitely not a fan of it being overused for no purpose what-so-ever! I will be avoiding this one.

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