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A Negotiated Marriage (Convenient Marriages, #1; Negotiated Marriage, #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Romance (Harlequin) Marriage of Convenience/Begins severals years into the marriage to renegotiate the terms. [s]

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Entildagmail.com | 5 comments Hello Everyone,

I've read two books by the same author a few years ago. They were either Harlequin Desire or Sillhoutte. Both were stories of marriage of convenience.

I just can't remember the name of the author or the books. I've tried hard, as you can imagine there are quite a few marriage of convenience stories in the Harlequin Desire world. Would really appreciate if anyone can remember the author or the name of the book.

First book: They have been married for a few years. It's a marriage of convenience. She has been in a bad relationship and ruined her reputation. He is a busy CEO or something. They need each other for business functions. In the arrangement they have, they can only sleep with discreet professionals. The book begins with him wanting to renegotiate the terms of their marriage adding sex weekly. He's been in love, but she falls in love shortly after. I thought the hero's name started with a G. Can't remember their names! He is not the typical Alpha hero, in fact, he is quiet and reserved etc.

The second book: Same scenario, but the woman is the busy CEO. She needed a husband to get ahead in her company. I think he is a cop but was really in bad financial shape. She offered money so he agreed to it. He is sort of laid back and she is very proper and scheduled etc. I think she proposes that they start having sex. Again the story begins a few years into their marriage. The arrangement had been working for some time, but one of them wants to renegotiate the terms.

Does anyone remember?


Entildagmail.com | 5 comments Ayshe, Yes, that's it. Thank you. I kept bypassing these when I was looking for them, because I was convinced the covers were red!! Thanks.

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