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message 1: by Francisco (new)

Francisco Ponce palmero | 102 comments hi, Happy new year to all horror aficionados!!!

well, I have read that The traveling vampire show is one of the best novels by Richard Laymon, is it true?

message 2: by Jon Recluse (new)

Jon Recluse | 12043 comments Mod
Yes, but it is more a coming of age novel than straight horror.

message 3: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Demarest | 2 comments Check out Body Rides, The Glory Bus those are two of my favorites.Bentley Little is an awesome name in horror,also.

message 4: by Jarrod (new)

Jarrod | 5 comments I really like Richard Laymon’s books. Look forward to this one.

message 5: by Danny (new)

Danny Farham (dannyfarham) I loved it, one of my favorite Laymon books alongside Savage and Night in the Lonesome October

message 6: by Alan (new)

Alan | 4611 comments Mod
I'm not a huge fan of Laymon, but it's definitely one of his better books.

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