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kate  (drawghosts) | 29 comments Mod
another discussion topic, but don’t worry about spoilers.
this is mostly for those who actually prefer knowing things before reading them/just don’t mind spoilers.


Zibbernaut Finished Throne last night, and I gotta say... I felt totally jipped at the final battle? Like, we've seen Celaena hold herself back the entire book, and when we're finally about to see her unleash and kick some ass... she gets drugged, and everyone has to save her.

Also Nox left way too easily? I thought he was going to be rather important but he honestly wasn't. He really could have been the poison expert instead of Pelor, and they could have skipped Pelor altogether by combining both useless characters.

I loved the book don't get me wrong, but what are everyone's thoughts on this?

kate  (drawghosts) | 29 comments Mod
i agree! i was looking forward to a bit more action on celaena’s part a bit less saving from the other characters…

oh, glad someone thought that too! i find so strange that she introduced the character, made us think he would have some sort of importance in the book and then he was out… i spent the entire book expecting them to become allies after the competition or something. also, it’s sad because i likes him /:

Zibbernaut Yeah I honestly liked Nox and totally expected him to be important later lol. What did you think of Chaol? I really didn't like him.... like at all. Which is bad because I know I'm supposed to like him? I really loved Dorian and Nehemia. I think they're tied for my faves

kate  (drawghosts) | 29 comments Mod
Oh, i'm so sad to read that hahaha i love chaol. He's the type of character that i usually like, Gryffindor at heart and troubled by the choice between what he believes it's write and what it's his duty.
And a great part of the fandom hates him actually haha

I loved dorian so much but there's something in the novellas that pissed off to no end. Since this is a spoilery discussion I think I can be more specific ? Anyway, he meets celaena there, even though they don't know their real identities bc theyre wearing masks (its a ball) and he hits on celaena while shes clearly drunk /: wish i could unread that.

I love nehemia too !!

Spring | 30 comments Mod
Just finished the book tonight! I really liked it up until the final battle... I felt like the deus ex machina was a bit over the top. I feel like a clean fight without the drugging would have been much better. The Kaltain betrayal/drugging was totally not necessary and I would have been totally fine without it. I'm glad that Calaena ended things with the prince because their relationship never would have worked and the future books would have just been an angsty mess. I really liked Chaol's character because he provided a contrast to everyone else in the book. He was always thinking reasonably when everyone else was not using their heads. I also totally love how he just killed Cain. That was a character I was happy to see die.

Zibbernaut I also liked that Chaol killed Cain. That was a nice victory, since Celaena couldn't be the one to do it.

But for Cain to have absorbed like... five people? And had their strength and speed etc added to his, I felt like he should have been way harder to beat for Celaena. Like, he should have moved so fast she could hardly see him--he has the speed of five people! One punch should cave in her skull, if he has the strength of five people combined plus his own. I wanted to see the fight be way better. I definitely think they should have fought without drugging Celaena, it was going to be more than hard enough.

Also, I was super disappointed when Celaena took Nehemia's staff. I was pumped when Chaol offered his--and I actually thought Celaena was going to be like "Sorry, brought my own" and whip out Demaris, Elena's sword from the tomb. That woulda been sick. Using a wooden staff--I get the significance--but it just seemed like a poor choice given her opponent and the strength of wood :/

Spring | 30 comments Mod
The Cain battle should have definitely been way longer! It felt so cheap and after I finished it I put down the book and actually said "Blaaaah that was a terrible way to do it!" It felt like such a disservice, especially with all the buildup to the final battle.

It was cool that she used the staff but I would have preferred that she used Chaol's sword. It would have really solidified their relationship as allies. I get that the staff was an political move but that scene was not the place for politics. Also a wood staff vs polished steel weapons... Not a good combination.

kate  (drawghosts) | 29 comments Mod
oh, the choice of weapon, yessss! i was so mad hahah
and i was waiting for her to use elena’s sword too. i don’t know, anything, but a wood staff. it didn’t seem in character, coming from a witty assassin.

and i agree, it would be hard enough without the drugging. that just made it seem like celaena was so powerful she *had* to be drugged to have difficulties.

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