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Pink | 6556 comments This is our Old School Classic Group Read for January 2018.

Please use this thread for general, spoiler free discussion of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

If you wish to discuss the plot in more detail, then please use the spoiler thread here

If you would like a free copy of the book, here are some links for online and audio versions:

Project Gutenberg

Amazon UK

Librivox (there are four versions to choose from)

It is also available on the serial reader app, in 15 issues.

Happy reading and happy new year!

Sarah (sasstel) | 426 comments I may join in this read. Romeo and Juliet was my first exposure to Shakespeare (required reading in 8th and 9th grade), but I haven’t read it since I was 14...I am curious how my reading of the play through adult eyes will compare with my teenage view of it. I vaguely remember being turned off by the story, but liking the poetry of the writing.

Brina Sara that's why I read it too. I liked it more than other Shakespeare but sadly I'm still not a big fan of the Bard.

Renee | 864 comments I'm looking forward to reading this and Macbeth for the same reasons. I read them both in high school, and I remember loving them, but it's been so long I barely remember them. Time to refresh my memory, and see what I think of them now.

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Melanti | 2386 comments I'll definitely be reading this.

I've already read it a few times, but one f the local theater groups is performing it this spring and I want to re-read it before going to go see it.

This might be a good play to try tackle parts in the Original Spelling. For the sonnet passages, at least.

Kathleen | 3694 comments I'm excited to read this with the group. I lack motivation for Shakespeare on my own, so this year I hope to take part any time the group is reading him. This is a perfect one to start with--don't think I've ever read it.

J_BlueFlower (j_from_denmark) | 1469 comments I am joining this reading, too. I have never read it, but have read a few of the others.

Fun thing: Romeo and Juliet is by far the most read Shakespeare play on Goodreads, with more than 2 times the ratings of number 2 (Hamlet). It is the only Shakespeare play on the more than one million ratings list:

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Michele (micheleevansito) | 127 comments I have an old Signet Classic edition of Romeo and Juliet. Haven't read it in 30 years, so its coming off the book shelf for another read!

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Vanessa | 6 comments Kathleen wrote: "I'm excited to read this with the group. I lack motivation for Shakespeare on my own, so this year I hope to take part any time the group is reading him. This is a perfect one to start with--don't ..."

Same here Kathleen. Please feel free to comment in the spoilers section once you start reading. Let's make the place more lively!

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Vicki Cline I was planning to read this from my copy of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, but it's really big and heavy and doesn't have any footnotes. Fortunately my local library had a copy of The Oxford Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet, with a 113 page introduction (to be read later) and many footnotes (in rather tiny print). It should be very educational and enjoyable.

ETA: Went out this morning and bought one of those flat magnifying glasses, makes the small print easy to read.

Janine Sliwensky  | 1 comments Try reading the graphic novels instead of the classic drama. I used to read them in my esl ap classes and my students really liked them. Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet are definitely good for starters - enjoy🙂

Melanti | 2386 comments I tend to go for the Folger Library editions myself.

The footnotes are really helpful and IMO do a good balance between giving you what you need to know without over explaining, and not doing lots of details on things most casual readers don't care about.

Teija (neitit) | 9 comments I just started Act II and I'm really enjoying my read! I haven't read this before and I think I haven't seen any kind of adaptations either so I'm glad to finally know the WHOLE story.

I had a course on Shakespeare at uni so I had to read three of his plays and therefore I'm familiar with reading his work. I think that's one of the reasons I'm enjoying this, I think it would be more difficult without experience, especially as I'm reading this in English and I'm non-native.

All my Shakespeare plays are Collins Classics editions and I quite like them. Some of the explanations are obvious to me but I still read them all in fear of missing out something.

J_BlueFlower (j_from_denmark) | 1469 comments Teija wrote: " especially as I'm reading this in English and I'm non-native."

I have been wounding about that.... when to start reading him in English....

I have this 12 volume Danish translation. The books annotated (not much) has a good size for on-the-back-in-the-couch. I has been with me for a major part of my life. Maybe it is in itself hindering me reading him in English.

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Sue K H (sky_bluez) | 3099 comments I hope to start on this soon. I've started Ulysses and Doctor Zhivago already and finished A Room of One's Own and Alias Grace.

This will be the 1st (and likely only time) that I'm reading all 5 group reads within one month! Ulysses is a quarter long so I won't finish that until March.

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Favorite quote is: "He jests at scars that never felt a wound."

Maggie the Muskoka Library Mouse (mcurry1990) My least favourite Shakespeare play. Everyone says it's such a tragic love story, but I find it rather ridiculous.

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