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Do books on recovery matter?
Lennox Nicholson Lennox Dec 31, 2017 06:40PM
Do people with drug and alcohol or other addiction problems identify with narratives about addiction and recovery and investigate changing their life, or do these books just offer interesting subject matter for those that have never been impacted by addiction?

What about celebrities - is it that they recovered that's interesting, or how they did it, or that their problems don't go away with success, fame and money?

I'm genuinely curious, got a couple of interesting emails in 2017 and am wondering what to discuss in my next book.


My two cents...
The narrative, such as your debut book, of recovery does matter. Specifically to drug / alcohol addiction? I would say no.
Is the benefit of reading in the recovery and discovery of a life renewed or in the 'car-crash' entertainment (aka celebrity bios)? I believe in the former.
Your quest and questions of freedom follow the similar path of many travel narratives, inspirationals, even the hot topics of minimalism and living off the grid. It's about the wanting to find that balance and happiness in our individual lives.

Now, get back to writing! :)

Lennox Nicholson Many books seem to cover the 'war stories' but not much after, which for me is boring as hell as I can hear them live in the meetings I go to.

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