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★ℕłℂØℓҾ★ (Nix) (ladyknightnix) | 5531 comments Pair #5: Science Fiction.
Lisa and Cecilia

Read a book off the Young Adult Sci Fi (NOT Dystopian!) List.

Cecilia (cecilia-reads) Hi Lisa!

So I have a list of 5 books that i'd like to read off the list an am interested in ones you wanna read and see what sounds good for both of us.

Ender's Game
A Wrinkle in Time
Across the Universe
The Taking

message 3: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Hey!

Happy new year!
Sounds great and thank you creating a list so quickly!

Enders game and wrinkle in time. Both very good!

I'll take a look and get back to you tonight!

message 4: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Okay - I took a look. I realize I read half through the taking already. I couldn't get through... I think for me it got a little too weird for me.

I am totally down doe elsewhere or across the universe. Let me know which you like to start first.

Cecilia (cecilia-reads) I'm totally down for both! I love Gabrielle Zevin's writing so I think I'll really like Elsewhere. Do you wanna read that?

message 6: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Sure!! Let's do it!

Cecilia (cecilia-reads) Okay cool! I'm gonna buy in on my kindle today and either start it tonight or tomorrow!

message 8: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Sure sounds good me too! I am sure we will speed through it :)

Cecilia (cecilia-reads) I finished the book!

message 10: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Yay! Sorry my work gotten really busy and it's been on the back burner a bit. I will try my best to finish this weekend! Sorry about that :(

message 11: by Lisa (new)

Lisa How did you like it ?

Cecilia (cecilia-reads) Its totally cool! I enjoyed it but it didn't really feel science fiction to me. The main character, Liz, pissed me off for a good portion of the book but she got better as the book went on.

message 13: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Ohhh! You know I was pretty excited for this book and I don't know why when I'm reading it feels like deja visit maybe my mind is still lingering on the story pretty bones haha

I def want to take a crack at this weekend. Thanks for waiting me dear.

Cecilia (cecilia-reads) No problem!

message 15: by Lisa (new)

Lisa I started but you are right, it's not like a sci if at all. Her poor dog tho...

Cecilia (cecilia-reads) I know right! Yeah it's totally not sci fi.

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