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★ℕłℂØℓҾ★ (Nix) (ladyknightnix) | 5531 comments Pair #1: Mystery/Thriller.
Vicki and Jessica

Read a book off the Young Adult Crime/Murder Mysteries List.

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Vicki (goodreadscomboobooper49) | 32355 comments Hi Jessica, I am so ready to start off this new year with a really good mystery/thriller! I'm going to look to see what I have and you can do the same and see what we both want to read! Good luck to us and Happy New Year to you!

Jessica (jessicasingh23) | 54 comments Thank you! HAPPY NEW YEAR RO YOU AS WELL!! I’ve just gotten into mystery/ thriller so let’s see. Let me know if you have any recommendations for us to read thank you

Vicki (goodreadscomboobooper49) | 32355 comments Since our challenge is to read a book from the above list, I perused the list and came up with these that I haven't read yet. See if any look good to you.

Casting Shadows Everywhere by L.T. Vargus
Bone Gap by Laura Ruby
Holding Court by K.C. Held
Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight
I Can See You (Emma Willis #1) by Joss Landry
Dangerous Boys by Abigail Haas

Jessica (jessicasingh23) | 54 comments I like
- Bone Gap
- Reconstructing Amelia
-Confessions of a Murder Suspect
-17 and Gone
And The Naturals

Now that we have a general idea of what each of us likes we can pick the book :) Also glad to have you Sarah in our thread :)

Vicki (goodreadscomboobooper49) | 32355 comments I've read the first 3 books in The Naturals series, so that won't work.

So these are our 3 best choices, unless Sarah doesn't want to read #1. I'm okay with any of the 3.
1. 17 & Gone by Nova Ren Suma
2. Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight
3. Bone Gap by Laura Ruby

So how shall we decide? LOL Amelia is the highest rated but not by much. Do either of you have a real preference because I don't have one at all. I'm okay with any of these!

Vicki (goodreadscomboobooper49) | 32355 comments Jessica, since both Sarah and I are okay with any of the 3 and you brought up 17 & Gone, we'll let YOU pick. If that's a book you really want to read we can read that one. Just pick one of the 3 for us, please. :)

Jessica (jessicasingh23) | 54 comments Wow thank you for letting me choice. I’m like one of the most indecisive people ever 😂😂
I think that since all of our choices included Bone Gap, maybe we should read that one seeing as it interested all 3 of us. What do you guys think?

Vicki (goodreadscomboobooper49) | 32355 comments I think you’re a godsend so Bone Gap it is! Woo hoo!

Vicki (goodreadscomboobooper49) | 32355 comments I'm starting today, too, but I'm reading several books for different challenges so I will probably have a slower read. I definitely won't finish it in 1 day unless I can't put it down.

Vicki (goodreadscomboobooper49) | 32355 comments 5 Chapters

Finn (view spoiler)

Roza (view spoiler)

Vicki (goodreadscomboobooper49) | 32355 comments 16 Chapters

I forget to stop and comment. LOL

Petey (view spoiler)

Finn (view spoiler)

Jessica (jessicasingh23) | 54 comments Sorry I have been busy but I’m starting today thank goodness

Vicki (goodreadscomboobooper49) | 32355 comments No worries, Jessica.

Vicki (goodreadscomboobooper49) | 32355 comments I think it’s really good so far, so I hope you both like it!

Vicki (goodreadscomboobooper49) | 32355 comments 19 Chapters This is a natural place to stop since the last section is next: July Thunder Moon.

Finn (view spoiler)

Petey (view spoiler)

Kidnapper: (view spoiler)

Vicki (goodreadscomboobooper49) | 32355 comments Finished

Wow! I'm totally (view spoiler)

Vicki (goodreadscomboobooper49) | 32355 comments I am anxious (or should I say excited) to see how you ladies liked it. I'm curious to hear your thoughts on it. :)

Vicki (goodreadscomboobooper49) | 32355 comments How do you like it so far?

Vicki (goodreadscomboobooper49) | 32355 comments How are you both doing? I'm so curious how you like it and what you thought of it. It is different for sure.

Jessica (jessicasingh23) | 54 comments I’m on chapter 16 now sorry ive haven’t been responding as much I just didn’t get the time to read as much as I hoped

Jessica (jessicasingh23) | 54 comments Im going to try my hardest to be more active with my thoughts from now on

Vicki (goodreadscomboobooper49) | 32355 comments It happens to all of us, Jessica, so no worries. It's a pretty good book but parts of it are weird.

Jessica (jessicasingh23) | 54 comments I agree with you on that so far the book is good (not what I was expecting per say but still good) but there are parts that are strange

Jessica (jessicasingh23) | 54 comments I feel bad for Petey especially when she believes that Finn only is attracted to her because he is face blind and she is familiar. But I disagree I don’t know but Finn’s feelings felt too genuine to only be circumstantial.

Is it just me or do some of the people of Home gap make you mad? The fact that gossip and judgment was a fundamental trait of most of the people.

Jessica (jessicasingh23) | 54 comments Btw I am on chapter 21 I’m sorry I’ve been reading slow just a busy month

Vicki (goodreadscomboobooper49) | 32355 comments I don't see your rating, Sarah. Any thoughts on it? I'd like to hear what you thought of it. I

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Vicki (goodreadscomboobooper49) | 32355 comments Jessica wrote: "I feel bad for Petey especially when she believes that Finn only is attracted to her because he is face blind and she is familiar. But I disagree I don’t know but Finn’s feelings felt too genuine t..."

I agree with you. I think Finn did really like her too. Even a totally blind person falls in love with someone and beauty IS truly on the inside anyway. My grandmother and mother used to always say, "Don't be ugly" when one of my siblings or I were being mean or saying something hurtful, etc. They always told us that being pretty didn't matter if you were ugly inside and I guess that stuck with me.

And about gossip...I just finished Big Little Lies and it was the same way...GOSSIP galore!!! Personally, I hate gossip!

Jessica (jessicasingh23) | 54 comments Not gonna lie gossip in shows, I lowkey live for drama but only in shows. In real life I hate it. What’s the point? We just ruin others people’s lives for what? Entertainment it disgusts me. That’s why the people of bone gap needed to learn a lesson.
I agree with you on that beauty is on the inside and that’s all that matters. I hope Petey realizes that and accepts Finn’s love

Jessica (jessicasingh23) | 54 comments I have just finished the book finally. I’m a bit confused but it was overall a good book. I just wish it had a little more action to it

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