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Brenda | 17 comments this book plus the other language edition:

* Title: The Apsaras of Angkor
title in Khmer: ទេពអប្សរនៃអង្គរ
* Author(s) name(s): Christophe Loviny;
Preface: H.R.H. Princess Norodom Buppha Devi
Writers:‎ Suppya Bru-Nut, Christophe Loviny, Charles Meyer, Pierre-Richard Féray, Eileen Blumenthal, Toni Shapiro-Phim
Translation: Khieu Kanharith, Sun Héng Méng Chheang
* ISBN (or ASIN): 2020531488
* Publisher: Sipar/Jazz Editions
* Publication date: 2003
* Format: Hardcover, Khmer (with English captions)
* Page count: 192
* Cover scan:
if its of any help here is a photo of the inside of all the info if needed

* Description from back cover: Sacred dance is not a performance but the expression of the Cambodian people's soul. It has survived all of the country's historical upheavals from the time of Angkor. For over fifteen years, French photographer Christophe Loviny has devoted himself to gathering signs of Cambodia's cultural renaissance. He lives in a village in the heart of the ancient city of Angkor, among the apsaras, the celestial dancers who are the traditional intermediaries between the gods. the king and simple folk.

From the stone statues that grace the corridors of Angkor Wat to the poised ballerinas of today's Cambodian Royal Ballet, sacred dance unifies a country whose name alone evokes the image of a dancer. Sketches and watercolours by Auguste Rodin and George Groslier complete this book, which contains all the keys essential to unraveling Cambodia's mystery.


* Link: this is the French ver which I include the details below (

* Title: Les Danseuses sacrées d'Angkor
* Author(s) name(s): Christophe Loviny
* ISBN (or ASIN): 2020531488
* Publisher: Seuil; Seuil/jazz éditions edition
* Publication date: October 16, 2002
* Format: Hardcover, French
* Page count: 186

Thank you and Happy New Year!

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