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Query abandoned by poster > ABANDONED. read this book a year ago. I believe it was a YA book paranormal romance?? set in modern times. It is also an kidnapped story where a young girl is taken for her protection. Spoilers ahead.

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Maddie SPOILERS AHEAD when I tell you what I remember. So the main character, which is female, has a sister who is trying to escape out of their bedroom window because their father has strict rules. She tells our main character if she will cover for when she is gone. However, before she could leave their father calls them downstairs to talk to them. When downstairs they talk, but suddenly their father tells them to lock themselves in their room. Both girls run upstairs to do so, but our main character hears her sister screaming. But she can't move because there are people in all black and in masks in her room. She uses a vase a smashes one one of the peoples heads. Which they say "Ouch" She runs to save her sister but doesn't get far before being capture. Now she is blindfolded in a moving van....Later she tries to escape from these group of people. She climbs a wall, almost to the top she is grabbed by her ponytail and is caught again. After that a man sits in front of her bedroom with a chair, so she can't try to escape again. I believe he is trying to protect her. Sadly I didn't know the title or author. I would REALLY LOVE some help. Thank you.

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