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My Opinion: Good or Bad?

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Maya I personally really enjoyed this book, and am currently reading the last one in the series. It's a great combination of fantasy and kingdom history. None of the kingdoms are real, but it's a take on history with magic that I wish was real. It is a must read on my list. It does have more than the average mount of pages (around 700) that might be a challenge for some, and it has its own forms of language that take a while to understand, but it is absolutely amazing and fascinating. It is thrilling and is a perfect balance of adventure, fantasy, and cliff hangers! I think book enjoyers will love this book! If you've read it, tell me what you think of it, and if you haven't read it and then come back! I will try to respond to any questions or concerns, and will happily discuss the book with anyone!

Dylan Hamlin I just wish magic wasn’t as prevalent in 3/4. Feels like I’d rather see more problem solving or death/injury and magic takes away that suspenseful element from all but Eragon. Although it did keep my heart pounding. I loved this series though, Favorite ever.

Amanda Grace I was not a fan of Eragon, and Eldest I'm sort of torn in two about. However I LOVED Brisingr.

My biggest problem with Eragon I think is that I had too high of an expectation going into reading it. Fantasy is my jam, and I adore such works as The Chronicles of Narnia and The Lord of the Rings, so I went into it with the false hope of finding a classic and instead found a decent fantasy story written by a very young author.

I probably wouldn't ever reread Eragon because of the lack of enjoyment I had in reading it the first time, however the story overall was interesting enough that by the time I got to book 3 I actually really loved it.

I'm currently reading the last book, so I don't have a full opinion on that one. But so far it is reminding me of the goodness that I found in Brisingr so I suspect I shall like it immensely.

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