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message 1: by Barry (new)

Barry (barrypz) | 2996 comments Backlands: Michael McGarrity
Book 2 of the saga of the Kerneys in New Mexico. This book starts after WW1, ends in WW2 and sees both joy and heartbreak in the main characters. This is historical fiction, and you really feel like you are along for the ride. (A)

A Time Gone By: William Heffernan
In Casablanca, Rick asks Ilsa about her story. “Does it have a wow ending?” Heffernan gives us one, in a story about injustice in 1945 when the wrong man gets sent to the chair, and the revisit to the crime in 1975. Written in a hardboiled style that would do Hammett proud, this was a firs t class read. (A-)

Wireless: Jack O’Connell
A fictional town that somehow looks like Worcester Mass, gangs vying to take over seedier sections, jammers trying to plug up the radio scene, a schmoozer trying to keep it all together, a cop trying to keep it all from falling apart, and a rogue ex-FBI agent bent on revenge for crimes not even committed. The read is worth it just for the voice in which it is told. (A-)

The Wanted: Robert Crais
A Cole/Pike adventure. Does not really break any new ground, just a good story, well told about a few teenagers who get in way over their heads. (A-)

Origin: Dan Brown
Not much in innovation here, but still a fast paced story that reads well and contains all of the elements that made DaVinci great. (B+)

Artemis: Andy Weir
By the author of The Martian, this book is set on the moon. We have a whole city here, not just an individual trying to survive, so the level of suspense is a bit lower. Still he conveys the difficulties of life on the moon well in the context of a sort of adventure novel/ (B)

Hunter Killer: David Poyer
The war with China continues, things look bleak, but there is another book coming. I will credit Poyer with a more robust political model than many tales of this ilk. (B)

What Strange Creatures? Emily Arsenault
A woman must solve a mystery to absolve her brother of a murder charge. Many characters involved though, each with a confusing piece of the whole. Flyleaf says this is a literary mystery. (B)

State of the Union: Brad Thor
The Russians have hid suitcase nukes all over the country and it is up to Scot Horvath to find them and stop the RUSSIAN BLACKMAIL. (B)

Red Swan: PT Deutermann
Spy novel. My observation has been that many of these go pretty close to the line with double crossers double crossing double crossers. Here is is China vs the USa in Washington, and one never quite knows enough to know what is going on, but the progressions are at least logical. (B)

Strawmen: Martin J Smith
Policewoman with amnesia, crooked cops, shrink that wants to solve it all. (B-)

message 2: by Ann (new)

Ann (annrumsey) | 14402 comments Nice month Barry, several of these I look forward to reading; Artemis and The Wanted. and now A Time Gone by
I hate that it isn't in audio format, nor the Kerney Family trilogy.

message 3: by Melodie (new)

Melodie (melodieco) | 3604 comments Good month! I just finished THE WANTED today. Great read! Going to take a look at the McGarrity book. I met him some years back at a signing at an independent mystery book store we used to have here in Denver.

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