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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Young Adult Book About An African Family Moving to England, please helps me find it. [s]

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John (meter-feeder) | 2 comments There’s book I read a long while back that I want to revisit. I can’t remember the title though. It’s a story about this Black kid & his family move from Africa to England, I think they moved from South Africa but I’m not sure. Eventually the main character who’s a boy get’s caught up with a gang who at one point, he helps them steal 2Pac CDs from a store. This book was set in the past & the CDs were just released in the book’s timeline. Also, the boy is sent by the gang bangers to pick up a package or a letter to bring back to a garage they hang out in. Feeling guilty after picking up the package & being robbed at gunpoint for it by rival gang bangers, the main character goes back home & cries in his room & then realizes he had to go back to the garage without the package before realizing that the gang bangers would’ve thought he had lost it. I know this is pretty confusing & long winded but that’s all I remember. If this rings a bell, then tell me what book it is. I want to add it to my goodreads asap!

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John (meter-feeder) | 2 comments Oh my god, that’s it! Thank you so much!!

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Kym | 1058 comments You’re welcome John :)

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