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message 1: by Katharine (new)

Katharine (kathyh256) | 29 comments It worked for me starting small last year so I'm going again this year.

Hilary (A Wytch's Book Review) (knyttwytch) Even small clears some of the TBR pile - so go you!

message 3: by Katharine (new)

Katharine (kathyh256) | 29 comments Thanks. I’m aiming a bit higher eventually but starting small works best for me.

message 4: by Katharine (new)

Katharine (kathyh256) | 29 comments I’m on my way up.

1. The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden

Excellent fantasy novel combining medieval Russian history and folktale. A great start to my reading year.

message 5: by Katharine (new)

Katharine (kathyh256) | 29 comments A bit slowed down by jury service so this took longer than it should have done.

2. The Devil's Feast by M.J. Carter

Another installment in the adventures of detecting duo Blake and Avery. Very enjoyable read set in 1840s London and featuring celebrity chef Alexis Soyer.

message 6: by Katharine (new)

Katharine (kathyh256) | 29 comments Back on track again.

3. Enemies at Home by Lindsey Davis. The second adventure for Lindsey Davis's female Roman investigator Flavia Albia and a very enjoyable read.

message 7: by Katharine (new)

Katharine (kathyh256) | 29 comments Bad at updating!

4. Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. Very entertaining fantasy heist novel with excellent world-building and fascinating characters.

message 8: by Katharine (new)

Katharine (kathyh256) | 29 comments Climbing up.

5. The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton. Historical novel with elements of magic realism set in 17th century Amsterdam. Flawed but interesting and very readable.

message 9: by Katharine (new)

Katharine (kathyh256) | 29 comments Forgot to update so I’ve got 2 books this time and am halfway up the Peak.

6. Holy Terrors by D.M. Greenwood. A book I inherited from my mother. Not the best crime novel but an interesting portrayal of two different schools in 1990s London.

7. Heirs to Forgotten Kingdoms: Journeys into the Disappearing Religions of the Middle East by Gerard Russell. A fascinating look at the survival of minority religions in the Middle East.

message 10: by Katharine (new)

Katharine (kathyh256) | 29 comments Another two books this time.

8. The Outcast Dead by Elly Griffiths. I love the Ruth Galloway series and I shared the books with my mum. This is her copy of the book but it’s been on my TBR list since my mother died last year. Not sure why I’ve got a bit behind with the series but really enjoyed this installment.

9. Catilina’s Riddle by Steven Saylor. I borrowed this book from my father at least 15 years ago and have finally got round to reading it 6 years after my dad died. I had started it before but not got on with it but this time I absolutely loved it. A really fascinating piece of Roman history with real and historical characters seamlessly interwoven. Just goes to show what a “mood” reader I am.

message 11: by Katharine (new)

Katharine (kathyh256) | 29 comments I've been away on holiday and managed to finish two more books.

10. The Ashes of London by Andrew Taylor. An intriguing mystery set in the devastated London of 1666 after the Great Fire. I really enjoyed both the setting and the characters in this and I'm glad the second book in the series has just come out.

11. The Ghost Fields by Elly Griffiths. Trying to catch up a bit with this series which is one of my comfort reads. I love the characters and the archaeological background even when the mysteries are fairly easy to guess. A good read.

One more to go for Pike's Peak.

message 12: by Katharine (new)

Katharine (kathyh256) | 29 comments And I made it.

12. Daughters of Britannia by Katie Hickman. The story of the wives of British diplomats and the unpaid work they had to do to support their husbands when posted abroad from the 17th to the 20th century. An often fascinating read with stories about some amazing women.

message 13: by Jessika (new)

Jessika (jessika_56) Great job on your first mountain!

message 14: by Katharine (new)

Katharine (kathyh256) | 29 comments Jessika wrote: "Great job on your first mountain!"

Thanks. This one is the easier one as I can resist buying new books at the beginning of the year but some tempting treats are now starting to stack up to lure me away from the TBR mountain climb.

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