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Thoughts about the new book and TV show

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quq okay guys, this is my first discussion so sorry if it's a little weird. I just need some people to be as excited and happy as I am for the fourth book and TV show!!! I know you're out there fan-people :) So basically this is a discussion about Shatter me and you can really say anything you want, just please don't make it mean, racist, or inappropriate. Have a great day :)

Jordyn there's a tv show coming out????

quq Well maybe. Film rights were bought by 20th century fox but Tahereh Mafi said she didn’t expect anything to “come to life”

Jordyn Ahh that would be amazing

quq yeah

Annalisa97 I'm not sure how I feel about the fourth book. I don't want it to be forced or ruin anything about the original trilogy. It has also been a while since I read the Shatter me trilogy so I'm not sure if I remember enough to read the next books without rereading the others first. But I will probably end up reading the new books anyway even if it won't be right away.
But I would be excited about a TV show and hope that it will be done well :)

Jodi Mullins Annalisa97 wrote: "I'm not sure how I feel about the fourth book. I don't want it to be forced or ruin anything about the original trilogy. It has also been a while since I read the Shatter me trilogy so I'm not sure..."
It doesn't disappoint at all. I always thought that Ignite Me wrapped up too quickly and just left the readers hanging. We spent most of the series waiting for Juliette to get a handle on herself, deal with Warner, kill the Supreme Commander and then in like 24 pages it was all unsatisfactorily resolved. The new book is great and I can't wait for the next two. I need them like yesterday!!

Jessica I have a question, Do you think there is a significance in the "white bird with streaks of gold like a crown atop its head" that Juliette keeps mentioning in Shatter Me and the fact that Adam has that same tattoo....maybe it will be explained in later books due to (view spoiler) ... i am rereading all the books due to just finishing Restore Me and having so many questions.

Jodi Mullins She covers that. Juliette believes that the white bird with the streaks of gold is symbolic of Warner. Adam is the tie between the two. Warner is the white bird with the golden streaks.

Jessica Thank you! I’m rereading the Series because I’ve forgotten so many things! 😫 plus I’m hoping to find any clues from the first 3 books that might help me answer questions about the 4th.

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Jodi Mullins I had to do that. I rushed through Restore Me so quickly I missed some pretty big plot points so I'm re-reading it now after I went through the first three books. I'm sad we have to wait so long for the next two books. This series was recommended to me at the RT Booklover's Convention when it was in Vegas a few years ago. I have been hooked ever since.

Georgia Nicholson when is the show supposed to come out?

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Jodi Mullins Georgia wrote: "when is the show supposed to come out?"
The rights were bought out when the original books came out several years ago, but there was never anything else that came of it. I haven't heard or read anything new about it in years. That would be really cool though

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Nita Green I don't like weak, strong, weak, strong, weak (you get it) heroines. I don't like good loyal faithful strong men to be tossed aside. It may take me years to read this last one because I just reread 3 to get ready for 4 which I heard some not so flattering ideas about.

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Jodi Mullins Nita, I wouldn't read too much into the comments. Restore Me was written several years after the first three books so of course the author is in a different place mentally when writing this book. Having said that, the story picks up 3 weeks after the end of Ignite Me. The entire first trilogy takes place over a matter of a few months. I think it can be summed up that Juliette has bitten off more than she can chew as Supreme Commander as she is still struggling to find herself. She went from crazy asylum girl to very powerful badass but is still going through a lot of "firsts" in her life. She loves Warner but realizes she really doesn't know him. This is where Restore Me starts to show her figuring these things out. I'm on my 2nd go through on it now having just finished my 4th read through on the original 3. I know what you are saying though. I am waiting on the last book of the Arcana Chronicles and the main character Evie has become like that and its really off putting.

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