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What exactly did Dohyun think he would get out of this? He would walk onstage and his old fans would instantly cheer for him and he would win right then and there, cancelling the show for everyone else? Only a person like him would set such unrealistic and egotistical expectations and dare to get upset when things didn't go as planned. Did he also expect Minhyun to magically fall on his lap and ask to be back together again? Well it was nice to dream. No matter how alluring Minhyun seemed, especially onstage, Dohyun had to remind himself that he hated the other male's flesh and blood. He wanted to hurl every insult he found in the dictionary at Minhyun. Hell, he wanted to hurl the actual dictionary book at him also.

Dohyun's quivering frame walked down the hallways to head to the dorm rooms. He could have rented an apartment close, god knows he had enough money, but what fun would it be if he didn't catch the glares or flustered looks when he passed by his ex? That was the whole fun in Dohyun's little games : to get a reaction out of Minhyun. Dohyun had just come back from a run and the still had not caught his breath. He regulary weight lifted to keep in shape for his acting Career but it still wasn't the same as sprinting for miles under the hot sun. He only came back when the sun set, finally satisfied with the work he accomplished

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Minhyun, caught up in his thoughts, didn't notice Dohyun's presence in the hallway — and it wouldn't have mattered if he had noticed, because the hallway was the only route he knew to get where he wanted to go. He only really noticed when he walked headfirst into the elder. He glanced up, and froze. Evidently the few times he had glimpsed someone who looked like Dohyun, it had in fact been the person he thought it was.

He wanted to shove him out of the way and leave, he wanted to tell him to go jump in a lake because Minhyun had found someone else now — but he couldn't. Because he was too weak, too scared of the memories that were flooding him at that exact moment. Because he couldn't snap, lest he get kicked out. As much as he hated the idea of being civil to his ex-boyfriend, there were cameras everywhere, and he couldn't afford to cause a scandal. Not to mention that if the fact that they dated prior to debut got out, both of their careers would be ruined. And while Minhyun had no problem whatsoever with destroying Dohyun's career, he didn't want to ruin his own — or Jinho's.

So instead of shoving him, instead of being bitter, Minhyun stayed frozen, opting for ignoring rather than confronting the problem.

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The defending silence irritated the already weary Dohyun. They haven't seen each other for nearly five years and all Minhyun did was stand there and stare at him. He would have made a sarcastic remark if he wasn't so agitated. What happened between them toora toll on the both, more so on minhyun than the careless Dohyun. He was the Cause of it all anyways so what right did he have to be upset over their breakup ? Dohyun was the One who hurt Minhyun over and over then apologized before he started the whole Cycle all over again. He was surprised Minhyun Stayed the time he did before he finally decided he'd had enough. But Donjon didn't let him leave. Even now, he won't let him leave again.

He was aware of the cameras round and he wasn't stupid enough to touch him and ruin their careers. He didn't care about his own though, so if he wanted to mess with Minhyun he wouldn't hesitate spilling all the dirty secrets they shared. But Dohyun was an impractical ass and there was no way he would pass up on an opportunity to mess with Minhyun.

He stepped closer, a charming yet carelessly droopy smirk displayed on his face. He looked like a wildcat who finally spotted their prey. “ Don't be like that, Minhyun. Aren't you the least bit glad I'm alive?" He joked, as if they were friends for the longest time. In away, they were. Until Donjon ruined that. He brought this hand up and picked up a piece o! Minhyun's hair that had fallen over his face. Who knew such dark colors would look so good on an angel?“ His tone now softer and more benevolent, he admired the black and navy streaked locks.

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"Not really, no," Minhyun said flatly. "If you died I'd probably throw a party." He stepped back as Dohyun stepped closer, tempted to just turn around and return to his dormitory. That would solve the problem of having to be around Dohyun, but he didn't want to. He didn't want to have to constantly be the one making sacrifices just because Dohyun wouldn't leave him alone.

When Dohyun touched his hair, Minhyun stepped back further. "Don't touch me. Don't come near me. Leave me alone." His voice wavered slightly. If Dohyun was as he remembered him, saying that would cause a response that Minhyun didn't want to see — the man had never respected Minhyun's personal space, or his wishes. He ignored Dohyun's compliment (how dare he think he had the right to say anything to Minhyun, after what he did?). He was almost hoping that Dohyun tried something, in the hallway full of cameras, so Minhyun would finally get the satisfaction of seeing him get what he deserved.

But Dohyun wasn't stupid. Minhyun doubted he would try anything, even when provoked. He knew the risks, and he'd always been careful not to get caught. Minhyun couldn't stop him — but they were in an elimination competition, so there was a chance Dohyun would get eliminated and Minhyun could be left alone. He hoped.

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In his mind, Dohyun's lips pulled into an angry sneer, his arm shooting out in front of him and his fingers wrapping around Minhyun's throat. He so badly wanted to do just that but in order for his game to play out, he kept calm and even looked down at the floor, a sliver of shame and regret showing on his features. Through the sag of his shoulders and the limp hands at his sides, he hoped Minhyun received the message. Dohyun was a really good actor and his theatrics were coming into play with Minhyun. He faked hurt and a horrific amount of guilt on his face that even the biggest skeptic in the world would believe his sincerity.

Dohyun looked away, teeth strategically pulling at his bottom lip. He seemed like a lost deer caught in the headlights, knowing that he was about to die. Dohyun truly looked nothing alike to that man he was a few years ago. His somber face turned back to Minhyun, eyes shimmering with newly formed tears; a brilliant idea that struck him at that moment. " I'll leave you alone okay? I just... I want to apologize, Minhyun... for the way I treated you back then. I'm not like that.. that...that monster, anymore. I'll leave you alone if you want." He finally finishes. All in all, he looked wrecked. But mentally, he had deep bellowing laughter, giddy with excitement at his own tactics.

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Minhyun snorted. "You really expect me to believe you? You broke my trust, Dohyun. If you had really changed, you wouldn't even bother trying to talk to me, because you would know that I will never forgive you." In the past, he might have fallen for it, but Minhyun had changed in the past few years. He didn't see any reason to trust Dohyun, even if he was miserable. After all, he probably hadn't suffered much in the interim. He was just getting what he deserved a little later.

Being in 2Night had taught Minhyun a lot — what it felt like to be in a relationship with someone who actually cared about you and wanted to care for you, exactly why his and Dohyun's relationship had been unhealthy, how to stand up for himself. He was no longer the boy who had fallen in love with him. He was no longer a fool. He had seen Dohyun for who he really was, and he had no intentions of accepting his apology even if the elder proved to have changed.

"And– If you are telling the truth, apology not accepted. Sorry doesn't change the fact that it took me years to trust properly again, sorry won't suddenly fix all the problems you caused. I'm glad that you've realised, finally, that people should be treated as such, but I'm not going to forgive you."

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Dohyun wasn't about to surrender so easily. He was aware of the way Minhyun would act towards him during their reunion and he had prepared himself ahead of time for Minhyun's harsh words. If he had not, he would have erupted already, no doubt bruising Minhyun's pale pretty skin. Dohyun tried to hold back that tears and his lower eye lid started twitching, a telltale sign that he was about to cry. It was all theatrics but it was too good to be true. Minhyun was surely able to tell his near breakdown into a pathetic fit of sobs to seem more convincing. Minhyun had seen him cry plenty of times to know what it looked like. Dohyun used the pity antic as much as he used force and coercion.

Dohyun took a deep breath of air and he clasped his hands in front of him, now callused from guitar practice. He had acquired the guitar before the violin but it had been so long since he played that he needed to practice most of his day to catch up. " Look I-" his voice wavered and broke slightly, raising an octave higher "- I know the words aren't enough. But I'm willing to do anything possible to earn forgiveness. I will back off to let you breath but Minhyun... we used to be best friends... You were the better half of me; you still are. And if you're not ready to be friends then I'm okay with settling with just acquaintances. But I'll make it up to you, I swear." Despite the break in his voice and his gentle tone, he spoke steadily and weighed each word carefully. He had mastered the art of sweet talk and persuasion long ago that he was doing it subtly now, without even trying.

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"The better half of you? Listen to yourself! You haven't changed. I'm not part of you, nor was I, nor will I ever be. I'm my own person, and if I'm ever stupid enough to let you back into my life, rest assured that Jinho will be more than happy enough to kick you out of it for me." Minhyun spoke angrily, glaring at Dohyun. "I don't want you to ‘make it up to me’, I want you to leave me alone. That's the best way for you to make it up to me — by learning to respect my wishes rather than respecting some distorted version of them that's convenient to you." He took a deep breath. It frustrated him to no end that Dohyun refused to actually listen to what he wanted, but he supposed that had always been the case and he'd simply been too blind to see it before.

Minhyun didn't care if he upset Dohyun. He deserved it, for everything he'd done to Minhyun. It did occur to him that the producers could use the footage from the hallway's cameras to make him look bad, but he doubted they'd do that. There was no reason to — unless they suddenly decided that they really hated him, or he was threatening a favourite's place. Besides, he could explain what had happened — that is, if he got the chance to.

So long as Jinho wasn't affected by it, though, Minhyun didn't really care what happened. Though he doubted anything would happen — nobody could be bothered going through all the footage they had just to frame one person in a negative light, surely?

Stop fixating on problems, his brain told him. Focus on something else.

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It was then clear to Dohyun what his true intentions were now that he had talked with Minhyun again. If his former lover was not going to accept him and welcome him back into his life, then Dohyun’s best option was to ruin him. If he couldn’t have Minhyun, then no one would be able to. But Dohyun did not give in to calamity. His face twisted as if in agony and his eyes instantly fell once again, stating his defeat. Dohyun was in this game for the long haul and the amount of patience he had was surprising considering his rather violent and abrasive behavior.

“Okay, I’ll leave you alone then… again, I’m really sorry. Have a nice day, Minhyun.” The words left his lips timidly and he turns and walks the opposite direction he came from. In order for his ideas to go according to plan, he needed to continue his acting until Minhyun believed he had truly changed and welcomed him back into his life. Even though the name Jinho peaked Dohyun’s interest, he couldn’t blow his cover and suddenly start asking questions about him. But Dohyun had his way. He will find out about whoever that man was and make sure to get it across that Minhyun belonged to him and him only. Dohyun’s reaction was surely unexpected but it was necessary for his plan to go underway. Dohyun had enough influence to probably use anything that just went down in this hallway against Minhyun.

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Minhyun was suspicious. It was too easy, Dohyun just leaving without any more attempts to convince him. He was sure that Dohyun was planning something, he just didn't know what. It occurred to him that he probably shouldn't have mentioned Jinho — but most people knew him as Andrew, and he hadn't said anything about him that could be taken to mean that they were more than friends. Nevertheless, the doubt and fear stayed. Minhyun knew Dohyun well enough to know that he would use any means necessary to get to him — and he knew himself well enough to know that he would never willingly go near Dohyun, let alone talk to him. Just so long as Jinho didn't get caught up in the mess. He (finally) continued down the hallway, still absorbed in his thoughts.

(end of rp.)

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