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Hoon paced back and forth inside the room, wondering if he was making a mistake. All the "what-if"s he could muster up at that moment ran through his mind and slowly gnawed on it. What if the cameras picked up what Hoon said? What if the media was already hearing news of their shared time together? What if they lose their careers for doing this? But another question came to Hoon's mind that made him pause mid-step and stare out the sole window of the office. Was he ready to talk to Eundal? Really really talk to him? Was he ready to discuss their past and bring up their mistakes. Hoon thought about his intentions and why he even wanted to talk to Eundal. Did he want to get back together with him? Hoon still had feelings for the man but he wasn't so sure getting back together was ideal, especially now that they were under the hawk -like gazes of the media and netizens.

A disgruntled whine of frustration came from a pouting Hoon. He raked his hands into his hair, tussling it from side to side. It was a habit he had whenever he was unsure about something. Even though he was only waiting for a short amount of time, the silence of the room and lack of Eundal's presence put Hoon on edge.

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It had taken Eundal a couple seconds of steeling himself for what was about to happen but he still felt a significant amount of anxiety. On his walk here, a hundred questions raced through his head. What were they really going to talk about? If it came down to it would he get back together with Hoon? But also, he mentally kicked himself for being so openly vulnerable. It was totally uncalled for to hug Hoon like that and put him on the spot. But he couldn't help it. It was as if seeing him after so long just unleashed all the feelings he had been so sue he locked up.

He pushed open the door, slowly stepping into the room. He stood there for a second, watching as Hoon paced the floor. He sniffled slightly, still recovering from his crying episode and his cheeks were slightly flushed. He bit his lip nervously, digging his fingernails into his palm to try and stay focused. "Hoon?" He finally spoke, announcing his presence. His voice echoed throughout the room and he slightly grimaced. He stayed within reach of the door, because if this talk became too much for the both of them to handle, he could escape. He shook his head slightly. I'm not going to run again.

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Hoon spun on his heels and faced a disoriented Eundal. He still had the evidence of crying on his face and Hoon fought the urge to embrace him once again. He wanted to do everything he could do to comfort him. He didn't win the fight.

Hoon crossed the short distance between them and he wrapped his arms around Eundal as soon as he was within reaching distance of him. Hoon pressed him against his chest and ran his hands up and down his back in a comforting way. He never liked seeing Eundal cry and this time was no different. Seeing him with flushed cheeks and misty eyes brought out the side to him that he thought he had left at their apartment a long time ago. But Hoon still cared about the other man, whether he liked it or not.

" What did we do, Eundal?" It was hard for him to whisper these words. Not just physically since his voice was on the verge of cracking. He'd cry whenever he saw Eundal cry and it was never good for the both of them to watch a sad movie at the same time. They were like a domino effect. But Hoon strained to whisper that emotionally. It took a toll on Hoon to talk about their past, and it probably did the same for Eundal.

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Eundal's body instantly relaxed as he felt Hoon's arms wrapped around him. The tingly and warm feeling made him feel nostalgic. It just hit him how much he missed hugging Hoon. Well how much he missed Hoon in general. He slowly hugged Hoon back, nestling his head in the crook of his neck, like he always did. Hoon's arms felt like home. When they were together, he remembered how safe he felt when Hoon was near him. He felt like he could be himself with out worrying about being judged.

A bitter laugh left Eundal's mouth at Hoon's question. He hugged him a little tighter at the sound of Hoon's voice cracking. He hated when Hoon felt distressed. It was almost like he could feel everything he was feeling. Hoon never had to express his emotions around Eundal because he always knew what he was feeling. So when he realized Hoon was on the verge of crying, his heart ached like he was feeling Hoon's pain for him. "Both of us are idiots." he mumbled against Hoon's voice, his voice slightly joking as he tried to cheer him up a little, a conditioned instinct he had when Hoon was sad. He always put Hoon's feelings before his regardless of the situation. And Hoon did the same regarding him as well.

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