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Eunwoo wasn't the type to look after his body like it was some temple. He did what he had to do to keep his strength up. He didn't go on special diets or exercise regimens. He didn't weight lift to obtain toned muscles and a sharp six-pack. He didn't care for such things; no one was going to see them anyways. But Eunwoo kept his body up to shape. He liked to run or swim to get his daily exercise requirement. He especially liked to run outside on private paths so he could enjoy the scenery without being bothered by fans or passerbys. But ever since he auditioned for the Unit, his time spent outside gradually decreased. He had no privacy and he couldn't have the compared alone. so Eunwoo settled for the indoor gym and hoped no one would bother his work out sessions.
Eunwoo started out his run on the treadmill at a slow pace. He wanted to say that he was warming up, but that would be a lie. Eunwoo was just too tired to actually run. Eunwoo was especially drained after their first evaluation and he and Jaehyun started training the day after. The night was overly emotional and the next day was overIy active and tiring. Eunwoo started dreaming the minute his head hit the pillow.

The treadmill Eunwoo was using faced a bright and colorful scene. The flowers in the bushes were in full bloom and Eunwoo’s eyes were trained on them the entire time. Soon his slow walk turned into a casual jog before he increased the acceleration to a fast sprint using the control buttons at his side. His closely monitored his speed, time, and heart rate. All the numbers were flashing and beeping at the screen below him.

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Screwing the cap onto his water bottle, Jaehyun entered the gym, towel over his shoulder. The kind of choreography that they'd be doing required a certain level of body maintenance, and he couldn't afford to fall behind. Not with so many... kids around. (How young were some of them? They looked, like, nine.) As he started toward the weight machines, he spotted a familiar back at one of the treadmills.

Walking up to the front of the treadmill so that Eunwoo could see him — he knew better than to startle him, especially when he was running on a moving treadmill — Jaehyun gave a little wave to announce his presence. "You're up early," he commented. "How are you feeling?"

The truth was, Jaehyun was feeling pretty good about this whole thing. Sure, he and Eunwoo had released a couple comeback songs since the accident, but it wasn't like they'd reached any level of commercial success. Things had been hard, in a lot of ways, after the accident. But he had taken his time to heal, and now he was ready to start his career again, for real this time. And he'd been hoping that this would help Eunwoo, too — and Jaehyun liked to think that they were off to a decent start. The super boot had been a huge vote of confidence, for both of them, and even the fact that Eunwoo was out here training before him was a good sign. Things were looking up.

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There was no music as background noise and his phone was left in the treadmill's cup holder. He had forgotten his water once again. Eunwoo didn't have any noise to distract him from his run and it was quiet enough, aside from his heavy breathing, for him to notice someone walking in. But his attention was focused on the pretty flowers outside. His thoughts went back to his family and his house near the lake. He remembered the pretty flowers in the bushes that grew under his second story bedroom window and how they only bloomed in the winter.

Eunwoo was broken for his train of rather depressing thoughts when Jaehyun appeared in front of him. He mentally thanked him for not deeming startling Eunwoo humorous. Some of the other members thought it was the most hilarious thing ever to watch him jump at every light noise and light tap to his shoulder. Eunwoo pressed the buttons to slow down his sprint into a walk and he automatically smiled at the sight of Jaehyun. Looked like they had the same idea to come here. " Good morning Jaehyun-hyung. I'm feeling fine... still kind of emotional from last night. Can you believe it?" He gushed, a dazed look on his face as he remembered the events of the night before. Eunwoo had experienced many concerts and the love of many fans but he wasn't as hopeful as he was yesterday. For a moment, he finally believed in himself.

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Jaehyun couldn't help but smile too, letting out a short huff of a laugh in spite of himself. "I can't, but I can," he said, and then laughed for real. "It doesn't really feel real," he admitted. And then, to remind Eunwoo and maybe himself, too, he added, "But you better remember that it is, alright? It happened. We did it."

The path they'd been on had been a long one, a hard one. Years of training, the hard work they'd had to put in to get the success they had gotten, only for it to be short-lived. The time after the accident that it had taken to recover, both for the ex-members and them, and then the years trying to get their career back on its feet. But now they were here, moving forward, ready to get their fresh start. "It feels pretty good, doesn't it?"

((Sorry it's so short, I wanted to be able to get in a reply tonight!))

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