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Hana was going to die. It wasn't like she'd ever been an incredible dancer, but she was — still is? Who knew, anyway — competent enough to pass off Hui's simple choreography. And maybe she'd been a little overconfident when she decided to come on this show, because what was required here was, well — a lot.

And normally, Hana would be game for it. She had never been one to back down from a challenge, and she didn't want to start now. Except there was the small fact that it kind of felt like the room was spinning, even though she'd already been leaning against the mirrored wall.

Deep breaths. This was fine. She and Jaein had already passed, hadn't they? So she could stop worrying so much about everything. Feeling everything start to steady again, she reached up to re-tie her hair. Practice would wait for no Hana.

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Hearing the doorknob turn, Hana prepared for the worst — okay, Hana, try not to greet anyone with your resting bitch face — only for her shoulders to relax with relief when Jaein stepped inside the room. "Right?" She looked up at him from her place seated on the floor, unwilling to get up to greet him. "Like a corporate Disneyland." And more kids' dreams probably died than were achieved here, but Hana would overlook that for now.

Humming quietly to herself, Hana stretched out her legs in front of her. "What do you say the chances are that the final unit is a ballad group and no one has to dance after all?" she asked drily. Because really — how were they supposed to compete with people who went out on stage and did softcore acrobatics? It was hard to not already feel a little put down.

In truth, though, just seeing Jaein already had Hana feeling a little better. She drew her legs back towards herself, leaning forward to rest her chin on her knees as she looked up at him. "Have you eaten already? Did you sleep well?"

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Despite internally scolding herself, Hana felt her heart skip a beat at Jaein's smile. There are some things that never get old. Unfortunately. A massive-scale ballad group. Hana tries to picture it, and squints at the image in her mind. "Wouldn't that," she said, "just be a really good-looking church choir?"

"Tch." He's right — she isn't his mother, nor does she want to be. But growing up as the only female in the household, Hana had had to learn how to care for people, and it was something that stuck. "I'm glad."

"I slept okay," she says, because that's the truth. She slept, so she has nothing to complain about. But she can't say it was well, because it's not exactly a good time bunking with complete strangers who are like nine years younger than you. "I —" She hesitates. "No, I've just been practicing." Because it hadn't exactly seemed like a good idea to eat when she already felt like she was going to throw up.

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((secular country, thank u, miss model united nations LMAO))

Hana lets out a scoff. "Right, right, of course. How silly of me," she says, rolling her eyes despite the smile creeping onto her face. "At least one of us paid attention in school, huh?" she adds. During most stages of her life, Hana had spent her energy focusing on the more important matters, like keeping up to date with her favorite manhwa, or drinking more milk in an attempt to grow taller, or Jaein. (Her grades in her last year of high school were the best in her school career. She refuses to attribute it to the fact that it was their one year apart since meeting.)

Despite herself, Hana finds herself feeling like a deer caught in headlights. Being actually scolded for skipping a meal by Jaein made her, like, actually feel a little bit guilty. (Being scolded by the manager just made her feel rebellious.) "Okay," she says, drawing it out, pretending to be annoyed. "I will. Promise."

It seems like a bad time to mention that she skipped dinner the previous night, too. (She'd had a power bar that she had packed, so it was just as well, anyway.) Instead, she says, "What have you been doing, then?" And then more dramatically, "I've been here, sweating, and where were you?"

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