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message 1: by Dwayne, Head of Lettuce (new)

Dwayne Fry | 4306 comments Mod
I have a romance-ish short I've been diddling with off an on for a while. The cover I'm going with shows a couple lightly kissing. If your story is not racy / sexy, there's no reason your cover needs to be, even if all the other books in your category have racy covers. Maybe by not going the route others are going, it will help set your book apart.

message 2: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Winters (sarahwinters) | 1 comments Just a thought but you could do a couples image but something different. Depending on what fits you could have them back to back or one hugging the other from behind. You could even have one in front with the other in the background or have them spaced apart but holding hands.
I know it can be hard to find something that works but do what feels right for your story.

message 3: by Maggie (last edited Dec 31, 2017 12:00PM) (new)

Maggie (ceodraiocht) | 1 comments I'm with Sarah - I wouldn't even have them kissing. I'd also consider the setting - since it's not "in your face" romance, don't have the characters on the cover be in your face - perhaps have them only be 1/3 the height of the cover with more a picture of your locale. If they don't get together early in the book, then separate them on the cover or only show the main character (so if female POV, show just her) - no reason to give away the ending before someone's even started the book. Also, if you make it racier than the book is - you may end up with many negative reviews from folks who were expecting more than the chaste side of romance novels. It's still considered romance, but not what many think of when they think of the genre.

message 4: by Dave (new)

Dave Vizard (davidvizard) | 3 comments What's the title? Maybe you can spin an image off the title and central theme of the story. If you want to portray romance without getting too sexy/passionate, how about a close up image of a couple holding hands?

message 5: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Jesinghaus (jessjesinghhaus) | 78 comments Or is there a primary obstacle or conflict your characters have to overcome which could be the focus of your cover?

Angelmovingonup Wjesus | 33 comments You could choose to use one character or the other and not put them together on the cover at all.

message 7: by Amie (new)

Amie O'Brien | 280 comments I think kissing or holding hands would be totally fine. If it's in the romance genre, it's already a give-in these characters are meant to be drawn to one another, even if far down the line.

I write historical romance and I am totally with you. My book does not fit in at all with the 95% of competitors covers where the gal's dress is falling off of her breasts and shoulders and the man's chest is flawlessly exposed. It's not that scenes like that don't happen as they are in love and there's definitely a place for passion with my characters, even undressing. I just didn't want it to look like that was WHAT my book was about. Like you, I believe the true romance, mystery, and angst are all those lovely pages leading up to it. It's a book about love, not lust.

So my cover just has my lead female on it. However, (and this is a big however)...readers need to see what looks familiar to them, even if just a little. Romance readers are looking for stories about love. They want to fill their mind with either passionate heat or the warm and fuzzy stuff (or both). So I would give them the vibe that is most appropriate if you really want to sell more copies.

My book deals with sex slavery which is a very heavy topic. I wasn't about to glamorize that as my lead female carries a ton of pain from her surroundings. So I willingly took the risk of not having my male hero on the cover with her. (But my book aligns well with Women's Fiction, and that genre is more suited for that style cover.) Still, I know my cover makes it harder for romance readers. I can feel it in my sales.

I guess what I'm saying is if your characters fall in love and your storyline is, for the most part, light and airy...sell that sweet romance vibe :)

message 8: by Angela (new)

Angela Joseph | 132 comments I'm a Women's Fiction writer and I am having similar thoughts trying to come up with a cover for the third book in my series where my protag finally falls in love and, shhh, she's a nun! For your cover I like Sarah's idea about having one in front (maybe the girl) with the man in the background, which is what I would probably do for my book. But definitely no kissing.

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